10 Important Facts About Windows 10 Update

By | June 25, 2020
Important Facts About Windows 10 Update
Windows 10 update provides more features
that give users awesome experience using

10 Important Facts About Windows 10 Update

Since its launch in 2015, Microsoft Windows 10 Operating System (OS) has provided users with an awesome experience.

Although the many who are still windows 7 faithful may be termed conservative in nature and sluggish to adapt to changes, however, there are a lot of benefits that one can derive from using the latest Microsoft Operating System.

In this article, we are going to take you through some of the important facts about the windows 10 update.

Perhaps, you will be intrigued to find some amazing aspects of security, interface design, speed, and other amazing features that you have been missing out on the latest windows.

  1. One Time Purchase and Free Updates

One of the most interesting things about windows 10 is that you only get to buy the operating system just once if you are still using the previous OS.

However, upgrade on features on Windows 10 is totally free.

In fact, before the summer of 2016, Windows 10 updates were totally free for users who wish to update to the latest Windows Operating System.

Nonetheless, the home edition of Windows 10 update is presently around $140 while the business-focused office edition goes for $200.

2. Speed

Startup speed and information processing speed is on a whole new level on the Windows 10 OS.

The Windows 10 update can help speed up the processing time of programs running on your computer system as compared to previous Windows.

This becomes more interesting if you are into gaming as the operating system will help improve your gaming experience with an immersive speed boost that comes with it.

3. Cortona is Here

Ever experienced the easiness that comes with using a hands-free smart technology that interacts with you just by talking?

This is exactly what the newest artificial intelligence-powered feature Cortona does on the new Microsoft Windows 10.

Cortona makes it pretty much easier to be able to give voice commands to your OS.

For example, asking the system to play music, take a note, open an application, etc.

Cortona also helps to keep track of your personal interest while you use the Windows 10 update over time and pops out information that aligns with your interest from time to time.

4. Movies, Apps, and Games

If you are still one of those using Windows 7 operating system, one thing you are missing out on is the fact that there is no App Store on the Windows.

Windows 10 update features an App Store that lets you find and run apps that you need either windowed or full screen.

The amazing thing is that these apps can run on their own sandboxes and can also integrate with the system to show notification in the action center.

For instance, you can easily share a picture from a photo app on the Windows app store to your social media account.

5. Edge is the New Browser

Over the years, Windows operating system users have been used to the Internet Explorer browser.

However, that has changed with the Windows 10 update. Microsoft Edge is the new default browser on Windows 10 that comes with a more modernized browser interface, with improved speed and compatibility.

Edge has been shown to be more battery compatible than previous Window browsers as well as providing helping features like page markup and reading modes.

6. Security

Security is one of the most important reasons to upgrade to Windows 10 update. The Microsoft Windows 10 comes with additional security packages that further enhance your system computer security level.

From new security features such as device guide that allows users to lock down their devices to prevent malware attacks by blocking untrusted apps from running on the operating system to features such as Windows Hello, a biometric authentication feature that uses body parts such as iris, fingerprint or face recognition to allow the user to sign in to the system, Windows 10, no doubt, provides a more stable security package than the previous OS.

7. Virtual Desktop

Windows virtual desktop is a virtual desktop experience provided by Windows 10.

A virtual desktop can be used to group, manage, and arrange application in order to enhance productivity.

More so, this feature can also be used in improving the privacy of your computer as only applications running on the virtual desktop are shown as active in the taskbar.

To activate a virtual desktop on your Windows 10, simply click on the task view icon and click on the new desktop button to create a new virtual desktop.

8. Snaps

Windows 10 comes with different snap features such as corner snap, snap fill, and snap assist.

These snap features can help you to position Windows the way you want them on your desktop.

For instance, the corner snap lets you create up to three or four powerful Window layout to easily navigate through each Window on your screen.

While snap fill help you manage the size of the Windows to improve accommodation on the screen.

9. One Drive Demands Synchronization

If you have ever had to deal with low memory storage on your computer as a result of your local storage device being filled with various files, Windows 10 provides a way of solving this problem.

One drive helps you to store files in the cloud without having to take up space on your local storage, and these files can also be easily accessed on-demand through synchronization with your web browser, iOS, and Android apps.

10. Voice Typing

Voice typing is one of the amazing features in Windows 10 that saves you the stress of having to type every single word with your fingers on your keyboard buttons.

Simply press Windows key + H (for Hear) and your computer will start typing what you say.


There are various benefits you get from integrating Windows 10 updates to your computer system.

The various features unavailable on the previous Window, in addition to its easiness to use, make Window 10 a top choice for Microsoft Windows users.

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