14 Important Facts about Windows Hello

By | July 12, 2020
14 Important Facts about Windows Hello
With Windows Hello enabled on your
computer, you can be sure of better

14 Important Facts about Windows Hello

Computer software and web based application developers, over the years, have been trying to improve the overall security of software and computer users.

Windows Hello is one such recent security packages that enable windows users to improve the security of their computer.

What is Windows Hello?

Windows Hello is a more personalize method of login into your windows 10 operating system by making use of biometric parameters such as finger print, facial recognition, face identity, iris, etc.

Windows Hello eliminates the need for the use of password and makes computer securities more personalized.

Here are some of the important facts about Windows Hello you need to know:

14 Important Facts about Windows Hello

  1. How does Window Hello work?

Windows Hello is developed to capture specific user identity such as a computer user’s face, iris, and fingerprint and automatically log them into the system.

Windows Hello enabled operating system are built with specialized in-depth cameras that use advanced technology to distinguish facial features of actual users and other users, preventing hackers from gaining entry into the system by tricking the biometric authentication.

  1. Does Window Hello work in all Windows OS?

It is important to note that Windows Hello debuted in 2015 in Windows 10 operating system and may likely not work in lower version of the Windows OS.

  1. How to set up Windows Hello

To set up Windows 10 in your operating system, kindly follow the steps below:

  • Go to the start menu and select settings.
  • After clicking on start menu, go to account and sign in.
  • Select Windows Hello under how to sign in and add the various options available.

4. Third party tools can help

Presently, Windows Hello is only available in a hand full of computers as manufacturers are still integrating the hardware that makes this possible into their computer.

However, third party software such as the external web cam developed by Intel can be deployed to make this possible in the case your computes lacks the needed hardware.

There are many benefits that come with integrating Windows Hello into your OS which are as follows:

  1. No need for passwords

With Windows Hello, there is no more need for passwords to gain entry to your computer. And you do not have to worry about forgetting your password either.

  1. Safe from hackers

Windows Hello reduces the chances of leaking both encrypted and non-encrypted passwords to hackers and spammers, thus improving your computer system.

Ordinarily, clear text passwords exposes users to a lot of risk in terms of computer security, however, Windows Hello appreciably helps in solving this problem.

  1. Privacy

Your privacy is rest assured on Windows Hello. With the password model, someone can easily gain access to your computer once you tell them your password; however, Windows Hello makes it pretty much difficult for anyone to access your computer in your absence.

  1. Easy access

Windows Hello makes it easier for computer users to easily login to their systems without the need of putting in passwords thus saving time.

  1. Easy login to other applications

With Windows Hello, it becomes increasingly possible to login to supported applications with just a single biometric identification.

This means you do not need to create extra password when you want to login into other Windows Hello supported applications.

  1. Quick and easy purchases

Once configured, Windows Hello makes it possible for computer users to easily and efficiently make purchases through Windows stores by just using their finger print or face identity on the go.

  1. Payment authorization

In apps, payments and purchases are becoming popular these days. With Windows Hello, you can easily authenticate and authorize payment in mobile applications that supports Windows Hello, eliminating the need of inputting credit card details.

Even with all these exciting user experiences, Windows Hello still has it short coming. Hence, it is not all good news.

Some of the downside of Windows Hello includes:

  1. Processor straining

Facial recognition hardware embedded into the system aids in straining the computer’s processors, thus making it overworked in certain instances.

  1. Battery drainage

The powerful technological tools that drive the facial recognition security on which Windows Hello is based also aids in draining the computer’s battery. Thus, users must also keep a tap on battery life if they wish to enable Windows Hello.

  1. Extra cost

The extra cost that comes with purchasing third party biometric hardware in the case that your computer system is not equipped with the required hardware such as a finger print detecting device is yet another shortcoming of the Windows Hello.


Windows Hello is an exciting security feature that is recommended to computer users, it saves you from a lot of security and privacy bridges that may likely occur through pass wording.

Thus, if you are yet to enable this feature on your computer, this may be the perfect timing.

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