15 Major Differences between Android and Windows Phone

By | July 24, 2020
15 Major Differences between Android and Windows Phone
Learning about the differences between
android and windows phones can help
you make the best choice of the phone to buy.

15 Major Differences between Android and Windows Phone

This post provides exhaustive information on the major differences between android phones and Windows phones to help you make a choice of the type of phone you would want to buy.

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The mobile phone world is no doubt filled with a variety of phones that all claim to have a specific advantage over others according to their manufacturers.

Currently, Phones running on the android platforms are no doubt the most popular.

Of recent, Windows-based phones are coming up and gaining popularity across the globe too.

15 Major Differences between Android and Windows Phone

  1. Operating system

The first and most important difference to note about Windows and android phones is that both phones run on different operating system.

While Windows phones run on the Microsoft Windows operating system, Android phones runs on Goggles Android operating system.

  1. User Interface

The home screen of both android and Windows phone are entirely different. While android phones feature a highly customizable home interface with multiple widgets that can be added to the home screen, Windows phones features a home screen that is mostly populated with live tiles.

  1. Mobile phones

In terms of the different handset manufacturing companies that have license to use these two various operating system for mobile phones, android has much more licensee using the operating system, this includes Samsung, LG,HTC, Infix, Motorola, and Huawei.

However, Windows is used by few manufacturers like Nokia and HTC.

  1. Security

In terms of security, Windows phone are more secured than android phones as Windows phone only allows the installation of apps from the Windows app store.

However, android based phones allow installation of apps and file from unknown sources, thus further exposing phone users to virus and malware attacks.

  1. Open source

Android based phones are open source as anyone can easily create apps and upload to the play store for android users to download.

On the other hand, Microsoft builds most of the applications that are available on Windows phones.

  1. Variety

With the open source made available for android users and developers, there are thousands if not millions of applications that are available for android users for almost any task they want to perform.

However, with the less popularity of Windows application for smart phones, Windows phone users have limited number of applications to enjoy when compared to android phone users.

  1. Speed

In terms of speed, Windows phones are very much faster and efficient than android phones of the same specification.

This may be partly because of the optimization of Windows apps and strict closed source that prevents too many applications that may be eating up local phone storage.

  1. Virtual assistant

In terms of hands free technology, both Windows and android are doing amazing job.

The voice activated assistant in android is known as Google now while this is called Cortana in Windows 101 mobile.

Both enable users to save time and energy by carrying out tasks by just talking to the phone, however, Cortana seems to be more personalized.

  1. Integration

In terms of integration, Windows phone seems to be way more advanced as the Microsoft tends to improve end to end product experience for its customers.

With the people hub integrated in Windows phones, users are able to get update and notification on their individual social media applications all from a single place.

  1. Microsoft support

Unlike Android phones, Windows phones have the necessary office package like world and Excel in-built in the app.

This makes it easier for professionals to use their phones for some of their office work without worrying about downloading applications that will do the same.

However, android users may have to download third party applications to access same packages.

  1. Xbox games on Windows

Windows phone makes it possible to play your Xbox games on your Windows phone if you own one.

Xbox integration on Windows phone will allow you to work with your Avatar to gain points, message your friends, and check your game score all on your Windows mobile phone.

This is certainly not possible with your Android phone.

  1. Offline map integration

Windows HERE maps in Windows phones are capable of working totally offline. This means you can navigate your way using the Windows Map on your phone without worrying about data connection.

Although Google map maybe available offline for certain devices such as Samsung Galaxy S4, however Windows offline integration in Windows phone is certainly more robust.

  1. Storage

In terms of storage, Windows phones have even better storage as some of the first released Windows based phones had internal memory range of about 8GB with up to 64GB external memory support.

However, since android do not directly manufacture phones, the various android phones comes with different memory storage, some of which run around the 2GB range.

  1. Game and Application development

Owing to the openness of its source codes, android allows both professional app developers to build and develop games for the android community, thus you will have more games to enjoy if you are using an android phone than when you are using a Windows based phone.

  1. Popularity and repairs

Lastly, it is important to know that android phones are very popular and used by many when compared to Windows phones.

Based on its popularity, it is easier to find, repair, and troubleshoot problems with your android phones from both online and offline resources.

However, this is very limited for Windows phone users.


Both Windows and android phones have their pros and cons. It goes down to what you really want to achieve with your mobile phone before making the decision of which to choose.

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