15 Major Reasons Mac may be better than Windows

By | July 24, 2020
15 Major Reasons Mac may be Better than Windows
The Mac computer has endeared itself to
many users who find it better than the

15 Major Reasons Mac may be better than Windows

This post provides detailed information on the major reasons the Mac operating system may be better than a Windows.

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In the computer world today, there is no doubt that there are varieties of options to choose from, from the operating system to the computer machine itself.

Windows-based computers and Mac OS are no doubt some of the most popular operating systems and computers available on the market today.

Top 15 Reasons Mac Maybe Better than Windows

  1. OS Compatibility

The very first interesting reason here is that Mac users are able to run Windows 7, 8, and 10 on the Mac OS computers; this assures the possibility of them not having to lose out on anything.

  1. User Interface

User interface is yet another reason most people consider a Mac better than Windows-based operating system.

The user interface in Mac PCs is extremely very user friendly and is quite exciting by just looking at the interface.

  1. Quality

There is no single doubt that Mac OS PCs are more solidly built than most Windows PCs.

Although most people may consider Mac PCs as very expensive, the truth is, the quality with which the system is built, deserves the high price.

  1. Enhanced Security

Most malware attacks and viruses built for computer systems are hugely targeted at Windows OS, thus Windows are very prone to malware and spyware attacks.

However, the Unix OS on which the Mac PC runs on is very much more enhanced than Windows. For this reason, Mac becomes better in term of security.

  1. Battery Life

Mac OS, no doubt has a great battery life. Some Mac book air can go as long as 9-10 hours on a single charge and this is one of the major reasons why they are popularly used in workplaces among business men and women.

  1. Integration with iOS

Mac users can now efficiently run programs on their iPhone, iPad, and Mac if they own any of the two.

With the iOS integration, Apple users are able to start a task on their Mac book and eventually finish it up with their iPad or iPhone just in case their PC is unavailable at the time.

  1. User Experience

The user experience of Mac devices is top-notch. The layout and networks, display, and settings in the system works just the way they should.

This is because Apple specifically built these devices running on their own OS.

However, not all Windows-based systems are able to deliver the sort of user experience derived by Mac users.

  1. Pre-loaded Application

Since Apple Inc. own the Mac OS, including the hardware and software components, the Mac OS comes with a wide range of applications and programs that make using the Mac pretty much efficient and easy.

  1. Handoff Makes Work Switch Easy

The handoff feature in Mac helps iOS and Mac devices to work together. This means that users can remotely control tasks running on any of the platforms.

For instance, you can answer calls coming to your iPhone on your Mac computer.

  1. Enhanced Productivity

With all the exciting tools that are available in Mac OS, including the interface that makes navigation seamless, plus the long lasting battery life, there is no single doubt that Mac users could be arguably more productive given the same number of time and work compared to a Windows-based computer users.

  1. Great for Developers

Because of the freedom and user experience gained from using the Mac OS, most game and application developers prefer using the Mac OS as their developing environment.

They receive huge support from Apple Inc.

  1. Apps Compatibility

Apple Inc. manufactures its own software and hardware, thus the operating system perfectly fits in neatly with all the applications in the Mac OS. And this helps to deliver greater value to users.

  1. Screen

Mac PCs no doubt have some of the best screen when compared to what is available for computers in the market today.

Mac has visually appealing display that is not common with most of the Windows-based PCs that are on the market today, thus making it better than most Windows PCs.

  1. File Storage

Unlike the Mac OS, Windows OS get to occupy a lot of storage space on the computer.

This reason is one out of the many why Mac maybe better than Windows.

Apple Inc. optimizes the various applications and software running in its OS, thus making them efficient while saving you a lot of space with cloud storage options.

  1. Licenses

If you own a Mac book, you need not to worry about licenses for purchase and installation of the operating system as this comes built-in with the Mac computer.

However, most Windows-based PCs require users to purchase the Windows OS before they can run and install the OS on their computer system.


Mac computers no doubt are very much expensive than most Windows-based computer systems, however, the listed factors are very much essential while using the computer.

They make up the reasons why Mac maybe better than Windows.

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