15 Reasons Some People Hate Windows

By | July 16, 2020
15 Reasons Some People Hate Windows
Even though the Windows operating system is
loved by many across the world, however there
are still some who for one reason or another
hate it.

15 Reasons Some People Hate Windows

In this article, we are going to examine some of the reasons why some people detest the Windows operating system and choose to go for other available ones.

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There is no doubt that the Windows operating system is the most popular operating system in the world with more than 80 percent of computers worldwide running on the operating system.

However, some people still detest the Windows operating system and choose to run and operate their computers with alternative operating systems.

15 Reasons Some People Hate Windows

  1. Cost

Cost is one of the main factors why some people hate the Windows operating system.

For instance, most Linux distribution are free while some are paid at cheaper rate but Windows distribution are paid for or purchased at higher rate.

  1. File size

File size is yet another reason why some people detest the Windows operating system.

While most operating systems use lesser space in your computer local storage, Windows get to occupy lager disc space, and this may be the reason why some hate the OS.

  1. Coding language used

It is known that Windows based operating system are but with C, C++, and assembly language.

However, some tech geeks probably want to use OS built with the language they have wide knowledge and expertise on and so may not like to use Windows based operating system.

  1. Customizable

Windows based operating system is not customizable. Since it is not an open source OS, the tech community can hardly make any changes to the operating system without the support of the developer, Microsoft Inc.

However, other open-source operating systems permit users to make customization to their taste through open source.

  1. Case sensitivity

Case sensitivity is yet another reason why some people may hate the Windows operating system.

Windows OS is not case sensitive; therefore, you cannot save the same file with the same name but different cases.

However, this is not so with other OS like Linux since it is case sensitive. This may equally be the reason why people detest Windows.

  1. Booting

Booting can only be achieved in Windows based operating system by the use of prime disc, however, other operating systems like Linux makes it possible to boot with any disc.

Hence, most people detest this limitation posed by Windows.

  1. Licenses

Licenses are another reason why some people hate Windows. Whereas Linux makes it possible to download and run the installation on different machines, Windows OS only admits a number of purchased licenses to be installed and run on the same number of machines.

  1. Security

Generally, it is taken that Linux based systems are more secured to malware, spam ware, and hacking than Windows.

Windows-based OS is believed to be an in constant attack by hackers because of its popularity of usage among computer users.

  1. Closed-source

Close source is yet another reason why most people hate Windows. Windows operating system is referred generally as a closed source and thus is not readily customizable by tech communities.

However, an operating system like Linux is open-source.

  1. Great for developers

The command-line tools available in Linux and some other operating systems make it great for developers to easily run effective scripting.

However, Windows 10 is more or less a user-friendly OS for newbies and not developers.

  1. Monopoly

Most people who hate the idea of monopoly will probably hate the Windows OS.

With the large number of people using the Windows operating system, there is no doubt that most game developers will focus on coding for the operating system thus infusing monopoly.

  1. Unnecessary preinstalled applications

Some people complain that the unnecessary applications already installed in purchased machines in Windows OS are the reason they do not like the operating system.

Some complain of having to spend time and energy uninstalling these unnecessary applications.

  1. File issues

There are still certain file issues that occur on the Windows operating system. For example, you can’t delete a file that is in use or open in the Windows operating system.

Nonetheless, Linux has been able to solve this problem for years.

  1. Crash report

Unlike Linux and some other open source operating system, Whenever a Windows application crashes in the operating system it tends to send a report to Microsoft.

Some people feel this is a bridge into their privacy, and as such dislike the operating system.

  1. Rebooting

Almost every spyware or application installed in Windows requires the operating system to reboot for the program to finally activate.

However, this is not so with some other operating systems. Thus, this is the reason some people hate the OS.


The Windows operating system has its advantages and disadvantages as an operating system, and some people do hate it.

It is only important to understand these before making your choice of the operating system to install in your computer.

Generally, most tech gurus are comfortable with Linux operating system; however, for user friendly operating system Windows is the best choice you can make.

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