7 Best Customer Relationship Management Software to Grow Your Business

By | June 12, 2018


Customer relationship management

A great customer relationship management drive can help your business to improve sales.

7 Best Customer Relationship Management Software to Grow Your Business

Managing customer relationship has been made easy since the invention of customer relationship management (CRM) software.

There are many of these software tools available out there that you can use to manage your customer relationship.

We have picked seven of the best that you can check out if you need effective tools to manage your business’ customer relationship, which can help in growing your business.

Top 7 Customer Relationship Management Software to Run a Successful Business

1. Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM was built purposely for small and medium-size businesses, offering them the package at an affordable price.

Zoho integrates well with other Zoho products, apps, and Google Apps and has a very responsive dashboard and intuitive interface.


Features of Zoho CRM are as follows:

Editions and Pricing:

Zoho CRM

Zoho CRM: Effective Customer Relationship Management Solution

There is a free package of Zoho and four other paid packages. The free edition comes with basic sales leads, marketing and customer support automation.

Zoho is better than Insightly CRM at $12.00 but restricts its free version to only two users. Nevertheless, Bitrix24 CRM at $99.00 permits up to 12 users on its free version.

The Standard edition is priced at $15 per user per month, but if you want to get it for $12 you need to sign up for an annual plan.

The Standard edition comes with ability to send massive email, forecast sales, a document library, marketing campaigns, and customized dashboards.

The Standard database limits you to only 100,000 records, but if you want more to meet your company’s growth standard, you need to migrate to Professional or Enterprise.

The professional edition requires you to pay $25 per user per month or $20 per user per month for annual plans.

Included in the Professional edition are social CRM, role-based security, email integration, workflow automation, social CRM, and inventory management. You are allowed to have unlimited records.

The price for Enterprise edition is $40 per user per month or $35 per month for annual plans.

It comes with multiple currencies, territory management, custom related lists, custom modules, time-based actions, Google Adwords integration, and custom functions.

Zoho CRM Plus is $50 per month for the annual plan or $60 per user per month. It includes all the features in the Enterprise edition and advanced social media marketing and analytics, email marketing, online customer surveys, and visitor tracking. There is a fifteen-day trial period available for CRM Plus.

Mobile App Support:

Mobile app support is available for all plans whether free or paid. The mobile app on Android and iOS allows you to view and work with reports, access contact details, and edit accounts and leads.

Zoho One:

Zoho One was released in July 2017 to provide Zoho customers access to every app in Zoho’s portfolio for $30 per user per month.

Set up Email Marketing Templates:

You can set up email marketing templates in this customer relationship management software (Zoho CRM), and use variables to indicate the data you need to remove from your lead databases and contact.

Track Sales of Goods and Services:

You can use inventory management tool to track sales of goods and services only in the Professional edition.

Defining scripts that automatically email new leads, issue alerts when attention is needed, or create tasks when contacts submit support tickets through web forms.


SalesInbox uses contextual CRM data to surface related emails for salespeople within the CRM to work in one central application.

It adds bigger email organization with new available metrics such as open rates, template analysis, and version comparison.

SalesInbox permits users to add a new lead or contact record from within an email and assign tasks automatically to some records when an email comes in and trigger predefined rules.


Gamescope is a new Zoho CRM feature created for fun and placed on the dashboard for users to create contests and invite colleagues to compete sales or productivity metrics by playing games.

The winner receives different points, badges, and trophies for making the most calls or closing the most deals.

Phone Support:

Customers on the free edition can only get email support while paid customers are given 24-hour Monday-to-Friday telephone support.

2. SalesNexus Online CRM

SalesNexus Online CRM

SalesNexus Online CRM: Complete solution to building stronger customer relationships.

SalesNexus Online CRM is an easy-to-use, web based marketing automation and customer relationship management solution designed for medium sized B2B sales teams.

You can use the software to automate lead generation, follow best practices, and set goals for your future business.

The product starts at $39.00 per user per month with 500 contacts per month, and ability to send up to 25,000 emails per month.

There is free trial, training section, and great customer support. The company was founded in 2001 in the Unite States.

The features include:

• Contact History
• Activity Management
• Appointment Management
• Group Management
• Lead Management
• Email Marketing
• Prospecting Tools
• Customer Pipeline
• Shared Contacts
• Search/Filter
• Contact Import/Export

3. Bitrix24

Bitrix24 CRM, customer relationship management

Bitrix24 CRM: Trusted by millions of users.

Bitrix24 is customer relationship management software; you can get it in cloud and on-premise, with API, CMS, and open source code included.

It comes with over 20 free CRM tools that are used for carrying out analysis, performing segmentation of the target audience, creating reports, and importing/exporting contacts.

Bitrix24 is designed for companies and small businesses in different fields such as freelancing, advertising, real estate, web design, and consulting.

The starting price of this software is $99.00 per month, and there is free version, training and support. The company was founded in 1998 in the United States

Features include:

• Customer Support
• Territory Management
• Call Logging
• Sales Pipeline Management
• Contact Management
• Referral Tracking
• Lead Scoring
• Quotes/Proposals
• List Management
• Project Management
• Marketing Automation
• Product Catalog

4. Oracle CRM

Oracle CX Cloud Suite

Oracle CX Cloud Suite helps you gain competitive advantage by taking customers through great experience.

Oracle CRM supports cloud integration with sales/marketing applications, mobile devices and Outlook.

The software was created for organizations of all sizes in all industries and comes with analytics, contextual intelligence, and adaptive business planning.

Oracle CRM is easy to use, easy to train with open UI available. It is used to track customer interaction.


• Territory Management
• Call Logging
• Sales Pipeline Management
• Contact Management
• Customer Support
• Referral Tracking
• Lead Scoring
• Quotes/Proposals
• List Management
• Project Management
• Marketing Automation
• Product Catalog

Oracle ERP Tool:

This feature is used to control budgets, track projects and book orders. Many could find the system difficult to use.

Understandable Product:

This product is most comprehensive for the price, and it covers service, marketing, and sales process.

A Robust Product:

Oracle CRM is regarded as a robust, stable, and sustainable product anybody in need of a good CRM product should go for. It is easy to use and provides Oracle BI feature – a very reporting tool.

5. LeadSquared CRM

LeadSquared CRM

LeadSquared: Effective marketing and sales solutions for SMEs.

LeadSquared is a client relationship management (CRM) and cloud-based marketing automation solution for businesses of all sizes.

LeadSquared serves customers in industries like education, marketing, finance, health and wellness, hospitality, real estate and software.

You can use LeadSquared to automate tasks like sales CRM, lead capture, marketing, reporting and analytics.

The software also offers landing pages, lead scoring, segmentation and role-based user access, marketing and sales insights.

Applications that can be integrated with LeadSquared include GoToWebinar, Super-Receptionist, Zopim, Ozonetel, Olark Connector and LiveChat.

LeadSquared has iOS and Android application, runs well on most browsers and is available in a subscription pricing model.


Features of LeadSquared include:

Supported Operating Systems:

Operating systems that LeadSquared supports include Web browser (OS agnostic) and Mac OS.

User-friendly Interface:

LeadSquared has a user-friendly interface and is very easy to navigate and customize. It is also a very good tool for marketing automation.

Boast to be the Best Marketing CRM:

LeadSquared prides itself as the best marketing CRM because it is easy to set up entire marketing automation funnels for various objectives.

It is very easy to create forms and landing pages, and you can easily integrate external apps such as Facebook Lead Ads and zopim.

Fantastic Customer Service:

LeadSquared customer service is so fantastic that they act as if they truly want you to succeed in your business. Their customer service helps you grow your business tremendously.

LeadSquared also offers Good Chat Support, Email Campaign, Analytics, Landing Pages, App, Drip Campaigns, SMS, Auto Responders, HTML Mailer Creation, and Export and Import of Data.

Ability to Immediately See All the Most Recent Leads:

LeadSquared, enables you to quickly view all the most recent leads; to filter out existing customers, and to view the source of the leads.

Requires Little Training:

LeadSquared doesn’t require much training and setup to start: it is easy to learn and use.

LeadSquared CRM feature in the following software guides:

• iPad CRM
• Online CRM Software
• Small Business CRM Software
• Complaint Management Software
• CRM Software
• Customer Engagement Platform

6. CapsuleCRM


CapsuleCRM: Simple and smart online CRM you will find helpful.

CapsuleCRM helps you to be more organized, collaborate, build stronger customer relationships, save time, and make more sales.

The software gives you and your team the complete view of your customers and how to take care of them.


Features of CapsuleCRM are as follows:

Take a Complete View of your Business:

The software package helps you to store and manage your business contacts all in one place, build a strong relationship with customers, manage contacts, customers, leads, vendors and more.

Create Tasks and Share with Co-workers:

You can create tasks and share with co-workers, set them to repeat monthly or create a reusable process to match your business workflow.

Start Using CapsuleCRM within Minutes of Signing Up:

Capsule was designed simple and intuitive to help you start enjoying the software within minutes of signing up. You are left with enough time to focus on tasks at hand.

Capture Emails and Attach Notes:

With Capsule, you will be able to capture emails and attach notes, docs, conversations, and files into a contact’s history. You can then share within your team a single view of a contact.

CapsuleCRM is a Partnership:

The program has a friendly expert support team to assist you. Choosing Capsule is the right tool and also a community to visit when in need of solution to problems.

Create Reports and Manage your Sales Pipeline:

The tool allows you to create reports and gain insight on your sales pipeline. You can track bids, deals, proposals, and other opportunities.

Customize Capsule:

You can customize categories of Capsule by adding data fields you need using tags such as lead, customer and vendor; and define processes for your team to follow.

Capsule Mobile:

Capsule for mobile grants you access to your Capsule accounts anywhere you are, contacts, tasks, opportunities, cases and more for both iPhone and Android.

7. Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM

Vtiger CRM: Build stronger customer relationships and increase sales.

Vtiger is an all-in-one CRM that creates engaging experiences with your whole customers. With the software tool, you have the ability to sell, market, and support extraordinarily.

There is a 15-day free trial given to users to try out the product before placing an order, and you have the power to cancel your subscription anytime.


Features of Vtiger are as Follows:

Grow Your Sales Effectively:

The software allows you to learn about your business associates, using a 360-degree history of your contacts.

You will never lose sight of another deal with an actionable, real-time map of your sales pipeline, and you can reach out to contacts over recorded and tracked emails or calls with just a click.

You also have the ability to use the built-in automated scheduling tools to schedule painless appointments, and make better decisions with pre-built and customized insights and analytics.

Integrate with other Software Programs:

Vtiger CRM has a wide range of integrations that allow you to import data and automate actions in the other apps you use.

Manage your Customers from Anywhere you are:

You can get information about your customers and manage them remotely from wherever you are.

You can view real-time information about your customers, deals, and campaigns from any destination.

Vtiger offers more Functionality than any usual CRM

More than 100,000 businesses love Vtiger because of its ability to offer more functionality. It is easy to use, that is why everyone at Aurik opens Vtiger even before opening Outlook.


Working with customer relationship management software makes life easy for firms to effectively handle their CRM issues and set their businesses on the path of growth.

Whatever your need for customer relationship management are, you can check out our best seven software suggested above to see which one perfectly fits your need.

Did you find our suggestions useful in finding the right customer relationship management software for your use? Please leave a comment in the box below. You may also suggest other tools that have helped you handled customer relationship management issues effectively in your business.