7 Best Software to Create, Edit, and Convert PDF

By | February 1, 2017
create, edit, and convert pdf

Create, edit, and convert pdf documents effectively

7 Best Software to Create, Edit, and Convert PDF

Working with Portable Document Format, also known as the PDF has made processing of documents so easy and convenient.

There are PDF software out there you can use to create, edit, and convert PDF documents to Microsoft Word and other file types.

In fact, you can do more things with them.

We have picked seven PDF editors and converters that we consider to be the best PDF software that can help you achieve what you desire to do with your document.

In making our choices, we have considered the features they offer, the quality of PDF they create, experience with usage, and their popularity with users.

So, if you are thinking of a PDF editor to use, you may check out these:

1. PDF Element

PDF Element

PDF Element – Produce professionally looking PDF documents.

The PDF Element no doubt ranks amongst the best PDF editors in the market. Boasting of 15 million users so far and still counting, the software offers various solutions to working with PDF, as well as producing top quality document.

Some of the things you can do with PDF Element include:

  • Edit scanned PDF document with OCR; support more than 20 OCR languages.
  • Convert PDF documents into various desired formats, including Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel; images, including JPG, TIFF, PNG, GIF, and BMP; and Text, HTML, RTF, EPUB, HWPX, and HWP.
  • Create PDF forms you can fill; and to complete both interactive and non-interactive forms seamlessly. You can download form templates for free.
  • See more: PDF Element.

2. iSky Soft PDF Editor

Effective PDF editor

Work with PDFs like a pro.

If you are looking for a PDF editor with lots of tools in one place that make it easy and convenient to do a whole lot of editing work at a spot, then you need to check out the highly effective iSkysoft PDF Editor.

With iSkysoft PDF Editor, you can insert, rotate, delete, crop, and extract items. You can also split, add watermarks, and change the background of your document.

You will find the right tools to help you do these simple tasks, and you can trust that they are easy to work with even if you are a beginner.

Working with the various text editing tools is a breeze as they have been optimized to make your work seamless while ensuring that you produce professional looking, top quality documents.

You will be able to perform advanced text editing functions by joining, moving, and linking or splitting blocks of text.

See more: iSky Soft PDF Editor.

3. Adobe Acrobat DC

Adobe PDF Editor

Adobe PDF Editor

Acrobat Document Cloud is the product of the world leading digital document company, which invented the Portable Document Format, widely known as the PDF.

Acrobat DC boast of amazing features that enable you to perform awesome things with PDF, and is adjudged by many across the world as one of the best PDF solution providers.

With Acrobat DC, you have an efficient and effective PDF editor and converter, and are able to manage your documents on any computer or mobile device effortlessly, sign and send them to other people.

You can easily and quickly compare and accurately point out differences between different PDF files by applying the Compare Files tool that has just been introduced.

Another tool you will find useful in the Acrobat DC is the Certificate tool that allows you to easily digitally sign, endorse, and confirm documents.

You can also write or draw on your PDF document on Windows 10 devices by simply using your finger or a hardware pen.

Adobe Acrobat DC is loaded with lots of features that make your document processing an amazing digital experience.

See more: Adobe Acrobat DC.

4. Corel PDF Fusion

If you need a PDF solution that has all features to allow you to assemble, create, edit, and share PDFs, then the all-in-one PDF creator toolkit, the Corel PDF fusion, is a great choice to check out.

With more than 100 different file types to choose from, you can easily make professionally looking PDFs in no time.

Here is a tip of what you can do with Corel PDF fusion:

• Easily assemble new documents: All you need to do to easily add new contents from multiple file types and sources is to simply drag and drop into a single document.

• Email and export PDF documents.

• Easily convert your documents to PDF or XPS.

• Open over 100 file types: You don’t need to have the software used in creating the files; you can open them with Corel PDF Fusion and get any task done quickly.

• Edit Content Easily: You can edit your PDF documents simply by selecting and making changes to text anywhere in the document.

• You can also rearrange, rotate or crop your pages effortlessly.

See more: Corel PDF Fusion.

5. ABBYY PDF Transformer+

ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus

ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus: Everything you need to work with PDF.

ABBYY PDF Transformer+ enables you to work with PDF documents of any type with the help of its intelligent technologies and an interface that is extremely easy to use.

With this software, you have a set of amazing tools that enable you to open, browse through, and do a lot of stuff with PDF documents of any type.

Here are some of the amazing things you can do with the ABBYY PDF Transformer+ software:

Make and Edit Bookmarks: You can create a bookmark anywhere in your document to make it easy to navigate your PDF document.

Bookmarking a spot in your document allows you to quickly return to it whenever you desire. The software also enables you to easily edit, bind, and delete your bookmarks if you no longer need them.

Review and Make Comment on PDFs: The fact that ABBYY PDF Transformer+ makes it possible for you to work with PDF of all types means that you can review whatever PDF type that you receive from colleagues and make note or comment, or annotate them.

You can also highlight desired text and assign discussion status, such as accepted, rejected, completes, etc., on the document.

Use Search Tool to Save Time: The ABBYY PDF Transformer+ PDF software also has the search tool that enables you to quickly search for a keyword or phrase in the comments, text, and metadata areas of your document. The word being looked for is automatically highlighted.

Edit and Make Changes to PDF: With the ABBYY PDF Transformer+ you don’t need the source file of any PDF document to edit it. You can simply apply its intuitive editing tools to make changes to any PDF file, including scanned PDFs, such as fixing a typo and inserting or deleting a text or image.

See more: ABBYY PDF Transformer+

6. Canyua PDF Editor Pro

Canyua PDF Editor Pro

Canyua PDF Editor Pro: Edit and convert PDFs easily.

Canyua PDF Editor Pro is a fast, intuitive, and reliable PDF solution that helps you master working with PDF.

It enables you to edit, convert, create, and do many more tasks seamlessly with PDF.

Here are some of the things you can do with PDF using the Canyua PDF Editor Pro software:

Create and Convert PDFs: You can quickly and easily create PDF documents from various file types.
Also, you can easily convert PDFs to other file types, such as Microsoft Word.

Edit and Insert into PDF: Canyua PDF Editor Pro is a highly reliable PDF editor that allows you to easily edit pages of your PDF even if you are new to using PDF.

You can split your PDF pages into separate files for your convenience, as well as insert images and links to your document to make it more detailed and informative.

Review Document: Canyua PDF Editor Pro also has effective tools for reviewing documents sent to you by a colleague or partner, allowing you to make a comment or contribution on it and sent back to the sender or to the appropriate department.

Create Forms: With this software, you can also create customized fillable forms in PDF, which makes it easier to obtain certain information from target individuals.

This software provides more features to meet a wide range of PDF needs, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and signature by individuals and businesses, see more: Canyua PDF Editor Pro.

7. VeryPDF PDF Editor

VeryPDF PDF to Word converter

VeryPDF: Convert PDF TO Word effectively.

If you need effective software to view, edit, and annotate, and do lots of other things with PDF, then VeryPDF PDF editor is one to also check out.

You can use the software to edit elements of PDF, including text, graphics, shapes, and hyperlinks, as well as in adding annotations and comments to PDFs.

You can also use it to fill forms of various fields, such as radio button, text, and check box.

And if you need to convert PDF to Word or other file types, the VeryPDF PDF editor will help you with it seamlessly.

In addition to use as a PDF editor, VeryPDF PDF Editor can also convert PDF to vector and raster image formats, such as JPG, PCX, EMF, BMP, WMF, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and TGA.

The beauty of this software is that it has a friendly user interface that is easy for anyone to learn how to quickly use it, which will save you a lot of time.

See more: VeryPDF PDF Editor.


Working with PDF makes life easy for individuals and businesses whose work entails documentation.

No doubt, the PDF has lead to effective management of documents and cut off the need for paper and physical printing, which reduces cost of documentation.

To maximize the benefits of the PDF, there are software that can allow you to do various tasks on PDF, including editing, converting, signing, and passwording effectively and efficiently.

Whatever you need your PDF editor to do, you can check out our best seven software above to see which one fit your need perfectly.

Did you find our suggestions useful in finding the right PDF software for your use? Please leave a comment in the box below. You may also suggest PDF editors you have found useful.