7 Ways to Burn a WMV File to DVD

By | May 23, 2020
Ways to Burn a WMV File to DVD
You can burn your WMV Files to DVD by applying
certain software tools.

7 Ways to Burn a WMV File to DVD

This post shows you how to burn a WMV file to DVD so that you can watch your favorite videos anytime and anywhere as most players accept DVD.

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What is WMV?

A Windows Media Video (WMV) is one of the well-known video formats in use today.

You have your HD, 3GP, MP4 etc.; there are many of them out there that could work on different video players or mediums.

WMV is majorly used by Google Play Movies and TV and apps used to watch purchased or hired movies and TV shows.

It is similar to MPEG-4 video format.

It is safe to assume that you wouldn’t fancy having videos in this format just for the moment but for future view or use.

This brings about the idea of considering a good medium where you can write or burn videos in this format.

Of course, DVD is a very good medium you can consider burning your WMV videos.

This is simply because, most video players support DVD as the main medium of play.

So, if you have your WMV videos which you want to burn, then follow the processes below.

Not to forget, here are the things you will need to do this job effectively:

  • A good DVD burner
  • Your formatted DVD plate
  • Your PC.

If you have put all these in place, then get a good DVD creator to help you burn the video to DVD effectively and quickly.

There are a number of excellent DVD creators out there that you can apply to burn your WMV videos, but we will apply DVD Flick to illustrate the process here:

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  1. Download DVD Flick

This is the software we will be using for this tutorial. The reason is because, it is quite easy and simple to use. So every process you will be coming across is workable with this program.

Downloading DVD Flick is the first step you have to take. But if you have this software already in your system, then you can move over to the next step of this tutorial.

This is followed by installing the DVD Flick. Installing DVD Flick is an easy process because you have your onscreen guide to help you do that in no time.

So download and install the software.

  1. Launch your DVD Flick program

This is a way of setting up the workspace. During installation of this program, the program launches itself but if you already have it in your personal computer, then you can launch it from your desktop or wherever you can find it on your computer.

If it is your first time of using the software, a window will pop up asking you if you want to check out the guide. This could be necessary to help you get acquainted with the features and functionalities embedded in the software.

  1. Give your project a title

This is the first thing you do when you are done launching the software. You will give the project a name.

This is to help differentiate it from other jobs you are doing using the same program.

By default, the project is named as “Unnamed Project” to indicate the need for you to give a title of your choice.

To rename it, click on Add Title. Note that the title of your project is different from the title of the individual videos you might be working with.

  1. Add the videos you want to burn
    After naming your project, the next thing you do is to add videos in the main area.

As you are adding videos, you will have to keep an eye on the progress bar which shows you how much more space you have left for additional videos.

  1. Tweak your project settings

This is to be done after adding your WMV videos. Here, you will have the chance to name your project, determine the size of the video. This is obtainable from the General Tab.

Next Tab you can make some tweaks is the Video Tab. This is where you will specify the format of the video (either NTSC or PAL) as well as the type of encoding you want. You can leave it to default if there is no need for a tweak.

  1. Slot in your DVD plate

Remember that the DVD plate you should use is the already formatted one.

Using an unformatted DVD plate will not allow the burner to write on the DVD plate. So first ensure that you have formatted the DVD plate.

Then slot it into your DVD drive. Again ensure that the DVD drive is not faulty and supports the DVD plate.

  1. Start the burning process

This option is made available in the Burning Tab, locate the burn to disc box and give our DVD a good label.

This is followed by choosing the DVD drive where the videos will be burned.

If you have made the above settings, then you can proceed to burning your WMV videos to your DVD with just one click.

Depending on the speed of your computer (RAM), the process could be a bit slow or fast. But in case of delay, exercise some patience and get the work done.

So, those are the processes involved in burning a WMV video to DVD, as you can see, they are easy to understand and apply.


The best ways to enjoy your WMV videos is to burn them to a portable medium like DVD.

This will help you move it around and have it play almost on every video player.

To achieve this, you will need to follow all the steps that have been explained in this tutorial for maximum results.

So with this, you have all it takes to burn your WMV videos to DVD.

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