7 Ways to Burn HD and SD Videos to DVD

By | May 23, 2020
Ways to Burn HD and SD Videos to DVD
You can burn HD and SD videos to DVD by using
the right software tool.

7 Ways to Burn HD and SD Videos to DVD

This post gives you detailed information on how you can effectively burn your videos in HD or SD format or both to DVD and enjoy the benefits that DVDs provide.

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It is a common thing today for a lot of people to burn different video formats to a more portable form.

The various forms could be VCD, DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW, Blu-Ray etc.

The reason for this is dependent on what the user in question wants at the moment.

One would fancy burning to Blu-Ray while another could prefer burning to DVD.

This is all down to choice based on the kind of movie player one has at his disposal.

Identifying the form you want to burn your HD/SD video is one thing.

The next question will definitely be how to burn this HD/SD video into the form you want.

This is pretty simple; just follow through to know how you can do this.

Now for the purpose of clarity, let us look at what HD/SD video formats are.

What are HD and SD Videos?

HD is the abbreviation for High Definition. It is a video/picture resolution of 1290 x 720 pixels.

It is considered the lower HD digital TV standard. It is of a higher resolution and quality than the Standard Definition (SD).

Most television sets today are considered High Definition Televisions based on the fact that they have the above High Definition qualities.

The next we consider is SD.

This stands for Standard Definition. This came to be before HD.

This resolution is represented as 720x 480 and a screen ratio of 4:3.

This practically entails that the resolution does not cover the entire screen of your television.

Having explained the meanings and characteristics of HD and SD, let us now look at the practical ways you can burn your HD/SD videos to DVD.

Note: There are many programs or softwares you can use to accomplish this task, but we will use the amazing Corel VideoStudio here to illustrate the process.

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So here are 7 ways to burn your HD/SD videos to DVD using VideoStudio:

  1. Download/Install VideoStudio

VideoStudio is a wonderful program or software you can consider for this job.

So, if you don’t have the program installed in your system already, then you can download it here: VideoStudio.

After the download, the next thing is to install the program in your computer.

The installation process is quite easy because of the onscreen directions will be given from the software.

  1. Get your workspace ready

The program launches itself after a successful installation process. But in a case where you have the software already installed in your computer, then just double-click the program with your mouse to get it launched.

Select the disc icon from the vertical menu and select your choice output format.

Some of the formats available include: DVD, AVCHD, Blu-ray and SD Card.

These are contained in the workspace.

  1. Click on burn DVD

This is probably the output this write-up is concerned about. DVD is one of the formats available in the program.

So you have to select DVD as your choice output format.

To start the burning process, select DVD. This will bring up another window which shows you that your media (video) has been added to the list of videos to be burned.

In this window, you are allowed to add more videos, make some good settings and probably add more chapters to your project if you so wish.

  1. Set up your chapters

You can add chapters to your video by playing the video or using the scrubber to navigate through your video.

As your scrubber is still active, select Add/Edit chapter. This grants you access to the settings panel where you can control and set the format of your video according to your desired ratio.

This could be 16:3 or 4:3 resolution.

  1. Preview the chapters you have made

When you are sure that everything is in place, the next thing you do is to press the next button.

This will prompt you to select a menu and preview your HD/SD video.

It is important that you check everything at this stage to ensure there’s no mistakes whatever.

  1. Now burn your video

This is the stage you will burn your video. You will be prompted to name your video, select the drive where you want it (this should be your DVD drive) as well as the number of copies you want.

Slot in your DVD into the DVD drive and click on burn. This will start up the burning process.

  1. Test your new DVD

Now that you have finished burning your HD/SD video to DVD, it is important that you test the new DVD to know whether it gave you the desired result.

If you really followed the processes above, then there is no reason why you won’t get the result you want.

There are some other awesome software tools or programs you can still use to burn HD or/and SD videos to DVD and get a great result.

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Burning of several video formats like HD and SD has never been as easy as it is today.

This is because you have a lot of software tools or programs on the internet today that can help you get the job done very quickly.

So above are steps you can take to burn your HD/SD videos to DVD using VideoStudio.

All you need to do is to follow the processes stated above carefully and with that, you have no problem.