Best 7 Ways to Burn Music Videos to DVD for Watching on TV

By | May 12, 2020
Ways to Burn Music Videos to DVD for Watching on TV.
You can easily burn your favorite music videos
on DVD to watch on TV.

Best 7 Ways to Burn Music Videos to DVD for Watching on TV

Sometimes, you might want to convert or burn your music videos from other formats to a DVD so you can watch them on TV. That’s indeed a good idea.

However, you will need to know the processes involved in achieving this, and that is what this post will help you with.

Music videos, a bit like any sort of video file, could also be transferred to a disc with the proper program.

The method of putting files from a computer to a disc is named “burning.”

Tools Required to Burn Music Videos to DVD

To burn music videos onto a DVD to watch on TV, here are tools you may need to put in place:

• A software program capable of doing so.

• A special kind of DVD, called DVD-R is additionally required.

DVD-R’s are a kind of DVD disc which will have files burned onto them, unlike the traditional DVDs available in most computer stores.

• A DVD-ROM drive suitable for burning DVDs.

So we will be looking at the processes involved in doing this and also how to reproduce it if you so wish.

Steps to Burning Music Videos to DVD to View on TV Screen

Step 1:

Download a program capable of burning files onto a DVD, such as Wondershare DVD Creator or iSkysoft DVD Creator.

There are also other programs you can use, including Nero, Express Burn, and Cheetah DVD Burner.

Step 2:

Install the program you have downloaded.

There are also common programs that come with many computers that you can also simply use, including Windows Media Player and Real Player.

These programs should be accessible by clicking on the “Start” button and getting to “All Programs.”
Step 3:

Slot in your DVD-R in your DVD-R/DVD-RW drive and open the program you want to use for the burning process.

Step 4:

Select “DVD” from the pull-down menu in Nero (if you are using this program).

Choose “data” from the options provided, and then click on the “make data disk” option.

Other programs should have an identical tab marked ‘burn a CD” or something similar.

Step 5:

Select the “add” button and then pick your music video files on the new window that displays in Nero.

Although any file could also be burned onto a DVD-R, your music video files will presumably end in “.avi,” “.mpg,” “.mov,” or “.mp4.”

Add them one at a time by selecting one, then clicking the “add” button.

Once you are done, click “finished.

Step 6:

Click “next” on the first screen.

Finally, click “burn” to start burning your files to the disc.

Step 7:

Try playing the music video on your DVD player to ensure that the whole process went well.


• Although costlier, a DVD-RW allows you to feature or remove files from it even after burning.


• Make sure you refill the DVD-R before burning, as a DVD-R may only have files added thereto once.

Items you’ll need:

• DVD-ROM Drive.

How to Make Copies of Burned Music Videos DVDs

If you are interested in making a copy of the burned DVD, here are the processes involved:

Items you’ll need:

• Computer with DVD-burning capabilities
• Blank DVDs

Burning a replica copy of the DVD you have made for your music videos will allow you to create a backup copy of the DVD you have already got.

This ensures you will not need to go through the whole process of burning your music videos to a DVD again if the first DVD breaks or gets damaged.

Buy a reliable brand of blank DVDs, like Sony or TDK.

Note that not all blank DVDs will play on all DVD players.

Decrypt your DVD:

To save lots of the music file from your DVD to your computer, you want to decrypt or “rip” it from the disc.

Download or purchase a DVD-decrypting program; there are many free options available for download if you have sufficient data to do so.

Download or purchase a DVD-burning program.

Open your DVD-copying software and choose the decrypted DVD file that you wish to place on the disc.

Select your preferred options available, like creating a title menu or whether you’d like your DVD to start out playing immediately from the DVD player.

Press the Burn DVD button.

The burning process can take up to an hour to finish, so be patient.

Verify or test that your DVD has successfully copied the music videos by attempting to play it in your DVD player.

There are always some blank DVDs that simply don’t work right. If the copied DVD doesn’t play, repeat the steps with a different blank DVD.


Burning your music videos you intend to watch on your television on a DVD can be achieved by following the steps provided on this page.