Best Ways to Make DVD with Menu

By | May 20, 2020
Best Ways to Make DVD with Menu.
By creating menu on your DVDs, you make them
look professional.

Best Ways to Make a DVD with Menu

This post shows you how to effectively make DVDs with menu, not only to make your DVD professionally done, but also to make it convenient to play it.

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How to Make a DVD with Menu

Burning a video to DVD is one thing, but you can also bring your DVD to life by adding menus and chapters to make it professional and straightforward to navigate.

It’s a great thing to make your content stand out from the pack and not become just another low budget movie.

Disc menus allow viewers to simply navigate through the contents of a disc and simply choose the precise parts of the video to observe.

There are a number of good software tools for editing videos and creating DVDs out there that you can apply in making DVDs with menu; however, we will use two in this article to show how it is done:

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Corel VideoStudio

In Corel VideoStudio, you can create disc menus by applying menu templates and editing them to suit the wants of your projects.

you can create submenus linked to respective video clip by adding chapters.

Once your Add Chapters point to your VideoStudio project, they are automatically converted to disc menu chapters.

Represented as a video thumbnail during a submenu, each chapter is sort of a bookmark for a video clip.

When viewers click a chapter, the playback of the video will start from the chosen chapter.

Here are the steps to take to create a DVD with menu:

  1. Install VideoStudio

To successfully install Corel VideoStudio on your system, download and run the installation file.

Continue following on-screen instructions to finish the setup process.

  1. Burn to disc

When your video is complete, go under the Share tab in VideoStudio, click burn to disc.

Then, you will see the DVD menu and will be able to create menus and include chapters.

  1. Identify chapter points

First, we’d like to line up our chapter points, select ‘Add/Edit Chapters.’

Drag the scrubber along the video to the section you would like to feature a chapter point and click on ‘Add Chapter’.

If you want VideoStudio to automatically select chapters, you can also click Auto Add Chapters.

Repeat this step until you’ve added all of your required chapter points and click on OK.

To get rid of unwanted chapters, you can use the ‘Remove Chapter’ or ‘Remove All Chapters’ prompts.

Once your chapters are in place, then select ‘Next.’

  1. Preview and choose a menu template

Next, we’d like to pick a template for our DVD menu. Scroll through the options provided and choose the one you wish.

Then, press the ‘Preview’ button to preview your DVD menu.

Customize any text by double clicking on the text within the preview window.

  1. Customize menu

Select the edit option to be able to customize your DVD menu.

You can change background image, add custom music, add motions to menus, and do more with the software.

Note: Using motion menus increases the file size. Check the disk space usage indicator and therefore the required menu space value to be sure that the file size remains within the bounds of your selected output.

  1. Start burning

Click on next once your DVD menu is ready. After that, you can insert your DVD into the drive in the system.

Learn more about Corel VideoStudio

Freemake DVD

You can also think about using Freemake DVD menu maker and here are the processes:

This program will assist you make DVD menu in a few steps.

Once you are done with the download of your Freemake software, install it.

Double-click the file to start out the installation.

Please note that the freeware works on Windows computers only. This software supports windows 7, 8 and 10.

It doesn’t matter whether you’ve got an x32, an x64, or x86 system.

The custom DVD menu creator will fully function with any of those Windows versions.

Add videos for DVD

Complete the installation process and launch the menu maker software.

Drag-n-drop movies that you simply want to burn with a custom DVD menu.

You can also add the files one by one by clicking the “+Video” button.

Keep in mind that you simply should add only non-protected files. This is often the sole rule.

There is no other limit. You can add video files of various quality (HD, medium), size, and extension (AVI, MP4, MKV, FLV, etc.).Click “to DVD” option.

When your movies appear within the DVD menu creator, click “to DVD” option on the formats bar.

If you burn DVDs regularly, click the sign of the zodiac next to the format button to feature DVD into favorites and have quick access to the present output option of your own DVD

When you click “to DVD,” there’ll appear a replacement window with DVD menu settings.

Here, you’ll find a “No menu” button (top right corner). Click thereon to run the DVD creator with menu and chapters.

The software will provide you with free DVD menu templates you can choose from.

You can simply create your own DVD menu If none of the available ones meets the need of your movie.

What you would like to try to do is activate Freemake Video Converter Gold Pack.

Then choose a chapter template and find the right image for a DVD menu background, it can be a picture from the internet or a photograph taken by you.

Please note that it should have good quality otherwise it’ll be pixelated on an enormous screen.

You can edit your image if necessary with your favorite photo editor.

Now look to the bottom of the DVD menu template and choose the “Custom background” option.

Choose your image and click on “OK” to shut the DVD menu editor, menu, and background

When you are through with making a DVD menu, insert a blank DVD and click on the “Burn” button to burn a DVD together with your own menu.

At the top of the burning process, the freeware will provide you with an opportunity to make another copy of your project.

If you would like to try to do it, insert the second blank DVD and click on “OK”.


The processes above present you with effective ways or steps you can apply in creating a DVD with menu.

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