How to Add User Interactivity on DVD Videos

By | October 4, 2020
How to Add User Interactivity on DVD Videos
You can easily add user interactivity on DVD
videos by taking certain steps.

How to Add User Interactivity on DVD Videos

One of the characteristics of digitization in the industry is the development of both software and devices with the ability to interact with humans.

This feature is mainly to help users to interact with the computer or digital device with little or no help from anyone.

This has moved from being the major features on just digital devices to digital media in the industry.

This means that that digital world has moved from just producing devices capable of interacting with humans to developing software that are capable of inducing this feature into all forms of audiovisual media.

Of course the audiovisual media consists of files that fall under audio and visual stored or copied into optical discs such as CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.

This is just one of the giant strides in the digital industry.

One of the ways to add some style, glamour, and beauty to your videos on DVD is to add interactivity.

It is a welcome idea as it provides the user the ability to communicate with the DVD player and issue commands through operation from the remote or directly from the DVD player or computer depending on the device used.

With this, movies in a DVD will be able to take in commands or instructions from the user from the remote or direct control from remote.

This is facilitated by adding the Menu function in the process of burning videos to DVDs.

On the other hand, there are software designed for burning purposes and they are the software used to create the Menu used in creating this interactivity in a video on DVD.

These software packages are categorized under:

  1. Free Software which include DVD Flick (Windows), DeVeDe (Linux), and DVDStyler (Mac Os X, and Linux).
  2. Professional corporate software which include: Magix, Adobe Encore, and Sonic.
  3. Professional Studio Software which include: Magix, Apple DVD Studio Pro, Sonic DVD Creator, and Adobe Encore.
  4. Home, which include: Express Burn Disc Burning Software, Ashampoo Burning Studio, WinDVD Creator, Windows DVD Maker, Ulead DVD Maker, TMPGEnc DVD Author, Sonic MyDVD, Roxio Toast, Roxio Easy Media Creator, Pinnacle Studio, Nero Vision, CyberLink Media Suite, Apple iDVD, DVD-Video, DVD authoring, and DVD ripper.

While there are some that were not listed here, some above run on Mac, some on Linux, and some on Windows.

So, whatever Operating System you are using, there is an authoring software that can help you add interactivity to your videos on DVD.

Among all the authoring software listed above, we will be using Wondershare software for this tutorial to show you how to do this stuff.

This is because Wondershare is an awesome video editor that has all the capabilities of doing this just efficiently.

Here are the steps involved in adding user interactivity on DVD videos:

  1. Download and launch the Wondershare software program:

You will need to download the Wondershare software program to get started but if you have it already, then that’s cool. So launch the software program straightway and choose the right ratio for your video then go to the next stage.

  1. Import your video file:

Simply click the Import icon to open up the directory where you can easily identify the video file you want to edit.

On finding the file you want, just select the file and click on open to import the files to the program interface.

Wondershare software has a way of dragging the movies or files you have imported to the timeline once the importation is successful.

So, get the importation right and Wondershare will drag it to the movie timeline.

  1. Edit the video:

This is the focal point of this tutorial. This is where you implement the interactivity.

You have to be sure of every tweak or change you do here to get the exact result you want.

So first, click “Edit” button to open up all options in the Edit pane. Alternatively, you can click on the project videos in the timeline and then click on “Edit”.

  1. Add all the effects you need:

This is the editing we are talking about. Here you can choose how the video plays when inserted into a DVD player or computer or whichever device you want to use.

There are many effects you can add to the video and that is by right-clicking on the part of the video and click on the Power Tool.

Here you can select whatever Effect you want on the video and click on “Apply” to effect the change.

Also, to add Flash effect, right-click on the video project, pick out the part of the video you want to give effect to and then click on “Flash and Hold”.

Another effect you can implement is the transition. To do this, click on the Menu Transition effects and select the right transition you want for your video.

There are many other features such as subtitles and effects that you can add to your video and that is why this particular software has been chosen for this job – for maximum performance and satisfaction.

  1. Export the video:

This is the final stage where you export your video project into finished video and convert to any format of your choice.

You can do this and then burn or upload to any social media platform like YouTube depending on what you want to do with the video.

This is how you can add interactivity to your video on DVD.


Adding interactivity to your video is one of the easiest things you can do if you have the right authoring software that can help you undertake this type of job.

Though Wondershare was chosen for this job, you can still use any of the software packages that were listed in the introduction because they are good too.

So, you can go ahead to create that interactive video you have really longed for.

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