How to Easily Access Clipboard on a Samsung Phone

By | October 4, 2018
How to access clipboard on Samsung phone

By following some steps, you can easily access clipboard on any Samsung Android phone.

How to Easily Access Clipboard on a Samsung Phone

Samsung Galaxy is an interesting device which you can explore in different ways. In this article, we will look at how you can access the clipboard of the Samsung phone.

You can access the files on your Samsung Android phone, including those on the clipboard in different ways.

The producers of Samsung Galaxy mobile phones allow you access files through a USB cable known as Universal Serial Bus.

Also, another interesting feature the device has is an app we call Xender, which enables you to access files through the use of WIFI as we call it.

This enables you to access the information on your phone’s internal memory, including the clipboard, and all the data on its installed micro SD card usually called the memory card.

Once you’ve connected the device, you can also access documents, music, movies, and so on between your computer and your phone, that is, your Samsung Galaxy.

But before this process could be carried out you need to follow these steps.


Connect the Samsung Galaxy to your personal computer (PC) with a USB cable. If this is the first time you’ve made this connection, your PC automatically installs the driver for your phone in order to make it work.


Click “Open device to access files” in the AutoPlay window that opens on your PC after connecting your phone.


Click your phone’s name or model number in the left panel to see a folder for the phone’s internal memory and the memory card.

Double-click any folder to open it and access the contents, including the Galaxy stores media files, such as music and pictures, by type, in separate folders.


Close the window and disconnect the device (Samsung galaxy) when you’re done viewing the phone’s contents.

The second amazing way to access files on your PC is Xender but your devices should be WIFI enabled. Here is a guide to take you through the steps.


You need to download the Xender app on your device then open it app, swipe to the right side of your phone then connect to PC. There you will see the Xender hotspot icon, you are to click on it, and it will give you an IP address


Here you will have to open a browser on your PC, at this point you will type the IP address on the Xender app on the search box, then click enter.


On your device you will be asked to accept the PC to access your device. VOILA!!! Then you can access your device through your PC.

Finally, accessing through mobile data connection over a USB cable. This is simple if you follow the procedure.

Computer drivers

On your personal computer, open the webpage “ click on the Smart Switch version compatible with the computer operating system and device.

Follow the prompts that show up to download the drivers and install them.

Connect your phone to your computer when prompted using the USB cable.

For satisfying results, use the charging cable that is recommended by the manufacturing company.

On the Smart Switch screen, click MORE.

Click Preferences, and then select the Backup items.

Click on the type of file you will like to back up, then click ENTER.

Click Backup on the main Smart Switch screen. This may take several minutes for the backup to be completed.

A screen will appear and you will be informed that the backup is complete, and then click on confirm.

USB tethering

For Android 7.1

From any Home screen, tap Apps.

Tap Settings > Connections.

Tap Tethering and Mobile Hotspot.

Connect your phone to your Personal Computer through your USB cable. For best results, use the USB cable recommended by the company.

Select the USB tethering check box to share your connection.

Tap OK if you will like to learn more about tethering.

When connected, Tethered appears under ‘USB tethering’ and the check box is selected.

For Android 6.0

From any Home screen, tap Apps.

Tap Settings.

Tap Tethering and Mobile HotSpot.

Then using the USB cable, connect your device to your PC. To get a better result, make use the cable that originally came with the device.

To share your connection, click on the USB tethering check box.

Learn more about tethering? Click on the ok button.

When connected, Tethered appears under ‘USB tethering’ and the check box is selected.


This post shows you the various ways and steps you can use in accessing files on your Samsung Android device, including those on the clipboard through your PC.

They’re simple steps; all you need is to follow the prompts that appear.