How to Easily Burn DVD with Menu

By | April 20, 2021
How to Easily Burn DVD with Menu.
You can easily and quickly burn DVD with menu by taking certain steps.

How to Easily Burn DVD with Menu

This post provides complete information on how you can easily and quickly burn DVD with menu and have your files in the format that you want them.

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Why DVD Menu is Needful

Today, having a music or video file is not just complete if it does not have a menu, not just a menu but a menu with a lovely design that can add a lot of beauty to the music or video file.

This is just one of the very things a viewer is bound to notice about your DVD.

The major reason for having a DVD Menu is far beyond just adding beauty or style to the DVD.

The menu is designed in such a way to give the user an easy option to navigate through certain functions in the DVD.

This helps to make the viewing experience not only easy but fun.

To make a great DVD menu, three things are put in place – graphic design, video design, and video authoring.

These three factors make a great DVD Menu and make the DVD not only easy but interactive.

We will look into these three factors one after the other and see how they make a great DVD Menu:

Graphic Design

Graphic design is an ideology in design used in solving problems and communicating ideas through projected ideas and experiences with visual and textual content.

So, graphic design has to do with project ideas with visual and textual content.

When applied to DVD menu, it gives a certain idea to a user through visual and textual content.

Video Design

Simply stated, video design is the creation and integration of film in a given medium, be it in a theatre, stage, opera, dance, fashion shows, or any other medium or platform.

It is not only the creation of video but creative ways of doing so to attract the expected attention from viewers.

Applied to DVD Menu, videos are created in a creative, exciting, and engaging manner to arouse the desire of a viewer to watch a movie or video.

Video Authoring

The last factor stated is video authoring which is very important to this topic. This is also known as video editing.

So, video authoring or editing is the act and/or art of manipulating or arranging video shots.

Videos can be manipulated, arranged, and rearranged to achieve a certain goal.

DVD menu executes this plan perfectly.

There are many software tools in the market today which can be used to do all of the above operations, especially authoring.

They are third party software because they are stand-alone software that can be used for multiple functions like burning, video editing, etc.

You can consider having your videos well authored or edited to give you a certain design and quality, and then burn it to a personal computer.

It is quite easier than you can imagine. Yes it is that simple and you will love the process.

But before then, you will need to put some things into place so that you do not experience any hitch when it is time to burn your DVD with menu to any other medium, maybe to your PC or to another optical disc.

What you need to Burn DVD with Menu

The first thing you need to put in place before starting the burning process is to get a nice burner.

You will need this third party software to do a perfect job.

There are many burners you can use for this job but we will select just one for this tutorial and you should be okay using it as well.

Once we start the tutorial, you will see how simple this software is to use.

The second thing you will need is the DVD with Menu.

With this DVD, you should have the complete file you want to burn to another optical disc or your PC if you have chosen to have the DVD file in your PC.

Then you will need a good DVD drive, if possible a wonderful multi DVD drive.

This will help reduce the chance of non-compatibility issues.

So, get one if the one you have in your PC is not that good. You can borrow one and return after the job is done.

Having put all these in place, here are the steps to take to burn DVD with Menu using Ashampoo:

Steps to Burn DVD with Menu

  1. Launch Ashampoo and select “Copy Disc”

After launching the Ashampoo burning studio, select “Copy Disc” located at the left sidebar.

This is done after you have slotted in the DVD you want to copy to your PC drive.

So, identify the DVD drive and let the software check the disc and it will display a green checkmark.

Checkmarking of the disc shows that the disc is readable.

Click on “Next” to proceed to the next step.

  1. Let the program read the source DVD

Note that after the first step, the contents of the DVD will be copied temporarily to the hard disk of the PC.

This is indicated by the green progress bar.

This is the feedback you need to show the progress made in the copying process.

When it is done copying, then click on “Next” to continue.

  1. Burn the DVD

After the copying, insert another optical disc maybe another DVD or Blu-ray depending on the size of the file.

The program should be able to recognize the disc you inserted using the green checker.

Once this disc is validated, a green checkmark will show up. Finally, click on “Write DVD” to burn the files to a new disc.

The normal green progress bar will help indicate the progress of the process.

Once the burning process is complete, then click on “OK” to close.

You can click on “Exit” to close the program if you have no more burning jobs to do.


The Ashampoo burning process is quite simple and easy to follow. This is to help you save time and energy and do as many burning jobs as you would like within a short time.

The steps above are what you will need to have to burn a DVD with Menu.

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