How to Easily Burn IMG to DVD

By | January 12, 2021
How to Easily Burn IMG to DVD.
You can easily burn your favorite files in IMG format to DVD by following simple steps.

How to Easily Burn IMG to DVD

If you are looking for how to easily burn your favorite files in IMG format to DVD, this post gives a detailed explanation on how to achieve it.

It provides in a simple way the step-by-step procedure you can follow to quickly burn IMG files to DVD.

Please, read on:

What is IMG?

IMG, often depicted as .img is a vector image file that is used to have an exact copy or image of a file on a VCD or DVD.

It is extremely similar to ISO and can be used comfortably as a direct replacement for ISO files in many occasions.

Both are image files and can be used interchangeably.

Both IMG and ISO with .img and .iso extensions respectively are used basically for two purposes – for backup up purposes and copying of the exact image of a given file on a VCD or a DVD.

These two purposes remain the reasons many prefer using either .img or .iso.

As stated above, the first purpose why people use img is for backup. This is really applicable in many ways.

There are occasions where computer users see themselves locked out of their computers either because they forgot their passwords or someone manipulated the passwords to something else apart from the initial password set up by main user.

When such a system is to be unlocked (in recent windows ranging from Windows 7 down to the most recent), another disc containing the img or iso will be demanded in order to unlock the system via resetting the password.

IMG files serve as a virtual disk on a computer, replacing the optical disc were the real files are.

Then the second purpose is to copy the exact image of the VCD or DVD file and have it stored somewhere else in case you want to perform some operations with the same file.

This is where this topic will be very helpful to you.

Sometimes, you will need to duplicate the very copy of the file you have in your VCD or DVD.

So, the one thing you will then need to do is to have the img or iso copy of the files.

This will help you have your file intact and flexible enough to have in another storage device.

With the image, you can have the file anywhere you want it.

To open this file type, there are some applications/software that can be used for this purpose.

WinZip is a good example of a software tool that can be used to do this kind of job perfectly.

How this software works is that it extracts compressed files that come in .img, .iso, and many other similar file formats, some of which include: RAR, 7Z, BZ2, CAB, LHA and LZH.

This software remains one of the very best that can be used to open a wide variety of ZIP files.

However, the main thing we are to consider in this tutorial is how you can possibly burn your img files to DVD.

Make no mistakes about it, you can also burn your img files to both VCD and blu-ray.

But DVD and Blu-ray remains the most rampant in the digital world today.

By reason of their various storage capacity and play time, DVD and Blu-ray remains the favorite choice for most burning purposes.

But for this tutorial, we will be concentrating on how to burn img files to DVD.

The steps could still be applicable to Blu-ray.

Note that in this tutorial, we will be converting this file from one format to the other before burning.

We will convert to ISO before we can burn.

So, we will go ahead and do the conversion before burning right from scratch using Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

So, if you are ready, let us look at the very steps to take to do the conversion before doing the burning job.

How to Covert IMG to ISO Files

  1. Download, install and launch the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

This is the first step you will take before doing the conversion. This software gives you the leverage to do both conversion and burning all in one.

So download, install, and launch the software to get ready for the job.

The launching is complete when you see the user interface with the features well put in place.

  1. Add the img file

Use the “+” button to add the img file from wherever you stored it in the system.

The “+” button is found right under the “Source” tab. When you click the “+” button, you will be led to various directories where you can find the .img files and import them.

  1. Choose your favorite DVD Templates

We skipped the editing part of this tutorial because it is not compulsory for the conversion/burning to take place.

You can still do it if you so wish, otherwise just jump straight to choosing your favorite template.

There are many templates you can choose from and you can access them when you click on the “Menu” tab.

When the templates appear, choose or select the one that looks good to you.

  1. Preview and save to ISO file

Move to the preview tab and preview the img file you want to convert to ISO.

If it is ok by you, proceed to saving it by switching to Burn tab which is the last step. To complete this process, select “Save as ISO”.

Select TV Standard, Disc playback mode, and the folder path. After doing the selection, then click on “Burn” to save to ISO file (softcopy) for future use.

You can also burn to ISO using the disc option. This converts the img file to ISO instantly.

Now you have your img file converted to ISO; this is how you can burn it to DVD:

Steps to Burn ISO Files to DVD

  1. Install and launch Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate

There is not much to that. Once you download the software, install it and launch it and you are good to go.

  1. Navigate to the burn tab

Navigate to the Burn tab and choose Load ISO Files. These should be the IMG files you have converted to ISO. Load them to the user interface of the software.

  1. Do your customizations as you want and continue to the next step

4. Choose your templates

You can choose your template just as you did in the conversion process and also add a background to your project. Then move to the next step below.

  1. Review your DVD settings

Here you can review things like the aspect ratio, quality and menu type available in the drop-down list.

  1. Burn

This is after you have inserted a formatted DVD into the DVD drive of the computer.

Once you have followed the other steps above, click on the “Burn” button and your DVD is ready.


Note that most image files like dmg and img will necessarily be converted to ISO for easy burning.

That is why in this tutorial we have to convert first to ISO before burning.

The Wondershare software was used because of its special ability to do both the conversion and burning within the shortest possible time.

So, with this software, you need not stress yourself having to work with two different software tools for the conversion and burning.

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