How to Easily Burn ISO to DVD on Linux

By | April 23, 2021
How to Easily Burn ISO to DVD on Linux.
You can easily and quickly burn ISO to DVD on Linux following certain steps.

How to Easily Burn ISO to DVD on Linux

This post provides detailed information on how you can easily and quickly burn ISO files to DVD on the Linux Operating System, to enable you keep your favorite files in your preferred Operating System.

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There has been much fuss about Windows and Mac Operating Systems and their exploits in recent years.

This has resulted to more computer users opting for either of the Operating Systems as their major Operating System used for either personal use or work related application.

However, people now understand the importance of having an open source program.

This allows a community of programmers and other skilled ICT experts to make meaningful contributions to the efficiency of such software or program.

What is Linux?

Linux is an Operating System that is quite different from Windows and Mac because it is an open source Operating System.

By reason of being an open source program, it can be reprogrammed by a community of programmers to increase efficiency and adapt to modern demands of Operating Systems.

Though it shares a lot of similarities to other Operating Systems, like having the Graphic User Interface and sets of programs or software that address some user needs like word processor, spreadsheet, etc.

Linux Operating System software is the type that is open to the public to view, edit, and contribute to in other aspects like customizations as desired by the public.

Some webpages are generated from this Operating System even without your knowledge.

Many operations done on and with some other Operating Systems like iOS and Windows can equally be done on Linux.

These include doing some burning jobs like the one about to be discussed:

How to Easily Burn ISO Files to DVD on Linux

As you may know, ISO files serve as image of exact files from an optical disc like DVD, Blu-ray, etc. and can be used to achieve the same purpose as when using the exact disc.

This is to stay that ISO is a more flexible way of having a complete file without needing to have it in an optical disc.

ISO files can be used for a wide range of functions depending on the need of the user.

Some of these functions include: basic storage, backup purposes, password resetting functions on PCs, and gaming functions.

ISOs are used to create a form of virtual memory used to store large files in the form of image, used for backup and can still be used for password unlocking and resetting purposes on computers.

Most importantly is that gamers use ISOs to store games which can be used at any time.

You might have seen how you can burn an ISO to DVD on Windows, but in this tutorial you are going to see how you can do the same thing but this time around on Linux.

So, if you are a Linux user, this might just the perfect tutorial you will need to do this job.

In this tutorial, we are concentrating on burning an ISO to DVD, not any other optical disc.

This process might still work out for other optical discs if you will like to give it a try.

It is up to you to try it out, but for now we are concentrating on how to do it with a DVD.

Before that, you will need few things to help you achieve maximum result in this tutorial.

Needed Tools to Burn ISO Files to DVD on Linux

The major tools you need to effectively burn ISO files to DVD on Linux include:

  1. A PC with Linux Operating System Ubuntu: This is the first tool you will need to burn your ISO file to DVD on Linux.

The PC should have a more recent version of Linux running on it.

  1. A DVD: This is where you will be burning the ISO file to.

There are types of DVD you can choose from depending on the size of what you are burning and how many times you wish to use the DVD.

With these, you have single layer and double layer DVD, as well as DVD-R or DVD-RW to choose from.

  1. The ISO file you want to burn.

Now, you are set to start the burning process; here are the steps involved:

Steps to Burn ISO Files to DVD on Linux

  1. Download and install Brasero software on your PC

You will be using this software to burn your ISO file to DVD. So you can go online and search for the latest version and download it right into your PC.

After the download, follow the installation instructions and have the software installed into your PC.

After the installation, you can click on the application to start up the program.

  1. Slot in your DVD

The next step is to slot in your already formatted DVD into the DVD drive of the PC and allow your computer to detect it in its designated directory.

Note that your DVD should be formatted to put it in the best working state necessary for this tutorial.

  1. Import the ISO file

To do this, click on the Data Project button and then click on the “Burn image” button.

You will be shown directories where you can import or add the files you want to burn.

So locate where the ISO files are stored and select the exact one you want to burn to DVD.

  1. Burn it to DVD

There is nothing else to do at this point than to burn the ISO to DVD.

So, first of all check out the file you imported to ensure it is the actual file you want to burn to DVD.

After that, simply click on the burn button to burn the ISO file to the DVD you slotted in earlier.

That’s it! Those are the processes involved in burning an ISO file to DVD on Linux, simple, easy, and straightforward.


There is nothing difficult in burning an ISO file to DVD on Linux, especially if you are a regular user of Linux Operating System.

With the few steps above, you should be able to do a thorough and clean job in burning an ISO file to DVD on the Linux Operating System.

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