How to Easily Burn MPEG to DVD

By | March 13, 2021
How to Easily Burn MPEG to DVD.
You can effectively burn your MPEG files to DVD by following certain steps.

How to Easily Burn MPEG to DVD

This post provides detailed information on how you can easily and quickly burn MPEG files to DVD to enable you effectively save your valuable files or have a copy of it to give to friends as a gift.

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What is MPEG?

Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) is a digital organization that develops codes used for encoding both audios and videos.

This organization works in partnership with the International Organization for Standardization known for short as ISO and the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) to ensure that media formats and standards are accepted and universally available.

This organization has produced a lot of digital standards since its inception in 1998. Examples include:

  • MPEG-1 which is an audio/video standards for formats like the MP3
  • MPEG-2 which is a standard for digital television and DVD videos
  • MPEG-4 which is a standard media standards for computers and the internet
  • MPEG-7 which is a standard for search of multimedia content and description
  • MPEG-DASH which is a standard for streaming videos over the internet using HTTP.

So basically, MPEG is concerned about providing generally acceptable audio and video formats which could be available on most media platforms.

The various extensions associated with MPEG are .mpg and .mpeg. So anytime you see file extensions like that, know that it is an MPEG file format.

One of the major reasons this file format is popular is that it is a very portable and streamable video format used to stream videos on the internet.

Virtually every internet user fancies watching videos on the internet or better still downloading it directly to their device, be it a smartphone or a computer.

So, this file format is one of the best formats that can be used for streaming videos on the internet.

This is made possible because of the following specifications associated with MPEG file format:

  • Excellent color display about 24 bits 4:2:0 YcbCr color space.
  • Works on all platforms
  • Multiple images per file
  • Maximum images size at about 4095 x 4095 x30 frames/second
  • Excellent audio/video data storage.

There are possibly two things you can do when you have an MPEG file – either convert to another format you deem good to you or possibly burn it to an optical disc like DVD or Blu-ray depending on the size.

If you have the video file having a size that can be accommodated by a DVD, then DVD is a good choice to do your burning job.

This brings us to the main point of this tutorial:

How to Burn MPEG to DVD

If you have an MPEG you will like to have a backup for or maybe share with a friend or an associate, then burning it to DVD is a good choice.

Using DVD will be a good idea considering the fact that DVD can hold a video with a maximum file size of 4.7GB at once.

I don’t think your MPEG video file is more than that.

So in this tutorial, you will be taught on how you can burn your MPEG file to DVD without losing any quality of the video.

Yes! That is one thing you should look forward to.

Now, apart from having your MPEG file ready, there is a need to have a very efficient burner to help you do this job.

Though some computers come with inbuilt burners, however those burners may not give you a satisfactory experience compared to what you will gain when using some of the latest burning software tools available on the internet today.

These software tools are mind-blowing and can perform more complex tasks within minutes, leveraging on their lightening processing speed.

After getting the software ready, get a blank DVD which you will be using for the job.

You have DVD, DVD-R, DVD-RW or even dual layer DVD.

Any of them can serve and can also give you the desired result depending on the size of the video and the number of times you desire to do the burning job.

So, when all these are ready, look at the steps below to burn your MPEG to DVD.

For this tutorial, we will consider using Aiseesoft DVD Creator.

This software will be used to give you a smooth and a straightforward tutorial on how you can burn an MPEG file to DVD.

So here are the simple steps involved:

  1. Launch the Aiseesoft DVD Creator

The first process is usually to download and install this software. You can learn about Aiseesoft DVD Creator, download and install it here.

  1. Insert a blank DVD

After installing and launching the software, the next thing you do is to insert a blank DVD into the DVD drive.

Note that the DVD must be formatted for it to be ready for use. If you have not done that, endeavor to do so before you continue with this tutorial.

  1. Add the MPEG files you want

You can add more than one file and burn all at the same time. It is quite simple.

To do this, simply click on “Add Media File(s)” button to upload your desired files to the user interface.

Once you click this button, a pop up window will be shown to help you locate the files you want to upload to transfer to the user interface.

Select the desired files and click on Open.

  1. Select/Choose DVD type

Choose the DVD type and also click on the image button at the right bottom.

After this, do your editing by using the edit DVD menu.

There you make edit a lot of things and make them look exactly like what you want to see as output.

Once you are done with the editing and settings, click on burn to start the burning at once.


Although there are many software tools out there that can help you do this job or a similar one, but the edge that Aiseesoft DVD Creator has over the more conventional ones that come with many computers is very glaring for many computer users to see.

So you can potentially use Aiseesoft DVD Creator, not only for this type of file but other similar file burning jobs.

The software has one of the simplest processes you can learn and will certainly help you with burning MPEG to DVD.

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