How to Easily Put Songs on DVD or CD

By | October 8, 2020
How to Easily Put Songs on DVD or CD
You can put your favorite songs on a DVD
by taking certain steps.

How to Easily Put Songs on DVD or CD

This post provides exhaustive information on how you can easily and quickly put songs on a DVD or CD.

Please, read on:

Music they say is life and that is true. Music/songs have also been seen as a food for the soul, proven all through the years and still remains true today.

So invariably, an average human being listens to at least a song everyday consciously or unconsciously.

Songs could be stored in different storage media. Long years ago, songs were stored in cassettes and other primitive forms of music storage which were obtainable before now.

But all those have changed at the turn of the 21st century through the invention of CDs, DVDs, Blu-rays, etc.

Some optical discs like the DVD-RW can allow you burn music/video files more than once, helping you save some money and time.

So, it is no brainer why CDs and DVDs are preferred for storing songs.

For adding songs to a CD or DVD, one thing makes it possible and that is a burning/converter software tool.

This software can be inbuilt, downloaded or purchased from a computer store. There are many of them you can download from the internet or probably purchase from a computer store.

In selecting the software you want to use for the job, there are some factors you need to consider – the type of Operating System and the version, then the input and output formats supported by the Burner.

This will help you not to pick the wrong software for the job.

Having put all these into consideration, we will be picking the Ashampoo Burning Studio for this job.

It meets the requirements above and come with some good features that can add professionalism to the job you are about to do. Some of the features include:

  • Works with Windows 7, 8, and 10
  • Burn data with ease to CD, DVD and Blu-ray discs including re-writable discs such as DVD-RW, CD-RW etc.
  • Supports wide variety of audio outputs such as MP3, WMA, WAV etc.
  • Password-protected backups
  • Works well with images.

These and many more functions are embedded in Ashampoo Burning Studio.

In this tutorial, we will see how you can put your favorite songs into a DVD or CD. If you are ready, let’s get the process underway!

The following are steps to follow to add songs to a DVD or CD:

  1. Insert the disc you wish to burn the file into

This is the first action you have to take towards burning any file into any optical disc.

As always, ensure that the CD, DVD, DVD-R or DVD-RW you want to use is fit or ready for the job.

This is simply by formatting it. It is as simple as that, nothing too serious about that.

If your computer does not have a DVD drive, find a way to get an external one. It will still serve the same purpose with no worries.

  1. Launch the Ashampoo Burning Studio

This is presumed to be already installed in your computer but if not, you can still download it from the internet.

To be sure of the security and safety of your computer, it is advisable you download the software from the Ashampoo official website. You will not only get the latest version but also be sure of the security of the software and your computer.

After successful installation of the software, launch it by double-clicking on. This gets the job underway.

After the program boots up, select Burn Data and select New Disc to prepare the software for the job you want to do.

  1. Add the music files you want to burn

Add the music files you want by clicking the “Add” button, symbolized with a “Plus” button.

This should open up directories or the “Add files and Folders” for you to select the songs you want.

Locate the particular directory where you have the songs you want to burn and click on “Add” to add the songs to the burning list.

Repeat this process to continue adding songs or music files you want to burn.

When you have added all the files you want, click on the “Finish” button and click the “Next” button to proceed.

  1. Select the output drive or destination

Here you are to identify the drive containing the disc you inserted and click on the “Write” button to burn the files you have selected on the disc.

Selecting your disc recorder should be done first before you click on the “Write” button.

  1. Wait for confirmation message

Once the job is done, you will get a notification confirming that your job has been completed.

So, once the message pops up, close the confirmation dialog and close the software or continue with another project if you intend carrying out another.

That’s all you need to know about how you can put songs to DVD or CD using the Ashampoo burning studio.


Burning of music files have been made far easier than before because of the development of sophisticated, yet easy-to-use software programs capable of doing this job within minutes.

Ashampoo Burning Studio provides you with all you need to burn your music files into many optical discs, including your DVD, CD and blu-ray.

So, you can always visit the above steps and try them over and over again until you master every bit of this tutorial.

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