How to Easily Set up Samsung Wi-Fi Printer

By | September 15, 2018
How to setup Samsung Wi-Fi printer

Setting up Samsung wi-fi printers take only a few steps.

How to Easily Set up Samsung Wi-Fi Printer

Do you have a Samsung Wi-Fi enabled printer but don’t know how to set it up? Or do you fancy having one probably in the near future? This article is for you if your answer to the above questions is yes.

These days, it is not enough to have gadgets with super cool features. This article will discuss how to set up a Samsung Wi-Fi printer.

Granted, technology is making life easier every day in almost all sphere of life but especially in the digital world.

And a Wi-Fi enabled printer is certainly one of those items that can make your day go smoothly. To say the least, it’s fun and is a flexible option to print with a Wi-Fi enabled printer.

This article will guide you step by step how to successfully set up a Wi-Fi enabled Samsung printer.

Steps to Setting up Wi-Fi Samsung Printer

To successfully set up a Samsung Wi-Fi printer, there are three (3) methods you can use, depending on:

i. The resources available to you

ii. The method that is easier for you compared to the others

The methods are:

1. Printer connected with USB

2. Printer connected to a network

3. Using the printer panel

The following too are the necessary requirements you should make sure are available for this to be a successful operation:

i. Wi-Fi enabled Samsung printer

ii. Wi-Fi enabled Samsung printer with LCD

iii. Computer system

iv. Data cable

v. Network for the second method

Once these requirements are ready, we proceed to the set up.

Printer connected with USB: Here, you will need your Universal Serial Bus (USB). This also means you will need a USB cable to enable this function.

The software needed for this method is the “Easy Printer Manager”. Here are the steps to take:

1. Launch the Easy Printer Manager software and move to “Advanced mode”.

2. Identify and select your printer model and proceed to Device Settings tab.

3. Select the Network settings tab.

4. Switch on the Wi-Fi Direct and fill in the following details.

5. Device Name: Here, you set the printer’s name. The essence of this is to enable other devices search out your printer in a given Network. In default, the printer model is the name.

6. IP Address: IP refers to Internet Protocol. This is the digital address assigned to devices on a network. In this case, your Wi-Fi enabled Samsung printer. This is used specifically for Wi-Fi Direct and not for other wired or wireless networks. However, this is the default IP address of your printer ( and this is highly recommended for you to use.

7. Group owner: you need to assign your printer this duty by checking the box for it as it makes your printer similar to access point for other devices.

8. Network password/key: if you followed the advice in the last detail, it means your printer is now seen as a group owner. If that’s the case, then there’s a need to assign a password to it. This is done to enable other devices to securely access the printer. You may decide to set up a new password or stick to the default password generated randomly by default.

9. Once you get all the details right, just click on Save. This is found at the bottom right corner of the display, to save the changes.

Printer connected to a network: This looks similar to the first method but is slightly different. Here are the steps involved:

1. Here, you type in the printer’s IP address in the space meant for web address on your web browser.

2. Click the Login button at the top right corner of the display to grant you access to the next page. Note: your default user id/password is admin/sec00000.

3. Click on settings and choose network settings.

4. Select Wi-Fi Direct which is an option under Wireless which is found on the left side of the display. Then enable your Wi-Fi Direct.

5. Fill in the same details stated in the previous method.

6. Select Apply to activate the changes. This procedure will not be complete if a mobile printing app is not downloaded to enable you print from your device. In this case, your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Using the printer panel: The procedures are quite simple:

1. Power on the Samsung Wi-Fi enabled printer.

2. Click on menu.

3. Select Network using your arrow key and then click ok.

4. Select Network using your arrow key and click ok.

5. On the next option, select Wi-Fi Direct and click ok. The next page to be displayed are details in the previous methods with the addition of Status to show all connected devices to the printer. Note: only five devices are allowed at a time to connect to the printer.

6. Click the back button to take you back to the main menu.

These procedures may seem tedious and somewhat long especially the second method.

However, when done more than once, it gets a lot easier. Like it was said earlier, it is fun to do your printing in a more advanced manner and this article just solved that riddle on how it can be done.

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