How to Quickly Copy DVD to PC without Loss of Quality

By | January 18, 2021
How to Quickly Copy DVD to PC without Loss of Quality.
You can easily copy your favorite files in DVD to PC following certain procedures.

How to Quickly Copy DVD to PC without Loss of Quality

This post provides exhaustive information on how you can easily and quickly copy files on DVD to PC without loss of quality or change in size.

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There are different storage devices you can have your files saved or copied to.

This includes your flash drive, hard drive, optical discs (CD, VCD, DVD, and Blu-ray), cassettes etc.

These storage devices offer you variety of choices depending on your budget, how flexible you want it, and the very size of the file itself.

Also, the files in one storage device can be copied to another storage device.

An example is the copying of files from an optical disc to a flash drive or maybe the hard drive of a computer.

This is majorly made possible with the use of inbuilt ripping apps in most computers, or better still with the use of special software tools such as Wondershare, Aissesoft, AnyBurner, and Filmora.

In the process of ripping or copying files from one storage device to another, the file size may change upon conversion or quality is lost if it is not well converted.

This is why it is preferable to use any of the above special software tools in order to maintain the original quality of the files or to a better quality.

The hard drive of the computer is one the most reliable and efficient storage devices one can think of storing data or information in regardless of where the information or data is gotten from.

So, the PC is not only a tool for copying files from one storage device to the other, but also a potential destination for copying files.

There are different locations or directories where one can store files in the computer.

This include: Desktop, downloads, pictures, videos, and the C: directory. So, files can be stored in the above directories in regards to where the user finds ease of access.

The hard drive houses all the above directories but there are different locations where the stored files can be found.

A good reason some people prefer copying their files to a Personal Computer (PC) is that it is easily accessible and some applications can be downloaded to view and work on different kinds of files stored in the computer.

So, it is quite a good reason why many prefer having their files in their PC even if they reserve another copy in another storage device.

But then, before you start this job, it is important to note some of the tools you will need from the start to the finish of this job.

Some of the tools include the following:

  • DVD containing the file: Different files can be contained in the DVD ranging from music files, video files, image files like ISO file, application files, pictorial files, etc.

So, go ahead to get the DVD containing the files you want to rip or copy and get it ready.

  • Your personal computer: This could be your laptop, notebook computer, or even desktop.

The system should be in good working condition and free from any sort of viral infection, so that the file does not get corrupted after the ripping.

  • A suitable software: Some computers come with their own ripping software tools.

They are quite good but may not be as effective as some of the special software tools listed above.

So, for this ripping job, we will be using the Aiseesoft software and know how this job can be done easily.

  • This tutorial: Yes! You will need this tutorial to guide you into every step you will observe to be able to do this job, hence the essence of this write up.

So, once you get all the above tools in place, proceed to the steps below to copy your DVD to your PC.

How to Copy DVD to PC

  1. Install and launch Aiseesoft Video Converter Ultimate

First, this software was chosen to ensure there is no loss of quality during the ripping process. Secondly, it was considered for its lightning speed of ripping files to the desired location.

After the installation, launch the software from the desktop of your computer where you are likely to have the program shortcut.

  1. Insert your desired DVD

Your computer should come with a good DVD drive, but in case it does not have it, you can get an external DVD drive.

It will still do the job perfectly as long as it is in a perfect working condition.

So, whether it is an internal DVD drive or the external DVD drive, slot in the DVD containing the file you want to copy or rip and ensure it loads before you move to the next step.

  1. Load the DVD to the DVD ripper

On the user interface of the software you are using, click on the “Load Disc” button which is found on the top left of the interface.

This will load the DVD automatically howbeit using either “Navigation mode” or “Parser Mode”.

Either of the two modes will definitely load the DVD to the ripper.

After loading, the files in the DVD will be listed on the interface. This shows that the files are ready to be copied or ripped into the PC.

  1. Select your preferred output format

Here, you are to choose the particular files you want to rip. Let us assume the files in the DVD are video files; the software comes with an inbuilt player that can help you preview the individual videos to help you choose the right one.

So, after previewing, you should be able to identify the particular files you want to rip.

The next is for you to choose the output format of the files. This is like converting the files from the original format to your desired format.

But if you are okay with the original format, you can still leave it that way and continue to the next step.

To choose your preferred file format, click on the “Profile” button to select any output format of your choice.

After selection, do some editing if you so wish and continue, else you can skip the editing aspect and go straight to ripping the files.

Some of the editing available to you include cropping, merge, custom effects, enhance quality, cut, etc.

  1. Rip the DVD file to PC

After you are done with selecting the output format, ripping location, and editing, nothing else is left than to click on the “Convert” button to complete the ripping process.

This process will be complete within a very short time, so you have nothing to worry about.


Ripping or copying of your DVD to PC is quite easier than you think. This is evidenced by the steps explained above.

If you are able to follow the steps explained above, you will have no issue whatever in doing a neat and efficient job either for yourself or someone else.

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