Infix PDF Editor: Makes Editing PDFs a Breeze

By | February 15, 2017
Infix PDF Editor

Infix PDF Editor: Edit PDFs like working on Word documents.

Infix PDF Editor: Makes Editing PDFs a Breeze

If you are familiar with word processing and need a PDF editor that works just like it that you can easily work with, then you need to try out the Infix PDF Editor: Free Download.

Infix is probably the first PDF Word processor ever made that allows you to perform editing functions on PDF documents just as if you are working on a Word document.

See some of the things Infix PDF Editor can help you to do:

Edit Text and Images Directly in PDF Documents

With Infix, you don’t need to have the source file of a document you need to edit. For instance, if you need to edit your product’s user manual and can’t find the old one created in Word document, you don’t have to worry about it.

All you need is to download and install the revolutionary Infix PDF Editor and get whatever changes you desire to make done fast.

Even if you have the source file of your document in Word available, it is still better to work with the PDF file and edit it directly so as to avoid replacing bookmarks and hyperlinks all over again and save time.

You can edit both text and images in PDF documents just the same way you do when working with Word document, you don’t need any special training to be able to quickly edit your PDF.

Edit Text across Paragraphs, Columns, and Pages

Infix PDF Editor has the “Link Text” tool that allows you to edit block of text instantly. With this tool, you can link up different blocks of text, such as paragraphs, columns, and pages and make the desired change. Infix will then after reflow and hyphenate the text across all the linked blocks.

Infix also has the kind of hyphenation and justification tools Quark Express and Adobe InDesign have to make your document look great and professional.

You can be sure that the changes you make to your document will not be detected.

Search and Replace Text

If you are working on a large document like a company’s catalogue and need to find and edit certain text like a product’s name, you don’t have to spend hours looking for it, but can easily make a search directly from the PDF document and replace it using the inbuilt Search & Replace tool.

Also, you can easily update bookmarks on your document as Infix allows you to easily add, delete, and move bookmarks around.

And with the “Auto Bookmark” tool contained in Infix PDF Editor Pro, you can instantly create bookmarks for a whole document. This tool will save you a great deal of time if you currently add bookmarks manually.

Edit Text around Images

Infix amazing editing tools also include tools that allow you to edit text around shapes in PDF documents without affecting the original run-around shape, and you will be able to control right, left, and first-line indents.

Also, you can replace any image in your PDF document with one from your hard-drive, making sure that it fits perfectly into the space left by the previous one.

You can move, rotate, and scale any image on a page seamlessly.

Infix is an excellent PDF software tool that is specially designed to make editing PDF documents a breeze, try it out for yourself today and be amazed of what it can do for you: Free Download.