Simple Steps to Burning PS1 Games on DVD

By | June 28, 2020
Simple Steps to Burning PS1 Games on DVD
You can easily burn your PS1 Games on DVD
by following certain steps.

Simple Steps to Burning PS1 Games on DVD

This post provides in-depth information on how to burn your Play Station 1 game to a DVD disc plates so you always have everything backed up in case of worst scenarios like losing or scratching your PS 1 disc plates.

Some of the worst experience in gaming is to get your disc-based PS1 scratched or lost. This reason is why it is imported to always have a backup plan; this way even if you scratch or lose your PS1 disc you can always have something to fall back to.

Simple Steps to Burning PS1 Games on DVD

  • Burning PS1 Using Game Copy Wizard

One of the easiest routes to burning your PS1 games to a DVD is by the use of the game copy wizard application.

The game copy wizard makes PS1 games burning on DVDs fast and efficient.

To burn your PS1 games using the game copying wizard application take the following steps:

Step 1:

Download the game copy wizard on your computer system and install it. You can search and download the game copy wizard application from the website and online resources and it mostly comes free

Step 2:

Insert your Play Station 1 disc into your disc drive. After that, select the one copy option as this will make the game copying easier and faster.

Step 3:

Wait for the computer to finish copying the game on the local hard disc on your computer.

Insert a blank DVD to your computer for it to burn the game when the software prompts you to do so.
Note that you will need to use a standard DVD for the game to copy with minimal error.

When the copying process finishes, your new game copy will be automatically ejected from the disc drive.

  • Burning PS1 Games Using DVD Burning Software

Apart from game copying wizard application, your Play Station 1 game can also be burned on your DVD by using a DVD burning software.

However, to burn your PS1 games on a DVD, you first need to have an ISO image format of the PS1 game that you want to burn.

If you already have the ISO image format of the game you want to burn, then you can easily go ahead and burn the file on your DVD.

Nonetheless, if you don’t have the ISO image file of the PS1 game available, you will need to create the ISO image file using image creator software such as MagicISO and PowerISO.

Once you are done with that, you can now download DVD burning software tools such as Wondershare DVD creator, Ashampoo Burning Studio, Nero, iSkysoft DVD Creator, etc.

Once you are done downloading and installing any of the above-listed DVD burning software, launch the software and click on the add files option.

However, you must have inserted your blank DVD disc into your disc drive before adding the file to be burnt.

Click on the ISO to DVD button and give an appropriate title to your DVD and burn.

The PS1 ISO image will be successfully burnt to your DVD making it a playable game on your DVD.

Below is a detailed step of how to burn your PS1 game using the Ashampoo Burning Studio DVD burning software:

Step 1:

Create an ISO image of the PS1 game to be burnt. As stated earlier, image creators like PowerISO and MagicISO can be used to achieve this objective.

Step 2:

Install and launch the Ashampoo burning studio and select burn data > new disc.

Step 3:

Click the add files or folders button in Ashampoo burning studio to add the ISO image file from a location in your local hard disc.

Alternatively, you can also drag and drop the file from windows explorer into the Ashampoo studio program window

Step 4:

Once you are done adding the ISO files, select the disc recorder option and insert a blank DVD into your disc drive and click write to start burning your PS1 game into the DVD.

Step 5:

Close the confirmation dialogue once the process is complete. You now have a copy of your PS1 game on your DVD.


Having the choice of burning your PS1 game to a DVD file is actually a thrilling and exciting experience.

You get to save money that would have been used to purchase another Play Station disc on the event you lose or scratch your original disc.

Using DVD burning software to burn and have an extra copy of these games at your convenience can certainly help save you from stress.

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