Easy Steps to Burning Audio Files to DVD

By | June 28, 2020
Easy Steps to Burning Audio Files to DVD
You can easily burn your audio files onto
DVD by taking some steps.

Easy Steps to Burning Audio Files to DVD

In this post we are going to show you how to burn your audio files to a blank DVD for both Windows and Mac operating system users, which will help you to safeguard your favorite audio files against loss.

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There is no doubt that more than most of us have hundreds if not thousands of audio files on our computer system.

These range from music to audiobooks to inspirational talks. So, what happens if we get unfortunate and our hard drive crashes?

This simply means that we have lost invaluable number of audio resources.

To prevent this event is exactly the reason why you should know how to burn your audio files to a DVD so you can always have a backup of all your audio data or at least the most important ones in case such an event of hard disc crashing occurs.

Easy Steps to Burning Audio Files to DVD

  • Burning Audio Files to DVD on Windows

Knowing how to burn your audio files to DVD using Windows media player allows you to create a mix of the audio files on your computer and burn them to a DVD.

That way, you would create a kind of backup in case your hard drive crashes.

Below are some of the simple steps you can follow to burn your audio to a DVD in Windows OS.

Step 1:

Insert a blank DVD that is suitable for burning audio files into your computer system.

Note that the DVD you are about to burn must be compatible with your DVD Drive before the files can be burned

Step 2:

When you are done inserting the disc, click burn on opening Windows media player

Step 3:

Click through all the audios you would like to burn, this may include albums, playlist, and audiobooks, you can also drag and drop the files to the burn pane.

Step 4:

Once you are done adding the audio files, click start burn.

Your files will begin to burn on the blank disc. When the burning is complete, your disc is automatically ejected.

  • Burning Audio Files to DVD on Mac

If you are using a Mac OS, the process of burning an audio file to a DVD in your computer is almost the same as that of the Windows, however, there are few differences.

Below are some of the steps to burning an audio file on a DVD on Mac OS.

Step 1:

You will need to insert a blank DVD into your computer. However, since most Mac computers do not come with an inbuilt DVD reader, you may need to buy an external disc reader to achieve this.

You can get external disc reader from Apple for less than $90

Step 2:

Search and double click on disk utility in the spotlight. Click on burn once disk utility opens.

Step 3:

Click on file location and select the folders containing the audio files you want to burn.

Step 4:

Select all the audio files you want to burn, you can select multiple files as well as drag and drop files.

Step 5:

Click on burn once you are done adding files. A pop up will appear and clicking it begins the disc burning process.

Step 5:

A pop up will appear once the burning process is complete. Click ok when prompted to finish the process.

Apart from the process mentioned above, third party software can also be used to effectively burn audio files on your computer system onto a DVD.

iSkysoft is one of the most popular and easy to use disc burning software that you can apply to achieve saving your audio files on a DVD.

Below are some of the steps you can employ in burning your audio files to DVDs using the iSkysoft DVD creator:

Step 1:

Depending on whether you are using Windows or Mac OS, you will need to make sure that you download and install iSkysoft DVD creator that is compatible with your computer system.

Step 2:

After downloading the software, run the program and click the import button on the iSkysoft DVD window.

This will allow you to navigate through your local disc and import all the audio files you want to burn to your DVD.

Step 3:

Choose the DVD menu template that suits your needs or you can as well leave it if you don’t need it.

Step 4:

After you are done, click burn to choose the output format of the DVD and press start to begin burning your audio files to your DVD.

Once the burning is completed, you now have a copy of your audio files on a DVD.


There are a lot of benefits from having your audio files burnt to a readable DVD.

This can help you have a backup copy of all your audio files in case you lose your computer or on the event that your hard disc crashes.

Moreover, having your audio files burned in a DVD makes it possible for you to easily take these files along with you when you are not traveling with your computer.

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