Top 10 Important Facts about Windows 10

By | June 7, 2020
Important Facts about Windows 10
Windows 10 boasts of more enhanced features.

Top 10 Important Facts about Windows 10

This post provides some of the amazing facts about Windows 10. Perhaps, if you are a Windows 8 or a lower version user, you may consider upgrading your computer operating system to the latest Windows 10 after reading this article.

Since the launch of the latest Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, there is no single doubt that Windows 10 has received massive acceptance from all Windows users across the world.

The first year of its release saw more than 90,000 unique computers upgrade to Windows 10.

Today, more than 75 million devices are running on the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system, while Windows 10 is also operational and running in 192 countries across the world.

Top 10 Important Facts about Windows 10

  1. Internet Explorer is dead and gone

Windows 8 and 8.1 was the last time Windows operating system will see Internet Explorer as the default browser in Windows.

Windows 10 comes with a new and more enhanced browser known as Microsoft Edge.

Microsoft Edge is equipped with a variety of new and amazing plugins that improves your general browsing experience.

  1. Charms are gone, start button is back

Charms are yet another feature that will be stopped at Windows 8 operating system.

The New Windows 10 comes with a new desktop interface that is a bit similar to that of the Windows 7 but with a much more enhanced programs.

The greatest joy of Windows 7 users is that the start menu which was scrapped in Windows 8 is backend better.

  1. Snap Assist is integrated in Windows 10

Snap Assist is an amazing feature that comes with the latest Microsoft Windows. Snap makes it possible for you to view up to four different Windows at a time on your computers screen, thus making it easier and seamless to navigate and work on different programs simultaneously.

With corner snap, fill snap, and side snap features on Windows 10, users find comfort in navigating through different applications.

  1. Windows 10 has virtual desktop functionalities

Windows 10 is equipped with virtual desktop features that allow you to assign different applications to different virtual desktop.

This feature can help improve privacy on the computer system as only applications in the virtual desktop are shown as running in the background.

Users can also easily navigate between the virtual desktop by pressing the WINDOWS + TAB Keys.

  1. Windows update for business (WUB)

Windows update for business is an exciting feature on the Windows 10 operating system that allows system operators to stagger and control updates as they like.

Since Windows 10 based devices are constantly updated as opposed to previous version of Windows, the Windows update for business becomes an essential feature for most system admin.

  1. Improved Mobile device management

Windows 10 has a new mobile device and identity management options. This new feature allows users to log into Windows with a single ID and gain access to business apps and other resources.

This means that admins can now manage PCs and mobile devices using the same platform.

  1. Cortana is great

Cortana is an artificial intelligent powered application on the Windows 10 that allows you to experience what it feels like to use hands-free technology.

With Cortona, audio command is achieved in Windows 10. The application also helps to study users’ interest and pop out information that interest users from time to time.

Since the launch of Windows 10, Cortana has told over half a million jokes to window 10 users across the world.

  1. Security is enhanced

There is no single doubt that Windows users are more secured using Microsoft Windows 10 than previous versions of Windows.

Windows 10 comes with a variety of other security features that make software and virus attack on the operating system more difficult than in previous Windows operating systems.

With multilevel identity and data protection packages, it sure feels safer using the Windows 10 than previous version of Windows.

  1. Universal application float

Universal application previously known as modern applications in previous Windows no longer opens in full screen but functions as a normal application.

Universal application in Windows 10 can be used effectively with the new snap features to navigate through different applications effectively.

  1. Speed

Speed is obviously one of the important reasons why you should consider upgrading to a Microsoft Windows 10 if you haven’t yet.

Windows 10 processes information faster and is also good for gaming freaks as the operating system is designed efficiently to get improvement on processing speed when compared to previous versions of Windows.


Windows 10 boasts of great features that make it the favorite OS for many people.

Having learnt of the important fact about Windows 10 and how it’s a better operating system that the previous versions, you might now want to consider an upgrade.

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