Top 10 Important Facts about Windows Defender

By | June 7, 2020
Important Facts about Windows Defender
Microsoft Windows Defender is packaged with varieties
of real time security features.

Top 10 Important Facts about Windows Defender

This post provides important facts about Microsoft Defender that will enable you to effectively make use of the security features in your computer.

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Most of us are familiar with the traditional Microsoft Windows Defender that helps to protect the computer against spywares.

Just like other third party antivirus applications, Windows Defender is Microsoft owned anti spyware built into Windows application.

Microsoft Windows Defender is packaged with varieties of real time security features that monitor several aspects of Windows for changes that might have been caused by spyware.

Top 10 Important Facts about Windows Defender You Need to Know

  1. Microsoft Security Essential and Windows Defender

Before the launch of Windows Defender in the Windows XP and Windows server 2003 Operating System, most Windows users were probably looking up to Microsoft Security Essentials to protect their system against malware.

However, Microsoft Security Essentials did not deliver the utmost results. Although both Microsoft Security Essentials and the new Microsoft Windows Defender offer real time protection against viruses, rootkits and spywares.

However, Windows Defender offers an enhanced protection against rootkits while running primarily on the system background to identify malicious software.

  1. It comes with the operating system

No matter how awkward this might sound, it is sure an important fact about Windows Defender.

The truth is that not every operating system comes with its own security feature built right in the operating system.

Windows Defender being installed inside the operating system save users the stress of having to look for an external executionable file to run and install the security feature before use.

  1. Microsoft SpyNeT is integrated in Defender

Many users of Windows Operating System are not aware that Windows Defender is integrated with the Microsoft SpyNet that allows users to directly report to Microsoft about programs and applications that they consider to be spywares.

Through the Microsft SpyNet, users can also report the device drivers and applications that they allowed to be installed in their system which could be subsequently analyzed to determine applications capable of creating harmful virus to the system.

  1. Windows Defender offers automatic, manual, and real time protection

Windows Defender offers users the freedom to choose between different kinds of strategies to scan and find security related problems in their system.

The manual scan permits you to click on the “scan now” button for the whole system to be scanned to identify malicious virus.

The automatic Windows Defender scan allows you to schedule a scan on a particular time or date, while the real time protection is an option that prevents the installation of malicious software.

  1. Window Defender is customizable

Another interesting feature about the Microsoft Windows Defender is that it gives you the freedom of customizing and configuring it to your taste.

For instance, you can choose the file name, type, and location that you would like to scan while the option of excluding other files is available.

  1. Microsoft active protection service is integrated in Windows Defender

One of the most advanced features available in Microsoft Defender is the Microsoft Active Protection Service (MAPS).

Although this feature is disabled by default in Windows Defender settings, however it is very essential for users to enable it.

The MAPS is a security feature that allows your computer to send automated reports to Microsoft describing various kinds of harmful spywares that are in your computer.

This helps Microsoft to develop stronger protection while making this information available to your peers who opted in for the Microsoft Active Protection Service.

  1. Windows Defender is up to date

Surprisingly, Windows Defender is up to date with the latest security features available in other operating systems.

Before now, Microsoft has always been criticized of always catching up late with other essential packages obtainable in most software.

However, Windows Defender is on the same level with almost every other third party antivirus program available on the market.

  1. Windows Defender offline

Windows Defender offline is an offline version of Windows Defender offered by Microsoft to help users overcome stubborn malware that tends to prevent users from assessing the Windows Defender.

Windows Defender offline can be used through USB flash drives, CD, and DVDs to detect and remove specific types of malware.

  1. Cloud based update

Cloud based update available in Windows Defender is yet another feature that helps to improve the overall security level of your computer system.

The cloud based update should always be enabled on your Windows Defender setting as it helps to report newly detected malware to Microsoft so they can develop new security strategies for users.

  1. Consider third party security software also

In all, Microsoft Windows is no doubt an essential security feature in the Windows OS. However, it is also advisable to supplement the Windows Defender with other enhanced third party antivirus programs available on the market.


Microsoft Defender is the first point of call for anti-spywares and virus inflicted programs that tend to harm your computer system.

Regularly putting the Windows Defender into use can help save your computer system from lots of virus attack.

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