Top 15 Reasons Windows May be Better than Linux

By | July 15, 2020
Top 15 Reasons Windows May be Better than Linux
The Windows operating system provides
updates more than Linux.

Top 15 Reasons Windows May be Better than Linux

In this article, we will take you through some of the reasons Windows operating system may be your best option ahead of Linux.

As computer system users, we are most times at cross roads on the best operating system to choose for our computers.

No doubt, Windows and Linux operating systems are some of the major and popular operating systems available in today’s tech world.

Perhaps, if you are considering making a switch or you just got a new computer and looking for an OS, this article will be helpful

Top 15 Reasons Why Windows May be Better than Linux

  1. Software compatibility

One of the obvious reasons Windows maybe better than Linux is the huge amount of software tools that are compatible with the Windows operating system.

Linux generally lacks software and programs that are not available within its system

  1. Software update

Update is yet another reason why Windows OS maybe your best choice. With about 85% of computer system worldwide running on Windows operating system, the need for update becomes natural compared to the less than 1% using Linux operating system

  1. Distribution and popularity

Windows operating system is more distributed and available in store worldwide owing to its popularity than Linux OS.

Most computer machines have Windows installed in pre purchase and this number is way higher than that of Linux.

  1. Support

There are a lot of avenues to provide support for you if something goes wrong with your window based machine, this range from online forum to micros soft support.

However, there is only a hand full of available Linux OS specialist.

  1. Drivers availability

Windows get new and updated drivers regularly compared to Linux. Linux drivers are mostly developed by the operating system’s enthusiasts to help out without the support of the parent company.

But Windows drivers are developed and distributed by Microsoft itself.

  1. Gaming

Gaming is yet another reason why Windows operating system may be better than Linux.

Many games are not available in Linux owing to software issues. However, Windows OS has a lot of games that are compatible and readily available for use in the operating system.

  1. Need for peripherals

Most Linux OS may require peripheral devices to keep up with installation and running of certain games and software.

Thus the extra cost and time that comes with this makes Windows a better choice.

  1. Complications

There is no single doubt that the Linux operating system is also complicated in a way.

The layout, the desktop, and where to find different settings is not really seamless as it is in Windows operating system.

Windows is much easier to use and to access while Linux is more of the tech geek thing.

  1. Installing Linux is difficult

Installing the Linux operating system is difficult than that of the Windows operating system.

If you are not tech inclined it becomes difficult to handle the idea of creating bootable USB driver or dual booting installation that comes with installing Linux OS.

  1. Available assistance

In terms of assistance, Windows operating system are better off.

With the Cortana, a lot of artificial intelligence powered assistant is made available in Windows and this is far better than what is achievable with Linux Betty.

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility is still another reason you may want to consider between Windows and Linux OS.

Windows 10 OS is way more accessible than Linux, for instance, the visual assistance for low and blind individuals to easily access and get used to the OS in Windows 10.

Also, there are more language options in Windows than Linux.

  1. Suitable programs

Windows have a greater number of program and software that can run on it when compared to Linux.

Most Windows users are certain that most programs will run on their OS than Linux users.

  1. Trouble shooting

Trouble shooting in Windows based operating systems is much easier and achievable than in Linux based operating system.

In Windows, you can easily troubleshoot each application or program whereas in Linux you may need to run series of codes and programs to troubleshoot problems.

  1. User friendly interface

Windows is no doubt more user friendly than most Linux based operating system. Linux distros, like Debian, has hostile user interface.

More so, most things are done using command lines in Linux, whereas in Windows, almost everything is done using graphical user interface.

  1. Repairs

Owing to the increasingly unpopularity of Linux OS, you may find it difficult locating and accessing technicians and experts in your locality once you have complications with your OS.

However, with Windows, there are more than a handful of individuals knowledgeable in the operating system that can be of help to you both online and offline.


Windows OS is certainly your best choice if you are not a tech geek. Linux OS requires some sort of expert knowledge to run your computer system using the operating system.

Thus the best choice for a starter remains Windows operating systems.

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