7 Best Software for Data Recovery you will Find Really Useful

By | July 12, 2017
Data recovery software

You can easily recover lost data or files from any storage device.

7 Best Software for Data Recovery you will Find Really Useful

You can always recover your data if by any reason you lost them by simply applying a data recovery software.

There are several software tools available out there you can use to get back your lost data without a sweat.

We have picked seven of the best (by our standard) that can help you achieve the recovering of various kinds of data and from different devices.

They have various unique features that can help you achieve some amazing results recovering your lost data.

Now, here are our seven software picks you may consider working with if you need to recover lost data:

1. Wondershare Data Recovery

Wondershare Data Recovery software is a safe and reliable tool that has the ability to recover over 550 file formats, including photos, emails, videos, and documents. The software provides data recovery solutions for computers, hard drives, flash drives, cameras, camcorders, smartphones, and memory cards.

Wondershare data recovery software

Wondershare Data Recovery helps recover lost files quickly and safely.

With over 5 million users worldwide, Wondershare Data Recovery tool is a friendly, intuitive, and dynamic file recovery software tool necessary for recovering data.

Wondershare Data Recovery software helps you to retrieve your lost photos, videos, music, emails, documents, etc. from your PC’s hard drive, USB drives, external hard drives, as well as from other storage devices.

What can you use Wondershare Data Recovery software to do?

There are many features and functions of Wondershare Data Recovery software that you can assess and do what you desire. These include:

Preview all files: This software enables you to preview all the files as it finds and chooses which ones you want to recover.

Deep into the data: The software gives you the ability to activate the Deep Scan to launch a thorough search of your disk.

Recover files easily: Use simple steps to retrieve your lost or deleted files from your PC or storage device.

Recover Data on all types of computer devices: You can recover data on all types of devices such as computer, hard drive, flash drive and more.

Efficiency: Wondershare Data Recovery software has powerful scan functions that enable you to find every byte on your storage device without any difficulty. The advanced file-recovery algorithm gives you the ability to restore damaged, deleted or formatted files within just minutes. See more.

2. Paretologic Data Recovery Pro

Paretologic Data Recovery Pro helps you locate and recover a wide range of file types, including deleted emails. The software even scans for deleted files on storage devices like USBs and external hard drives.

Paretologic data recovery pro software

Paretologic Data Recovery Pro for easy `file recovery operation.

Features and benefits of Paretologic Data Recovery Pro include:

Effective with various devices: You can easily recover lost or deleted files from various devices, including mobile devices and computers.

Recover all types of files: With Data Recovery Pro, you can get back all types of files, ranging from music, emails, and documents, as well as from multi-media to office documents.

Locate lost emails: The software enables you to scan your system to locate lost emails. The recovery of emails supports Vista Windows Mail, Microsoft Outlook, and Outlook Express.

Customize system scans: You can run scan according to system requirements, or customize certain items you need to scan.

Preview files: You can use file preview to review files before recovering them, so that you can confidently run the recovering process.

Easy navigation: You can do all the heavy lifting with the help of the user-friendly interface. See more.

3. Eassos Data Recovery Software

Eassos Data Recovery Software helps you to recover deleted and lost files or partitions. The software is effective in recovering deleted emails, photos, videos, songs, documents, and more from local disk drive, raw drive, removable disk, virtual disk, etc.

Eassos data recovery software

Eassos Data Recovery Software: Get back lost files with ease.

Eassos Data Recovery Software supports Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista/XP and server 2012/2008/2003.

Eassos Data Recovery Software has many features and functions that users can leverage on for recovering their lost files. These include:

Easy-to-use and safe data recovery tool: This amazing software has an easy-to-use and safe recovery tool that can help you recover your lost, deleted or formatted files, such as photos, videos, documents and other 550+formats files.

Suitable For Data Recovery

Eassos Recovery is recommended to be one of the best data recovery software in the market, because it allows users with little computer skills to gain easy access to using the software effectively. See more.

4. Lazesoft Recovery Suite

Lazesoft Recovery Suite is a data recovery software tool useful for recovering your data, files, system, Windows operating system, password, or your computer’s failure to start normally.

Lazesoft recovery suite to recover lost data, etc.

Lazesoft Recovery Suite: Effective, fast, and easy way to recover, data, files, windows system and password.

The Lazesoft autoboot rescue CD or USB disk you create will assist you in fixing most computer problems easily and quickly. You will need to reboot your computer for better results.

Main Functions of Lazesoft Recovery Suite

Lazesoft Recovery Suite has many functions you can explore for wider experience. They include:

Lazesoft Windows Recovery: The Lazesoft Windows Recovery tool is useful for repairing any boot and crash caused by virus infections or accidental file corruption.

Lazesoft Data Recovery: This is essential for recovering important files from your hard drive, memory cards or flash drives after accidental deletion, file corruption, or reformatting.

Lazesoft Password Recovery: When you have lost or forgotten your Windows local or domain administrator password, Lazesoft will help you achieve this and also recover your Windows CD installation key needed when reinstalling your Windows operating system.

Lazesoft Disk Image and Clone: The Lazesoft Disk Image and Clone tool enables you to backup or clone the whole of your hard drive or partitions, and to restore your operating system and data in case of disk failure, or when replacing your hard drive. Disk wiping and creation and reformatting of disk partitions are other options of this great recovery tool. See more.

5. iRecover Data Recovery Software

The iRecover Data Recovery Software is a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) data recovery software tool with over two decades of experience. It is affordable and easy to use, and supports all major file systems in use today.

iRecover data recovery software

iRecover Data Recovery Software: Advanced tool to recover lost data safely and quickly.

iRecover possesses everything necessary for dealing with all types of data loss such as file recovery, image recovery, unformat recovery, partition recovery, NAS recovery, and RAID recovery.

Some of the awesome features of the iRecover data recovery software tool include:

Image Recovery: The Image Recovery mode is specially designed for recovering digital images from memory cards, USB thumb drives, and more. It is capable of recovering data even when the whole file system is gone.

Windows and Linux Data Recovery: This mode is used for recovering your data when you have accidentally deleted some data or formatted your hard disk. It can also be used to recover data from NAS RAID sets that are no longer recognized by your NAS. It supports file systems like FAT, FAT 32, NTFS, EXT 2/3/4 and XFS.

RAID Recovery: iRecover automatically figure out RAID parameters such as disk order, block size, etc. Recovery continues as if it were a single disk recovery like data recovery for Windows and Linux as soon as scanning has been completed. iRecover is capable of RAID 5 recovery with one disk missing. RAID has supported types which are 0, 1, 5 and 10. See more.

6. Renee Undeleter

Renee Undeleter is a powerful data recovery software tool that enables you to recover whatever you lost in 3 simple steps.

Renee Undeleter data recovery software

Renee Undeleter: Restore your lost data/files easily.

If you lost or deleted your important files by accident, you have Renee Undeleter to help you out with quick and easy recovery. The software is user-friendly with many optional advanced features to retrieve your lost files such as photos, videos, documents, and more from all kinds of memory devices and PC.

Features of Renee Undeleted

There are many features of this software you need to know for you to have a better recovery outcome. These features include:

Fast Partition Scan: You can now get your files back after emptying the Recycle Bin or if you have deleted something by mistake without data backup.

Whole Partition Scan: With this software, you can scan the whole partition and list all files. This is paramount in a situation resulting from formatted partition or inaccessible issue.

Whole Disk Scan: For you to find out all information about the partition, you need to scan the whole disk.

Image Creation: This software allows you to clone a partition image that can be used in case the reading partition is slow or needs a back up.

Unique Photo Recovery: Renee Undeleter has an amazing and unique image preview that enables you to find your targeted files.

Office Documents Preview: The Renee Undeleter improves recovery quality and supports office document preview for better performance.

Formatted Data Recovery: Your important documents can be recovered even if you formatted your entire disk.

Memory Card Data Recovery: The Data you stored in your memory card can get lost for various reasons, but Renee Undeleter is there to help you find them.

Recycle Bin Data Recovery: The Windows Recycle Bin is a folder created for storing deleted files, and these files are recoverable. But if the Recycle Bin is emptied, it is still possible to recover those deleted files with Renee Undeleter. See more.

7. Do Your Data Recovery

Do Your Data Recovery is a powerful file recovery software tool that has the ability to recover lost, deleted, or formatted files from PC, laptop, hard drive, and digital or storage device.

Do Your Data Recovery software

Do Your Data Recovery Professional: Recover files from all common devices.

Windows File Recovery Software to Recover all Kinds of Files

Do Your Data Recovery is a simple, but dynamic Windows file recovery software tool capable of recovering all types of files from computers and storage devices. The software can easily and completely recover all lost files from any kind of data loss scenario like virus attack, partition loss, OS crash, deleting, formatting, and more, with the amazing data recovery features, and it takes only three easy steps to get your data back.

Rescue Data from Computer Hard Drive

The software enables you to recover lost data from PC, laptop, hard drive (SSD included), and external hard drive.

Rescue Data from Digital Device

With Do Your Data Recovery Professional you can get your lost files back from digital camera, digital recorder, music player, and more.

Rescue Data from Card Storage

The software allows you to recover lost data from memory/SD card, CF card, xD card, mobile phone card, and more.

Rescue Data from Mass Storage Device

You can also recover data from server system, RAID hard drive, TB-level hard disk, and more.

Rescue Storage Media

The software has made it easy to recover lost data from USB drive, external hard drive or other storage device.

Rescue Lost Partition

Do Your Data Recovery is considered to be one of the best solution for deleted or lost partition file recovery.

Why Choosing Do Your Data Recovery?

It offers efficient data recovery solution to your lost data, helping you to completely get back your files. It offers both quick and deep scan to ensure finding every recoverable file.

It is 100% secure and performs read-only recovery process. It can recover any type of files including photos, videos, audio, folders, emails, archives, and so on.

It allows you to preview the recoverable files before purchasing it or saving the files on your hard drive. See more.


Working with data recovery software makes life easy for individuals and businesses who may have somehow lost valuable data and need to get them back.

No doubt, the advent of this kind of software has lead to effective recovery of lost data and put an end to the stress related with recovering lost, deleted or reformatted data.

If you need to perform any function relating to recovering of data, you can simply check out any of the seven software tools that we have recommended in this post. You are sure to find them really effective.

Did you find our suggestions useful in finding the right data recovery software for your use? Please, leave a comment in the box below. You may also suggest additional software tools that have helped you in recovering your lost data.