How to Easily Convert ISO Files to MKV

By | May 17, 2021
How to Easily Convert ISO Files to MKV.
You can easily and quickly convert ISO files to MKV by taking certain steps.

How to Easily Convert ISO Files to MKV

This post provides complete information on how to easily and quickly convert ISO files to MKV without losing quality, a format that is compatible with most devices.

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What is an ISO File?

An ISO image file or ISO file is an archive file or digital backup derived by copying every detail of the source CD or DVD using a specific software tool.

In other words, it carries all the contents from a source optical disc and usually has a large size.

Reasons for Converting an ISO File to MKV File

Here are some major reasons people convert ISO files to MKV:


Since ISO files are not the main files but backup files/archive files, they cannot be played directly on any device or player, and it is also difficult to share them.

After conversion to MKV, it becomes possible to compress and play them on different kinds of devices like smart TVs, tablets, mobile phones, and Computers.

MKV files are common and widely accepted by many media players.


As a result of how large ISO files tend to be, converting them to a more suitable format like the MKV is best.

A DVD ISO file of ninety minutes tends to be about 5 GB to 8 GB Large, which takes up way too much space.

When this file is converted to MKV while retaining its quality, the size drops to between 1.1 GB and 1.3 GB.

You might be wondering if it’s possible to transfer your ISO file to an MKV file without losing its quality.

If this is you, we will be showing you ways to convert an ISO File to an MKV file.

Converting ISO to MKV File

In converting ISO to MKV, you will require a video converter, as simply copying and pasting will not work.

The video converter transfers the file to a more suitable and compatible format.

There are a lot of video converter software tools out there that you can apply to transfer ISO files to MKV.

However, for the sake of our illustration, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate will be used.

Wondershare is one of the top video converters that can convert ISO to MKV with high speed while still maintaining the quality.

MKV is not the only format available on Wondershare; you can convert your ISO to other file formats like FLV, MP4, WMV, AVI, etc.

The software also lets you edit the video, trim, add effects, and perform other functions.

Apart from ISO files, Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate can also convert DVD and VOB files to different formats, including MKV and MP4.

The best part is that it retains the original quality.

Step One

The first obvious step is to download your desired video converter and install it.

Read more about the Wondershare Video Converter Ultimate.

Step Two

The next step is to load the ISO files. To do this, locate the ‘Load DVD’ tab and click on the drop-down.

You will find the option to load ISO files.

Tap that and choose the video or ISO file and click on ‘open’.

Choose ‘main movie’ if the DVD contains just one video.

However, it may contain more than one video or music, and, in this case, go for the ‘All movies’ option, then select the specific videos or music you want to be converted.

There is a merge option available on Wondershare that allows you to merge all your videos into one video.

Go for this if you think it’s most suitable.

Step Three

Select the ‘Output Format’ you’re going for. In this case, it’s MKV. In the options, you will see that you can convert to WMV, AVI, MP4, and others.

Step Four

Next up, select the location you want your output video in.

To do this, go to ‘Output Folder’ and select your preferred location.

You will find the ‘Output Folder’ option at the bottom.

At this point, it is possible to use the ‘Edit’ button to add effects, cut, and trim if you need to.

Step Five

You must‘ve been done with all editing and settings, and it is time to convert the ISO file to MKV.

You will see the ‘Convert’ button. This process happens speedily and the file gets converted while retaining the quality.


There are a lot of softwares useful in converting your ISO file to MKV. However, in your quest for an ideal video converter, ensure that you go for one that is fast and that preserves the quality of the file, and allows for editing, adding effects, cutting, trimming, etc.

After converting your files, you now get the slashed size of the file, which takes up little space; the data information is slashed by about eighty percent, down to just 1 GB, from between 5 GB and 8 GB.

The best part is that the quality stays the same.

The file also becomes possible to play asides creating more space.

You will be able to enjoy great movies or music wherever you are, at any time.

MP4 and MKV are some common video formats available that can be played on all video players and mobile devices.

ISO files, apart from how much space it takes up, cannot be played directly on a lot of devices.

When it comes to converting your ISO files to MKV, for comfort and as a necessity, it is of great use that you download a video converter, install, and launch it whenever you need to convert your ISO files.

We hope this post has been helpful to you.

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