How to Easily Convert ISO to MP4

By | May 21, 2021
How to Easily Convert ISO to MP4.
You can successfully convert ISO to MP4 by following certain steps.

How to Easily Convert ISO to MP4

This post provides exhaustive information on how to easily and quickly convert ISO files to MP4 if you are interested in carrying out that conversion to meet certain goals.

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Many people love to use ISO image files to protect their DVDs from damages. ISO refers to a kind of file (disc image) that contains the entire DVD, Blu-ray, or CD content, not excluding the boot information.

However, ISO files that contain entire DVD, Blu-ray, or CD contents could be duplicated to create just a single ISO file.

ISO files are also known as ISO images, but an ISO image cannot be referred to as a video file; this means that you cannot play an ISO file.

Reasons for Converting ISO to MP4

The need to convert ISO files to MP4 may include the following:

  1. Large File Size

ISO files are often created to backup CD and DVD content on a hard drive, external disk, or other options.

This means that they contain the contents of a DVD, which is quite large.

A file size that is ninety minutes long, for example, may take up between 5 GB to 8 GB.

This is why it becomes important to convert these files to MP4 to reduce the file size to five times the original size.

  1. Inability to Use on Different Devices

ISO files cannot be played on various devices like PS4, Xbox, tablets, mobile phones, TV, etc., unlike the MP4 format because they are archived files stored as digital backups.

By converting the ISO files into something more compatible makes sharing, playing, and even editing the files easier.

MP4, for instance, is a common format and is one of the most widely used formats because of how compatible it is with different devices.

Steps to Converting an ISO file to MP4

In converting an ISO to an MP4 file, you will need conversion tools.

There are lots of such conversion tools, but many of them end up compromising quality.

You certainly do not want this to happen.

There are several amazing tools to try out if you want to retain the quality.

One of such is Wondershare UniConverter and another is EaseFab DVD Riper.

This software can handle anything from homemade discs to all kinds of DVDs, including burned DVDs.

Wondershare, particularly, can convert your file to over a thousand different formats.

EaseFab is super-fast in its conversion and has a Mac version for Mac users.

Follow the following steps closely and implement them, and you will be able to successfully convert ISO images to MP4:

Step One:

Download the software you would prefer to use on your computer. Then install and launch it.

Step Two:

Next up is loading the ISO files.

If you’re using Wondershare, you will find this on the main interface. Check below the video converter lab, go to the ‘Load DVD icon’ and tap the drop-down icon.

One of the options should read ‘Load ISO files’. Then you can go ahead to choose the ISO file you want to be converted and tap ‘open’ so the file begins to load.

If you’re using EasyFab, click on the ISO/IFO button to import the ISO files.

Alternatively, you can search for the ‘Load DVD’ button; you will find an arrow on the right that reads ‘Load DVD ISO Files’.

Step Three:

If you’re using Wondershare UniConverter, there will be a pop up for you to choose from the options.

You can choose All Movies or Main Movie.

On EasyFab, however, click on ‘Profile’.

Step Four:

Next up is choosing the preferred outcome format.

Pick MP4 as the format, and for EasyFab, you will see the output format option as MP4 (H.264 codec) or HEVC MP4.

Converting ISO to HEVC MP4 is a more preferable option as it has the same quality with a smaller size (50% smaller).

Step Five:

Choose a preset.

It is okay to browse to find a suitable preset for your device, especially if your device is an iPad, Google Nexus, Samsung Galaxy, or iPhone.

Step Six:

Finally, it is time for you to begin the conversion process.

To do this, click on ‘Start All’ or ‘Convert’, depending on your software.

The ISO file will speedily become an MP4 file.

Ensure that you check all settings first before conversion.

After conversion, open to get your clip and you can now play, share or edit them as you want.

Take note of the following:

  • It is advisable to stay with the default setting. To customize encoding settings, use the ‘Settings’ button.
  • Keep the aspect ratio and frame rate in default, unless it is necessary to adjust it.
  • Instead of H.264, it is best to go for MPEG-4 by enabling video codec and choosing MPEG-4 as an option. It has a smaller size.
  • You can reduce the resolution to 640 x 480. Reducing it from its default resolution, which is usually 720 x 480 or 720 x 540, will not affect the quality.

Converting your ISO files to MP4 saves space and makes files more compatible and usable.

Apart from Wondershare and EasyFab, many other tools can be used to carry out the conversion process.

Handbrake is an example, and although it does convert ISO files to MP4, it has its own limitations, such as inability to convert files in batches, errors, and limited editing features.

It is best to stick with Wondershare or EasyFab.

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