7 Best Software for Editing Videos Effectively

By | April 30, 2017
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Turn your videos into awesome movies with an excellent video editor.

7 Best Software for Editing Videos Effectively

Editing of videos has been made very easy and convenient with certain software tools.

There are many video editors available out there that you can use to make or edit your videos effectively and conveniently.

Based on quality, effectiveness, and popularity with users, we have picked our best seven software tools for editing videos that can help you achieve what you desire to do with your video work.

Therefore, if you are considering using a video editor for your work, you may check out these:

1. Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor

Wondershare Filmora Video Editor: Easily Create Amazing Videos

Filmora is one of the most effective and sophisticated video software around with various editing tools that help you to easily produce amazing videos.

Used by more than 5million people across the world so far, Filmora’s intuitive design makes it a must have to anyone needing to create beautiful videos effortlessly.

What you can do with Filmora:

Some of the amazing things you can do with Filmora include:

  • Applying a collection of filters and graphic overlays in transforming your videos
  • Applying a huge variety of titles, lower thirds, and openers to communicate
  • Working with motion elements? If so, you can simply drag and drop moving graphics anywhere in your videos.
    See more.

2. Magix Movie Edit Pro

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium

MAGIX Movie Edit Pro Premium: Edit videos like a pro

The Movie Edit Pro Premium enables you to work on the most demanding video production effectively. With the advanced features of this software, you can profit from a variety of powerful functions, unique effect palette, and tons of exciting new features in this movie editor.

Here are some of the great features and what you can achieve with the Magix movie edit pro software:

Infinite: You can conveniently bring complex projects to life on 99 tracks for image sound, and music.

Impressive: This tool allows the production of unique films with effects packages from leading developers of plug-ins.

New Intros & Outros: You can design your videos with even more effect using the 9 new intro and outro animations in Movie Edit Pro. With the wide range of high-quality template elements, you can give your videos a professional look.

New Editing Templates: The Movie Edit Pro has 10 new thematic templates that give an even broader choice for automatic video editing to the beat of the music, with every editing template appearing with fitting music accompaniment.

Various Border Effects: It is now easy to combine photos and videos in picture format, from another device such as smartphone into your movies. The new image border effects enable you to upgrade the otherwise bothersome black borders.

Vasco Da Gama 9 Essential: You can now reconstruct every detail of your trip with travel route animations from MotionStudios; select your holiday location from over 80,000 cities, towns, and villages in the GPS database and display your travel route in this video making software in up to 4K resolution, making the most of a massive 3D object library containing more than 300 templates.

Dynamic Titles: The NewBlue Titler Pro Express has made it easy to create high-resolution 2D and 3D titles without wasting any time. You can either use one of over 60 templates included in the video-making software program, or create your own headers and banners with the professional title designer. And with drag & drop animations, you can then animate these.

Automatic Shot Match: With the new Shot Match feature, you can match the colors and tonal values of separate scenes automatically. Shot Match can be perfect for outdoor scenes, where weather and lighting conditions can change quickly.

The Effects Area: The expansion of the 5 new functions of effects area of the Magix Movie Edit Pro makes it possible to use the new mask generator to apply effects to parts of an image in your videos. And you can conveniently create exciting videos with the integration of area masks using chroma keying and the post effect editing.

Lens Flare Effects: The Lens Flare Effects enables you to define the incidence appearance, size, angle, and positions of light reflections in your video recordings.

Gaussian Blur & Glow Effects: With the Gaussian Blur & Glow Effects tool, you can make your colors glow, distort and add intensity to the glow of certain colors. There are more options for creating video editing, in combination with Gaussian Blur.

Impressive Video Stamps: With the freely moving video stamp tool, you can design your own legendary bond, give the stamp any shape and color of your choice, and simply place it over your video.

OpenFX: Using OpenFX standard plug-ins as a video effect from directly within the media pool has now been made easy with Movie Edit Pro.

Vimeo: You can now share your experiences and memories in HD quality with your community on Vimeo.

Spectacular Video Effects: For fantastic highlights in your videos, you can use one of the five new video effects.

Perfect Image Stabilization: To transform shaky panning shots or zooms into smooth stabilized videos, you need Mercalli V2 from proPAD to do this. With it, you can save footage of unforgettable moments that you once thought were unusable.

Proxy Video Editing: You can easily edit and stabilize 4K & HD video footage using the Proxy Video Editing tool.

Light, Camera, Action! The light, camera, action is an automatic video editing tool with 25 editable templates.

Top Performance: To edit quickly and efficiently, you need the 64-bit performance.

Multicam Editing: With this amazing tool, you can edit up to four camera positions at the same time. See more.

3. Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate

Corel VideoStudio Ultimate: Create awesome movies with fun and ease

Corel VideoStudio consists of tons of innovative and flexible tools to help you edit and create great videos with fun.

It is packaged with lots of video templates you can use to create any type of movie in minutes; also create any effect you want on your videos with simple drag and drop tool.

VideoStudio is specially created for both new and experienced users who will be captivated with the flexibility and customization the software offers.

You have the right tools to quickly edit and crop your media; resize or place them directly in the preview window.

You can easily combine and edit videos, audio, and photos on the timeline and have amazing creative and hands-on experience doing so.

The Corel VideoStudio boasts of learning resources and intuitive tools to help you develop your skills to creating a more awesome movie every time.

This is doubtlessly an easy and fun program you can use in editing and creating amazing movies. See more.

4. idoo Video Editor Pro

idoo Video aEditor Pro

idoo Video Editor Pro: Give your videos amazing effects

The idoo Video Editor Pro is a professional and powerful video editor software that can enable you join video clips together, split the video, cut or trim, and rotate it by different angles; as well as edit and convert your 4K videos.

Here are some of the amazing features you will find in idoo Video Editor Pro:

Cropper: You can get rid of unwanted areas of video images or keep the aspect ratio, using cropper.

Effect: It is now easier to adjust the brightness, contrast, and saturation to beautify your video imagery. You can apply multiple special effects to the video simultaneously, and cut, crop, watermark and subtitle the video at the same time.

Subtitle: idoo Video Editor Pro has made it easy to adjust the vertical position of the subtitle and define your own font style easily while watermarking, cropping, cutting, and adding effects to the video at the same time.

Watermark: You can now add both text and image watermarks to your video, define the duration of the watermark display, and adjust transparency and font style.

Joiner: This tool enables you to join videos and audios of different formats into one file, make your video more fluent with optional transition effects, and easily set the order of files and the output formats.

Cutter: With the three types of cutting available to choose from: Easy, Batch and Advanced, and two-mode cutting, you can easily get what you want from your video such as cropping, watermarking, subtitling, and adding effects to the video at the same time.

Rotation: It is now easy to rotate video, cutting, cropping, watermarking, subtitling, and adding effects to the video at the same time.

Splitter: This tool allows you to easily split video into numbers of smaller segments, each segment limitable by duration or size, and more exactness and flexibility by manual splitting. See more.

5. VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor

VideoPad Video Editor: Produce awesome movies you can proudly share

The VideoPad Video Editor is a fully featured video editor designed to be intuitive for creating professional quality videos in just minutes.

The software allows you to drag and drop video clips for easy editing, apply effects and transitions, adjust video speed, and more. It is one of the fastest video stream processors on the market.

Now, here are some of the great things you can do with this software:

Edit video from any camcorder: With VideoPad Video Editor, you can capture or import any video file Format, including avi, wmv, mpv, and divx.

Full of transitions and visual effects: The VideoPad Video Editor has made it possible to add a professional touch to your movies from over 50 visual and transition effects.

Create videos for DVD, HD, YouTube and more: You can easily burn movies to DVD or convert to portable devices.

Stunning video transitions and effects: Choosing from a wide range of video clip transitions, making 2D to 3D stereoscopic conversion, customization of duration of applied transition, overlaying text for captions and movie credits, and production of Chroma key green screen video, have now been made easy with this fantastic video editing software.

Amazing audio tools: You can possibly import and mix music tracks just like a pro, make your own custom movie soundtrack, and use sound effects from the free Sound Effect Library.

Complete video optimization: With the amazing Complete Video Optimization tool, fine-tuning color and other visual effects becomes unbelievably easy. You can also easily slow down or speed up, or reverse video clip playback.
Share with family and friends: Burning to DVD and watching on your TV, saving for YouTube and sharing online, saving to PSP, iPod, iPhone or 3GP mobile phone, exportation of movies in multiple resolutions including full HD, 2K and 4K (720p, 1080p, 1440p, 2160p and more), have now been made easy with the VideoPad Video Editing software.

Add Smooth Transitions: VideoPad offers a wide range of transitions, such as cross fade, fade to black or white, dissolve and zoom, to use between clips to smoothly move from one scene to the next. See more.

6. AVS Video Editor

AVS video editor

AVS Video Editor: Easily create quality, professional videos and slideshows.

The AVS Video Editor software is carefully made with all necessary tools to help you edit your videos effectively and efficiently.

With this software, you can cut, trim, merge, split, mix, and rotate videos. You can easily insert audios, texts, subtitles, and menus, and apply overlays and effects. You can also burn Blu-ray disc and DVD.

All key video formats are supported by AVS Video Editor, therefore, using popular codecs such as MPEG-4, H.264, and H.263, you can edit and save files in AVI, MP4, VOB, DVD, AVCHD, 3GP, WMV, MKV, HD, MOV, MTS/M2TS, TOD, etc.

AVS Video Editor consists of integrated video cache technology which makes editing videos in HD even faster.

You can make stunning slideshows with the AVS Video software by capturing memorable events and transforming them into amazing slideshows.

You can easily import images of your choice and add your favourite audio tracks or your voice into your videos. You can also create captions, transitions, and impressive effects to your videos. See more.

7. Xilisoft Video Editor

Xilisoft Video Editor

Xilisoft Video Editor: Create awesome videos

The Xilisoft Video Editor enables you to merge multiple video files into one, split one file into several parts, and cut your favorite parts in one file.

Here are some of its features and what you can achieve with the software:

FilmSpirit: The Cycle8 FilmSpirit is an excellent tool you can apply to transform your family videos into unique movie trailers or short films with various trailer templates.

Movie Maker: With the Movie Maker tool, you can conveniently turn video clips into movies, add transitions, audio, watermarks, and subtitles to your movies or clip, or crop them.

Video Cutter: You can cut out any segments you dislike from different video formats including MP4, MPEG, AVI, WMV, H.264/MPEG-4 AVC, and so on.

Video Splitter: The powerful video splitting functions enable you to easily and quickly split one video file into several segments.

Video Joiner: With Video Joiner, you can join and merge different video files to one MPEG, AVI or H.264 video. See more.


Working with video editing software makes life easy for individuals and businesses that desire to create awesome videos.

If you are looking for a great tool to help you edit videos professionally and fast, you can find it from our list above.

Did you find our suggestions useful in finding the right video editing software for your use? Please leave a comment in the box below. You may also suggest video editing software you have found useful.