ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus: Discover Awesome Experience with PDF

By | February 2, 2017
ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus

ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus: Everything you need to work with PDF.

ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus: Discover Awesome Experience with PDF

Click to learn more about ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus (which is now ABBYY FineReader 14:

The ABBYY PDF Transformer+ software is a combination of intelligent technologies and easy-to-work-with interface that offer you great tools you can use to easily open, view, and edit PDF documents any time.

It’s a combination of PDF creator, editor, converter, and other tools that make working on your PDF documents an awesome experience.

Here is a summary of what ABBYY PDF Transformer+ allows you to do with PDFs:

  • Conveniently Work With Any Type of PDF: You don’t need to worry about whether the PDF you are receiving from someone will be compatible with the software you have, ABBYY PDF Transformer+ works with all PDF types.
  • Create Bookmarks and Edit Them Anywhere: You can easily create bookmarks anywhere that is convenient to you in your PDF documents, and you can edit them too.
  • Review PDFs and Comment on PDFs: With ABBYY PDF Transformer+, you can assess PDF documents sent to you for review, and can also make notes and comments on them for your colleagues or partners to act on.
  • Make Annotation: The software has annotation tools like sticky notes, underline, text highlight, and strikethrough to enable you to effectively give feedback or mark up text.
  • Assign Statuses to Discussions: You can assign a status such as “Rejected, “Approved”, “Completed”, “Accepted”, “Postponed” to a PDF document that is being discussed by you and other people.
  • Powerful Search Engine: You can quickly search for relevant keywords or phrases in any part of your document to save time when working on your PDF.
  • Quickly Edit and Modify PDFs: You can quickly edit any part of your PDF documents, such as correcting a typo error, inserting, replacing, or deleting text or images, directly from your PDF files, including from scanned PDF documents.
  • Arrange Pages the Way You Want: You can easily have your pages organized in your PDF just the way you want them to look like.
  • Fill PDF Forms: You can fill out simple PDF questionnaires and forms, and can convert them to Word or Excel files.
  • Easily Create PDF Documents: You can create multiple PDF documents simultaneously and easily from various file types, such as Microsoft, PowerPoint, Word, Excel, Apache OpenOfficeTM, and Visio.
  • Create Searchable PDFs from Scanned Paper: With ABBYY OCR technology, which has the ability to correctly retrieve text from images, you can easily create searchable PDF documents from scanned paper.
  • Extract Contents from PDF or Paper Documents: You don’t have to retype old document for reuse anymore, with this software, you can extract whatever text, tables, or images you need from old PDF files or paper documents to use on a new project.
  • Convert PDF to Editable Formats: ABBYY PDF Transformer+ allows you to easily and perfectly convert PDFs, including scanned PDF files, into editable formats such as OpenOffice Writer, Microsoft Word, and Excel.
  • Copy and Paste Contents from PDFs: You can copy contents, such as text and tables directly from PDF files and paste in any application without their original formats.
  • Protect and Share your Documents: ABBYY PDF Transformer+ allows you to protect your documents from access to unauthorized persons by having a password on it. You can also share your documents with other people you want to see it.
  • Make your Document Genuine by signing it: You can digitally sign your PDF documents and so make it authentic and professional.


ABBYY PDF Transformer+ is great software to have if you work with PDF, as you will be able to perform a whole lot of tasks easily and speedily.

So, go ahead for free download to take a look at it, click here: ABBYY PDF Transformer+ (now ABBYY FineReader 14)

ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus

ABBYY PDF Transformer Plus: Everything you need to work with PDF.