How to Easily Convert VHS to Digital

By | May 13, 2021
How to Easily Convert VHS to Digital.
You can easily convert your favorite videos and movies in VHS to digital by following certain steps.

How to Easily Convert VHS to Digital

This post provides detailed information on how you can easily and quickly convert your favorite videos in VHS to digital format so you can easily transfer or share them, or convert them again to other formats.

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Brief History of VHS

Going back to early days of technology, we were not blessed with the gift of some of the optical discs we have today.

VHS was one of the technologies then used in storing videos, probably using big-sized cassettes.

That was the technology then and remained valuable to people of that time.

In this era, Video Home System (VHS) was the most prominent of all similar video recording tools and had many patronizing it.

The cassette is played and at the end is rewind to start from the beginning if someone else is interested in playing the videos on the cassette.

Now, we have a lot of optical discs that not only store videos or audios or combination of both with large file size, they are also portable and flexible.

You can move them around and probably duplicate them easily to other file formats.

Such optical discs include DVD, CD, and Blu-rays.

What if you have some videos back then stored in VHS, how do you go about it?

This is the essence of this article:

How to Convert VHS Files to Digital

This tutorial helps you in doing this with the shortest possible steps proven to be effective in this job.

First, you need to know that there are possible two distinct forms of conversion that will be done to get a good result.

The first conversion is the conversion that involves the use of certain tools like:

  • A VCR
  • VHS player
  • A computer
  • A DVD recorder.

The next type of conversion is the type of conversion done from one digital format to another.

We will look at the two of them and then conclude this tutorial in the best logical manner.

Since we have the tools ready and necessary for this tutorial, here are some of the steps you will need to take to ensure you convert your VHS to digital without breaking any sweat.

To make this tutorial easy and simple for you, we will try to show you how you can do this via the following process:

  1. Convert the VHS to DVD
  2. Convert the converted VHS files to your preferred output format.

Note that we opted for the route above because of the complexity of having to turn a VHS file to digital directly without splitting the process in two.

So, if you are okay with that, then let us progress to looking at the two processes or procedures stated above.

If you have gotten the above tools in place, then try the following steps:

  1. Connect your DVD player to the VCR

The step to doing this is connecting the VCR by connecting an RCA audio/video cable from the VCR’s output to the DVD players RCA input.

  1. Slot in the VHS tape into the VCR

Ensure that the tapes are okay and ready for the process before you consider using them.

This could include dusting or cleaning the VHS tape and actually looking at the tape to ensure it is in top condition.

  1. Slot in a DVD-R/DVD-RW to the DVD player

The need for DVD-R/RW is to ensure that you can use the disc just once or multiple times respectively.

First ensure that the DVD is ready for the operation, on the assumption that the DVD has been formatted to get it ready for the job.

  1. Do the transfer or conversion

This is done simply by pressing the play button on the VCR and the record button on the DVD Recorder.

Once this is done, the DVD continues to record the contents of the VHS to the DVD slotted into the DVD drive.

This is the first phase. However, we will also offer you another tutorial which will take care of having the new created DVD into any other format of choice by you.

So, here are some simple steps to take to convert to any format of your choice:

  1. Download and install Ashampoo Movie Studio PRO

You will need this software as a third party software tool to convert the contents of the DVD to any other quality video format of your choice.

Learn more about Ashampoo Movie Studio PRO, download and install it using the installation guidelines made available by the manufacturers.

  1. Start a new project

Upon launching the program, then click on the “add” button to add your desired files.

Note that you should slot in the DVD you made from the DVD recorder to the PC DVD drive and ensure the system detects it.

You can use drag and drop to get the files from the DVD or you can also select the files and upload them to the screen.

  1. Select the output format

Choose any output format of your choice and continue.

Before you choose an output format, ensure that the output format you are about to select is compatible with the multimedia platform you want to use it on.

  1. Convert

This is the final step where you click on the “convert” button to commence the conversion.

These are the steps taken to convert to any output format of choice.


From this post, you can see that you can still get your memory videos from VHS to digital format, to help you have it handy whenever you need it or if you need to share it with someone.

All you have to do to easily convert your VHS videos to digital is to follow the procedures provided on this page.

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