How to Easily Burn VHS to DVD

By | October 4, 2020
How to Easily Burn VHS to DVD
You can easily burn VHS to DVD by applying
certain steps.

How to Easily Burn VHS to DVD

This post provides detailed information to help you learn the effective way of burning VHS to DVD.

Please, read on:

What is VHS?

Video Home System (VHS) is one of the foremost video formats developed and launched by Japan Victor Company (JVC) in the year 1976.

It was designed with the use of a magnetic tape of 1/2 inch which is equivalent to 1.27 in width.

During that period, VHS was used both in homes and to some extent in television productions.

But as technology continued to progress and make new discoveries and lighter forms of video storage were developed, the VHS seems to be going into extinction.

The use of CDs, DVDs, flash drives, Blu-rays etc. have put VHS out of business to a very large extent.

There is no doubt that many people who happen to be around in those days of VHS usage might have a lot of videos they still cherish and would love to keep for a long time. How do they do that?

This tutorial is going to provide you with the various steps you will take to have your videos in VHS burned to DVD with little or no loss in quality.

You will be shown all the steps and all the materials or equipment you will need to make this job simple and easy for you.

For this tutorial, we will show you the two most effective methods you can use to convert your VHS tapes to DVD. It works and will definitely work for you too.

But before then, here are some things you will need to get ready before starting the burning process:

  1. VHS tape you want to convert
  2. DVD Recorder
  3. VCR machine
  4. Analog-to-digital converter
  5. Blank DVD.

The above will all be used for both the first and the second method depending on the one you find easier to work with.

So, here are the steps to take in doing this job:

Method 1: Using a Combo VCR/DVD Player

This method is touted to be the easiest because it is more direct and would not need many operations to get your VHS converted to DVD.

So, let us see how it works:

  1. Power up your machines

This includes the VCR/DVD player and your television. It is advisable you turn up your machines and ensure that they are all in good working condition especially the VCR/DVD combo player by ensuring that the heads are clean and ready for the job.

You can test the working condition of the VCR using another VHS tape you don’t want to convert.

Do not experiment with the VHS tape you want to convert.

  1. Slot in the VHS tape into the VCR deck

By now you should have identified the particular VHS tape you want to convert.

Play the video to know if the quality is as good as you want it to be and then rewind the tape to the beginning.

If you don’t have interest in converting the whole video, you can use the rewind or fast forward feature of the VCR to set the video to the point you want to start the conversion from.

  1. Insert your blank DVD-R or DVD-RW

You might be wondering what the difference is between DVD-R and DVD-RW.

The difference is that DVD-R allows you record once while DVD-RW allows you record more than once.

So, if you feel like you need to record once, then DVD-R is perfect else you will need DVD-RW.

Insert your chosen media and close the tray.

  1. Press the record button to record

Depending on the Combo machine you are using, you may need to do some settings.

This should lead you to the manual of the machine or better still get some details about the operations of the machine you are using before you press the record button and that would be enough to get the job done.

That is that for the first method.

Second method: using Wondershare Uniconverter

This involves more steps than the first method but sure enough far more reliable than the first.

Steps to Burning VHS to DVD Using Wondershare Uniconverter

To convert VHS to DVD using Wondershare Uniconverter, the first thing to do is to get the VHS video file into your computer. So quickly, here are the steps to get the file into your computer:

  1. Plug in all everything gadget you need:

The connection in mainly the converter you will be using for the job. Plug the USB cable the converter came with to the system and fix the three other cables (Red, Yellow, and White) to the output ports of the converter.

Finally, on your system, install the software that came with the converter on the system and with this you are ready to transfer the files to your computer.

Slot in the VHS into the converter and pause the video in order to adjust the capture settings and destination folder on your system using the software you installed.

MP4, MOV, and MPG are the three best file formats you can consider.

  1. Play the video

Once the software is well installed, the video starts playing when the VHS has been slotted into the converter.

Once it starts playing on the computer, press the record button to start the recording process. Note that anything you do will be captured by the output video, hence the need to do all your settings before recording.

Now that you have the video on your computer, it is time to convert it to DVD using Wondershare Uniconverter and here are the steps you can take to do this:

  1. Launch the Wondershare Uniconverter

launch the Wondershare Uniconverter and extract the files you want to burn. Do this simply by dragging and dropping the file from the computer to the interface of the Uniconverter.

  1. Edit the video

This is quite optional but if in case you feel like tweaking the video a little bit then you will need this function.

To do this, click on the editing tool under the video thumbnail on the Wondershare software to make the changes you want.

  1. Choose your output format

This is very important as it will determine the quality and nature of the output.

There are list of formats you will be shown by the program, choose the appropriate one you want and continue.

  1. Begin the conversion

Hit the “Start All” button on the screen to start the conversion process. This should take some time but patient and wait for it.

  1. Burn the converted files to DVD

Note that the steps before now were to convert the files. So this is now what you have to do to burn it to DVD.

Right-click the converted video and click on the “Add” option to add it to the DVD burner (Wondershare Uniconverter).

Choose the templates you want and review the settings you have made and click on the “Burn” button.

With this, your job is almost done. Just a little while and you will have your VHS video file in DVD form. As straightforward as that.


With the above tutorial, you have been presented with a wonderful opportunity on how you can burn your VHS file to DVD.

The two methods discussed will surely allow you to effectively convert your favorite videos in VHS to DVD, you can decide the one to use.

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