How to Easily Burn M4V to DVD

By | October 4, 2020
How to Easily Burn M4V to DVD.
You can easily burn M4V to DVD by taking
certain steps.

How to Easily Burn M4V to DVD

This post provides exhaustive information to help you to easily and quickly burn M4V files to DVD.

Please, read on:

What is M4V?

M4V file format is a video file format much more similar to MP4 with the only difference being that M4V may be protected by DRM copy protection.

This file format is mainly adopted by Apple and is used primarily to encode video files in its iTunes Stores.

Basically, one can say that M4V file format is an MPEG-4 video container file format which can also be referred to as iTunes video file.

This makes it difficult if not impossible to view or copy this video format to any device that is not made by Apple or does not have the authorization of the Apple company.

Despite this, it can still be played on Windows Media Player due to its similarities with MP4 video format.

In this tutorial, we are going to show you how you can get around the protection contained in M4V video format and go ahead to converting/burning it to DVD with few minutes.

You might be amazed how simple this tutorial is going to be while giving you the easiest steps to follow.

Quickly let us consider the things you will need to have to do this job:

  1. Your computer
  2. Blank DVD (either DVD-R or DVD-RW)
  3. Wondershare UniConverter (Supported best on Windows 10)

Those are the three basic tools you will be using for this tutorial particularly Wondershare Uniconverter. This software is great for any kind of burning job you have to do.

Wondershare comes with amazing functions and features which when combined with its lightening burning speed leaves you with no choice than to opt for it any time you have a burning job to do.

This program comes with the ability to burn over 1000 different video formats, including M4V video format with excellent quality.

So, it is practically impossible to see any video file format Wondershare Uniconverter cannot burn.

Apart from the impressive number of video formats that can be burned by Wondershare, it also comes with other features such as free in-built video editor, video transitions functions and free DVD templates to give you the option of making excellent editing work on your M4V videos.

Having said earlier that M4V video format comes with restrictions, we will look at how you can remove those restrictions before you proceed to burning the video to DVD.

The software that comes to mind when thinking of removal of DRM from M4V files is the “DVDFab DRM Removal” for Apple.

This is the perfect software that can be used for this job and this is how it is done:

  1. Launch the DRM Removal

This is contained in the Utilities module of the DVDFab 11 software. When you launch the DRM Removal option, you will be prompted to choose either “For Video” or “For Audio”.

Choose the former since it is the video you want to work on.

  1. Add the M4V file to video files

This is the DRM protected file you want to work on. So click on “Add from Windows” to add the file(s) you want from the computer.

Ensure that you know the directory of the movie you want to work with.

Alternatively, you can still use drag and drop to transfer the file(s) to the interface of the software.

  1. Select the output folder of the video file

This is the location or directory where you will store the converted video.

So to do this, click on the “Folder” icon to choose the directory where you want to save the converted video.

When this is done, click on the “Start” button. This will begin the process of the removal of the DRM restriction on that video.

That is how you can remove the DRM restriction on any M4V video file you want to burn to DVD.

Note that in removing the DRM restriction from your M4V video file, you may need to convert it to MP4 as the output. You shouldn’t have any issues with that.

But if in case the M4V you have already is not protected by DRM, here are the steps to burning it to DVD using Wondershare Uniconverter:

Steps to Burning M4V to DVD

  1. Load your M4V files to the DVD Burner

Launch the Wondershare software application and click the “Burn” section at the top middle.

After that, you can click on the “Add” button to identify the files you want to add or simply do it using the drag and drop function to import the videos.

  1. Edit the M4V videos

Wondershare comes with video editor which allows you to customize your videos to your taste.

Examples of some of the editing you can do include cropping, trimming, adding subtitles, effects, etc.

Do this by simply clicking the Editing icon under the video thumbnail.

  1. Select the DVD Menu and Output type/format

Choose the video template by using the left and right arrow or better still use the edit icon in the right of the program to select the template you want.

Once you have chosen a template, click on “OK” to continue.

Also, choose the file format or output you want, maybe MP4, AVI, or better still M4V if you still wish to continue with the format.

  1. Burn to DVD

On the interface, you will see a little arrow pointing downwards besides the Burn video to option and right there select the file output path.

You can also give the video a Label, Menu type, and other necessary settings you want.

When you are done, click the “Burn” button to start burning the M4V videos to DVD.


In this tutorial, we have been able to show you few things about burning your M4V file to DVD. First is how to remove DRM restriction from your M4V videos and finally how to burn it to DVD.

Note that in the process of removing the DRM restriction, you are also at liberty to change the output format, likewise when you are carrying the burning of the video. It is all down to what you want to do or achieve with the videos.

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