Why Don’t DVD Players Support MP4? Find 8 Top Reasons

By | July 24, 2020
Why Don’t DVD Players Support MP4? Find 8 Top Reasons
There are various reasons dvd players may
not support MP4.

Why Don’t DVD Players Support MP4? Find 8 Top Reasons

One of the most used formats for web and mobile videos is no doubt MP4 file formats.

Although MP4 file extension is supported by most devices such as iPad, iPhone, Android, and portable players, however most DVD players do not support MP4 file extensions.

There are a number of reasons why an MP4 may not be supported by certain DVD players.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the reasons why a DVD player may not support an MP4 file, and hopefully provide solutions to it.

Top 8 Reasons DVD Players Don’t Support MP4

  1. DVD format type

Many DVD players are only limited in supporting MPEG-2 files that is in a standard VOB format, only a hand full of DVD players will be able to support MPEG-4 videos.

Moreover, the DVD type that you are trying to play on your DVD player matters to an extent.

For instance, not all DVD players will be enabled to support disc format in the trio of DVD+RW, DVD-R, and DVD-RAM.

  1. Copied MP4 file on DVD won’t play on DVD players

It is important to note that many DVDs do not support reading video files from DVD disc that are in a form of storage, that is if the MP4 files are copied from the computer system to the disc instead of burning them on the DVD plates using suitable DVD burning software.

Thus, it is imperative to note that for MP4 files to play on DVDs, it is important that they exist in a format that is readable to the DVD player.

  1. The DVD labeling could be getting on the way

Another reason why your MP4 files may not be playing or supported by your DVD player maybe due to the label on the DVD plate.

Those stick on DVD labels can equally prevent an MP4 file on your DVD from playing.

This is why it is advisable to remove these labels while using a permanent marker to write the titles of your DVD plates on the disc.

  1. Speed of burning

Most of the time, the speed of burning an MP4 files on a DVD during burning maybe the reason why an MP4 file fails to be supported or played by a DVD player.

When burning a DVD file, you are provided with an option to choose the burning speed which ranges from 2X, 4X, to 8X.

The reality here is that the lower the burning speed, the more reliable and likely it is for your MP4 to play on the DVD player.

Most of the time DVD players find it difficult to play discs burned at speed greater than 4X.

  1. Video resolution

Video resolution can be another reason why a DVD player fails to support or play an MP4 file.

There is a certain resolution for all standard DVD.

This is usually pegged at 720 by 756 or 720 by 480 for most DVD players.

If you get an MP4 file whose resolution is greater than the values stated above, your DVD player may not be able to play such MP4 file format.

  1. Wrong DVD format

It is imperative to note that DVDs are not universal.

For instance, what plays in a particular region of the world may not be able to play elsewhere, depending on how it is formatted.

If your DVD is formatted for European viewing or its coding format is for some other region of the world, you may likely not be able to play this type of MP4 files format on DVD players outside this region.

For example, most North American DVD players are designed to paly NTSC disc format.

  1. Try a newer model of DVD player

If your DVD player is really old, it may not be able to play MP4 files seamlessly.

However, since the majority of DVD players both old version and new are able to play VOB file, you may have to use convert your MP4 to VOB or the file format supported by your DVD to enable your DVD player to read the file.

  1. DVD scratches can also prevent Players from reading MP4 files

It is worthy to note that scratches and dust on your MP4 files burned to a DVD disc can prevent the file from playing or from being read by your DVD player.

To avoid this, make sure to keep your DVD files saved from dust and scratches, however, you can run your DVD through a disc repair kit if it is already impacted by scratches.


It is a frustrating experience to spend time and energy burning and converting your MP4 files for playing on home DVD and yet it turns out that the DVD player cannot read these files.

By taking note of the highlighted points above, we believe this article can help you find a solution to this.

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