6 Easy Steps to Burning PS2 Games on DVD

By | April 8, 2020
Steps to Burning PS2 Games on DVD
You can burn your favorite PS2 games on DVD

6 Easy Steps to Burning PS2 Games on DVD

This post provides complete and valuable information to help you burn and store your PS2 onto a DVD so you can continue to enjoy your favorite game.

With the release of higher versions of Sony’s PlayStation, the older PlayStation 2 system has slowly gone into oblivion due to the massive improvement made on the higher versions, PS3, PS4, PS5.

For that reason, there are few Play Station games available in the market now.

However, there are some websites on the net that make the download of PS2 games with the use of ISOs.

The ISO allows game players to download, back up, and burn their PS2 games on DVD.

The most interesting aspect of this is that these sites charge little or nothing for you to download the ISO files.

This is because the games are made available by other generous gamers.

Downloading a PS2 ISO

Before you talk about burning your PS2 game to a DVD plate, the first thing you should do is to check out any gaming website on the web to choose an ISO file you can download.

Most of the gaming websites are like forums where you meet with other games and as such you have to create an account with such sites before you are given the right to download the needed file.

When you login as a registered member of the site, the next thing you do is to scroll down the options of games you see there until you find the one you want to download or the one that interests you.

Click on the provided link to direct you further.

Follow the download links provided on the websites forum post.

Most PS2 ISOs have been uploaded to online storage sites like Rapidshare or Megaupload because their large size makes them difficult to store in any other mechanisms or manner.

When you find yourself in the online storage site, be careful to follow all the instructions lined in that page.

In most websites, you might be asked to complete a captcha test to prove that you are human.

Once you are able to do this successfully, between the next 30 to 60 seconds, the download link will be made available to you for your download.

When the download link appears, specify the directory where you want the downloaded file to be stored and click on download. If you have fulfilled the obligations stated, then you can click on save and the file will start downloading automatically.

You may need to repeat step 3 through 5 of the size of the file which may demand that you split the download using WINRAR which makes the download easy to manage.

Once you are done downloading all the files you need, the next thing is to unzip the ISO file and store it in any computer directory of your choice preferably your local disk.

Burning the Game to a Disk

6 Quick and Easy Steps to Burning PS2 Games to DVD

  1. Launch your preferred DVD burning program either from the desktop or list of programs.
  2. Select the option that will allow you burn the PS2 game to the DVD. This depends largely on the program you are making use of as what you are using might defer from what another gamer might be using.
  3. Insert your new black DVD inside your computer’s DVD player and allow to boot up.
  4. Click the “search for file” button under the “source” section of your DVD burning program. You should be able to remember the directory where you stored the file.
  5. Search for the ISO file you downloaded and click on it to line it up to the list of files you want to burn to your DVD.
  6. Ensure that you set the burning directory to the DVD so that the burning program does not burn the file to another directory. When you have done this, you can now click on “burn”. At this time, the burning program will begin the burning process to the DVD.


You may not have enough cash with you to acquire a PS3 or PS4 game and for that you might want to settle for less.

This comes with the process of burning those games into another storage medium such as the DVD.

This storage process involves the burning process which this article has been able to deal with.

The processes above will help you to successfully burn your PS2 games on DVD.

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