Best Ways to Convert MKV Files to DVD

By | May 19, 2020
Best Ways to Convert MKV Files to DVD.
You can convert your cherished MKV files to DVD
by using certain software tools.

Best Ways to Convert MKV Files to DVD

If you’ve got downloaded MKV format files from the web or have obtained them from your HD camcorder and need to play them using your DVD player, you’re on the proper page as we assist you with the simplest ways of converting MKV to DVD.

MKV is a multimedia container format that’s known for its high-quality video and audio.

HD MKV files are often played on your PC, but enjoying them together with your dear ones on big TV screen through DVD player are going to be a special experience.

Most of the DVD players don’t support playing MKV files directly and thus you would like to first burn MKV to DVD.

How to Convert MKV Files to DVD

You can easily convert your MKV files to DVD by applying certain software tools that convert videos.

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Here are some software tools you can apply in converting MKV files to DVD:

>> Freemake Video Converter

  1. Download the software.
  2. Find it on your PC and double-click to run.
  3. Select the language of your choice you want the software to run. By default, it takes the language on your Windows system.
  4. Follow the installation steps by clicking the “Next” button all the time.
  5. Select the .mkv movies to place onto a DVD. Click File -> Video and add them. You can also simply drag-n-drop the visuals into the tool.

You can add clips of any length or quality.

  1. Find a green bubble with “to DVD”. If your media has various subtitles and voice tracks, keep the required one for every file.

You can possibly also add a totally different audio line for a movie.

  1. Once you finish, click on the “to DVD” button to open the settings. Prepare your blank disc. You can use any disc type (your DVD specifically in this case).
  2. Set DVD parameters. During the disc settings, select a color encoding system that you simply need.

NTSC is employed in North America, Japan, and a few other nations. PAL is widely utilized in European countries.

If necessary, choose a movie menu. Click “No menu” within the top right corner and choose the menu type. Click okay to apply it. MKV to DVD

  1. Insert your blank disc into a PC burner when everything is prepared.

You can use click the “Burn” button to launch the conversion process.

It’s going to take a while counting on your laptop capacity.

As soon as the disc is prepared, the burner will automatically reject and offer to write down a replica of the project.

If you like to, just insert another blank disc. The software will create a replica supported by previous settings.

>> Converting MKV to DVD on Windows Using Wondershare UniConverter

Here are steps to follow:

Step 1:

Open Wondershare MKV to DVD Converter and cargo MKV Files.

Firstly, download and install Wondershare UniConverter program on your Windows PC.

Launch the software and access the Burn section. So as to convert MKV to DVD, you initially got to add MKV files.

To feature local files from PC, click the +Add Files option.

You can also add the downloaded and recorded file from their tabs on the software interface.

To personalize your videos, you can edit them by clicking the Edit icon under the video thumbnail to trim and crop videos, add to add subtitles, and more.

Step 2:

Before burning MKV to DVD, select and customize menu templates.

Once an MKV video is added and edited, subsequent step is to pick the specified template.

The proper side panel of the software shows the available template with the thumbnail of their design; you can move the left and the right arrows to see the template designs.

Click the Edit icon at the top right corner which can open a replacement window showing more template options and styles.

Here, you can also add background image and music.

After that, enter DVD label and other information associated with Menu Type, ratio, TV Standard, and Quality.

Step 3:

Burn your MKV to your blank DVD

Select location from the burn video to option.

Finally, hit the burn button to proceed with the process of burning MKV to DVD.

Free MKV to DVD Converters

A number of free software tools are available that when installed on your system facilitates burning MKV and other video files to a DVD disc.

Some of the commonly used MKV to DVD free programs include:

>> Wondershare Free Video Converter available for both Windows and Mac.

This software facilitates burning your videos in MKV and other popular formats to a DVD disc.

If needed, the files also can be burned to a DVD folder or an ISO image.

The conversion is of top quality, fast, and comes with a watermark.

Varieties of customized DVD menu with DVD templates are often used for creating customized discs.

>> WinX DVD Author

This is an easy to use software tool, which can be downloaded on Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and lower OS versions.

The program is safe to use, and it comes with an easy interface.

Videos in popular formats, including MKV are often burned to a DVD in top quality.

The discs are often burned in PAL or NTSC format and you can choose to convert them to a DVD folder.

Disc with a customized DVD menu, subtitles, and other elements are often created using the software.

There’s no watermark while creating a disc using WinX DVD Author.

>> EM Free MKV Video2Dvd

EM Free MKV Video2Dvd is a freeware tool that facilitates burning your MKV videos to a DVD disc in good quality.

The software supports multi-audio tracks alongside multi-subtitles tracks and allows creating discs having personalized menus.

With simple drag and drop option, the videos to be converted are often added to the interface.

Additional features include burning videos to ISO image files, auto intelligent video bit rate settings, choice to merge movies, creating DVD chapters automatically, and support to NTSC and PAL.


It is safe to assume that you have all it takes to convert your MKV files to DVD if the steps and the software tools discussed above are used.

You can reread this post and try the processes over and over again to be able to master the art of converting your files in MKV to DVD.

7 Best Software for Converting Videos to Various Formats
Check them out here: Amazing Video Converter

If you have a need to get a good video converter and you want some help on the one to go for, here are our top seven pick that you can check out

Check them out here: Amazing Software for Converting Videos.