How to Easily Burn Dual Layer DVD on Windows 10

By | March 6, 2021
How to Easily Burn Dual Layer DVD on Windows 10.
You can easily and quickly burn dual layer DVD on Windows 10 following certain steps.

How to Easily Burn Dual Layer DVD on Windows 10

This post provides exhaustive information on how you can easily and quickly burn a dual layer DVD on Windows 10, to enable you to transfer and save your cherished files.

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You might already be conversant with the existence and usage of DVD owing to its ability to hold large amount of data or files in the tune of 4.7GB.

This is against the conventional VCD that existed earlier which holds far less data.

However, if you have videos or files that may exceed 4.7GB of data, then you will need to use an optical disc with larger capacity to hold more data than the DVD.

You may not really need to search for too long to discover you have a version of DVD that holds far more data than the DVD you have right there with you.

That is a Double Layer DVD (DVD+R DL).

What is Double Layer DVD?

Double Layer DVD as the name suggests, holds more data almost twice of what is obtainable with the conventional DVD and the likes.

In fact, another optical disc that might compare to the storage capacity of Double Layer DVD is the Blu-ray which can be seen as its major competitor or better still a complementary disc if you see it that way.

Double Layer DVD was first tested in 2003 and made its way to the digital market in 2004.

With its ability to hold data or file of up to 8.5GB, it saves you money and gives you the portability of having your precious large files in a single disc.

You will not need to have two separate DVD plates for you to have your large files stored.

However, one of the downsides to Double Layer DVD is that it is twice as costly as the single layer DVD.

So, the double storage space comes at the expense of some more money from your wallet.

Another downside is that writing on a double layer DVD is more time consuming as it has been proving to be slower in writing compared to the single layer DVD.

But I guess that should not be a problem to you at all.

One of the most satisfying ways to enjoy burning a double layer DVD is to burn it using Windows 10.

The combination is sure to be a pleasant one for you to experiment.

Considering that double layer DVD burns or writes slower than the single layer DVD, it will not be out of place to use the Windows with the best speed rate to do your burning job to save you time and stress.

Of course, comparing Windows 10 and later versions of Windows reveals that Windows 10 has super speed of data processing than other versions.

So, this will certainly help you have a smoother burning experiment with dual layer DVD than other versions of Windows.

Apart from the speed Windows 10 possesses, there are lots of other functions that should convince you to consider using Windows 10 for your burning jobs.

Quite a good choice if you look at it all round.

One more point to note about dual layer DVD is that it is not really playable on all drives.

It is mainly playable on Dual Layer drives.

So when selecting a drive for your burning job, ensure that it is capable of burning or playing Double layer DVD.

Now, let us get down to the main business of this post:

How to Burn Dual Layer DVD on Windows 10

In burning a dual layer DVD on Windows 10, you can actually do it with your system using the inbuilt burner that comes with the Windows.

However, for the sake of having a variety of input formats, we will be using Wondershare DVD Creator to show you how you do same.

So, here are the steps you can take to get this job done:

  1. Download, install, and launch the Wondershare software

You can visit Wondershare DVD Creator to learn about the software and download the latest version of it.

After installation, you can launch the program by double-clicking on it from your desktop or wherever you have the shortcut of the program.

You will be presented with the user graphic interface of the program for you to work with.

Click on “Create a New Project” to start a new project.

  1. Load the files you want to burn to the dual layer DVD

Let us assume you want to burn your movie files to this optical disc, simply click on the “+” icon under the Source tab.

This will open up directories where you can upload the movie files to the interface.

As many files that were selected will be displayed on the interface.

  1. Edit the video files

Since you are working with a video file, you may necessarily need to edit the files to suit your taste and desire.

This is more like customization of the video files.

To edit the videos, click on the pencil-like icon by the side of the file you imported and perform the necessary editing of your choice like: cropping, rotate, trim, special effects, watermarks, subtitles, and some other available functions.

You can also add some styles to make the work an excellent one.

This is done through selection of templates.

Click on the Menu tab to access all the customizations you want to make on the video files, such as background pictures and sounds, aspect ratio, and any other change you will like to implement.

  1. Preview and burn your files

Preview is just a formality but somewhat necessary to be sure of the files you imported and also their current state before you burn them.

After previewing, select the output format – probably the DVD-R DL, which you inserted into your DL drive.

Select the output format and then click on burn and that is all you need to do.


The process of burning dual layer DVD is not really different from what you do when you want to burn a single layer DVD.

The only alteration is that you may need another drive if the one you have does not support dual layer DVD.

Using a Windows 10 to do this job will offer you far more flexibility in terms of speed and other mechanisms provided by the windows to make your job an easy one.

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