How to Easily Burn DVD to Computer in Simple Steps

By | August 12, 2020
How to Easily Burn DVD to Computer in Simple Steps
You can easily burn DVD to computers
following simple steps.

How to Easily Burn DVD to Computer in Simple Steps

The computer you have with you can serve a lot of functions of which having your movie files in your DVD burned to your computer could be one of the benefits you could derive having your computer with you.

There are many storage devices where your movies could be stored like your VCD, DVD, Blu-ray, and your computer hard disk.

There is no doubt that you would fancy having to watch your movies or music videos in the computer as it offers you that flexibility of watching the movies anywhere if you are using your laptop or probably your desktop computer if you are at home and need a larger screen than your smartphone.

Also, you can fancy the idea of having your movies or music videos in two or more storage devices like the DVD and your computer hard disk. This is sure a cool idea.

You need to know some good software that can help you do the job of burning your DVD to computer; these include Ashampoo Burning Studio and WonderShare Video Converter.

So, if you have movies or music videos you would like to replicate in your computer, then this article is for you.

In this article, we will be looking at the possibilities of burning your DVD to your computer and the very steps you will need to do this.

Steps to Burn DVD to Computer

First, we will have to look at the things that must be in place before you can proceed to burning your DVD to computer.

Here are the things you will need for this job:

  1. Your computer, be it a laptop or a desktop computer
  2. The DVD you want to burn or duplicate in your computer
  3. A working DVD drive (in case your laptop does not have this feature)
  4. A good burning software program like the WonderShare Video Converter, which will be used for this tutorial.

With all these in place, you have what you need to burn your DVD to computer within a little time.

So, here are the steps to take to burn your DVD to computer:

  1. Download and install WonderShare Video Converter on your computer.

This software supports a wide range of windows like Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1 and 10.

After downloading and installing the software, you can launch it to start up the program.

This is done by double-clicking on the software after successful installation.

  1. Insert the DVD you want to burn: yes, you have to slot in the DVD containing the movie or music video you want to burn into your DVD drive.

You can use an external DVD drive if your system does not have an inbuilt DVD drive.

  1. Add your DVD videos or music files into the tools.

On the user interface of your WonderShare Video Converter software, click on the “+DVD” button and select the VIDEO_TS folder on your DVD disc.

You will be prompted to select the files you want to add – you can add some of the files or all of them if you so wish to burn all the files.

You can use drag and drop for easy movement of the files from their directories to the tools interface.

  1. Choose an output format

This is the next important step to take. But note that before you proceed to choosing an output format, be sure to know if there are video formats that are not supported by your computer.

To be sure of this, you can browse about your computer model and model number and check the specifications of the system.

It will give you a hint as to which formats are supported and the ones that are not supported by your system.

If you are in doubt, the two safest choices you can make are MP4 and AVI.

These two video formats are widely playable in most computer systems and will sure play in your computer.

Don’t forget that you may need to have this same video in another format apart from your computer, so it is advisable you stick to the two video formats above to be on the safe side.

  1. Click the burn button.

The burn button is available in the user interface to help you start up the burning process.

So, if you have set up your preferences for the video you want to burn to your computer, then click on the burn button to start up the burning process.

This process may take a little time depending on the size of the video you are burning and ensure you stick around to take any action if you are prompted to do so.


Having your DVD burned to your computer does not only give you the option of having it as a backup but also the chance to replicate it to any other storage device.

It is also advisable that you put the output format of your video in either MP4 or AVI as they are the most popular and playable video formats across most video players.

Also, due to their popularity (MP4 and AVI) it will be easy to burn the video file to other storage or optical discs.

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