How to Easily Burn DVD to Windows

By | March 12, 2021
How to Easily Burn DVD to Windows.
You can follow certain steps to burn DVDs to windows quickly and easily.

How to Easily Burn DVD to Windows

This post provides exhaustive information on how you can easily and quickly burn DVDs to Windows, to enable you effectively save your files in your PC.

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In many articles we read online every day, we can see that more write-ups are concerned about how we can burn videos, music, or any other file to an optical disc, most especially DVD.

This is not surprising because the need for burning DVDs is high.

This is probably for some good reasons which could include:

Why DVDs are Preferred for Burning Files

  • Flexibility: When you have your files stored in a DVD, you are sure that you have the file you want without needing to move your personal computer from one place to the other.

This is one of the major reasons we burn files to DVD.

  • Safety: Over the years, we have come to see the weakness of flash drives, which is easily infected with virus.

This harms both the flash drive and the computer where it is inserted.

Though it is more flexible and smaller in size than a DVD plate, yet for this reason, a DVD is preferred for burning purposes.

  • Backup purposes: At some point, you will discover that you have a need for a backup of your most important files whether music videos, video files, or even ISO.

You will need to have a backup. In case something happens to the original copy of the file, you can easily produce another copy and move on like nothing happened.

So, DVD provides you with a wonderful option for you to create the backup of whatever you want.

  • Burning speed: DVD is one of the fastest burning storages available today, especially the single layer DVD.

The Double layer DVD burns at a slower pace, but with single layer DVD, you can burn large files within minutes. DVD can do just that.

Why You Need to Burn DVD to Windows

On the other hand, there are good reasons to have your files in DVD burned to your personal computer (Windows).

The reasons could differ but here are some reasons people consider burning their DVD files to Windows:

  • Security/Safety: The Hard Drive of the computer remains the safest place a file can be stored.

So, this is a major reason many people prefer burning their DVD file to Windows.

  • Easy accessibility: When you have a DVD file burned to windows, it becomes easier to access it than from any other media.

This is because, you don’t need any other means of accessing the file than just booting up your computer and accessing the file from whichever directory you have put it.

  • Backup purposes: As strange as this might sound, file backups are not only created on external discs or storage devices.

You can decide to have your file backup on your personal computer. It is all your choice and should be seen as such.

  • Can burn same file to other storage devices using any burning tool: this is important. Once a file is already burned to Windows, it can be burned to other storage devices, including other optical discs apart from DVDs.

So, with that in mind, the next problem to be solved here is how one can burn a DVD file to Windows.

Remember that apart from Windows, there are some other Operating Systems many other people may fancy using such as Mac and Linux.

This article focuses on how you can burn a DVD file to Windows.

This is not exactly the same with burning your DVD to Hard Disk Drive.

Burning to Hard Disk Drive is a bit more on the general notion regardless of the Operating System used.

But this article treats how you can burn a DVD file to your Personal Computer running on Windows.

So been cleared on that, we will show you the procedures you will need to do this with little or nothing to worry about in this process.

Steps to Burn DVD to Windows

The processes are divided into two – one will stop at just copying the file to windows while the other will be given in case you want to burn to another storage device.

So let us break it down.

  1. Download, install and launch Ashampoo Burning Studio

You can learn about the Ashampoo Burning Studio software and download and install the latest version of it here.

After that, double click on its shortcut to launch the program successfully.

  1. Select the desired files

From the left sidebar, click on “Copy Disc”.

Before you do this, ensure that you have slotted in the DVD containing the files you want to copy and then allow your computer to detect the DVD from the DVD drive.

  1. Select the the DVD drive

After inserting the disc (DVD) you want to copy from, select it. This program will help you know if the disc is readable or not via the green checkmark it will display.

When there is a green checkmark, it means the disc is readable. So click on next to go over to the next step.

  1. Check the copied content

After clicking next from the previous step, the DVD file will be temporarily copied to the computer, giving you time to do whatever you want to do with it.

That basically allows you to remove the DVD from the drive and slot in another if you so wish.

  1. Slot in another DVD (optional)

This step is optional except you want to burn the DVD file you have copied to another DVD, else just skip this step.

So, if you want to burn to another DVD, slot in another disc (DVD or any other optical disc of your choice) and allow the system detect it.

  1. Select the disc recorder

Again, the program will show you if the optical disc you slotted in is readable or not, signified by the appearance or absence of the green checkmark.

If you see the green checkmark, go to the next step.

  1. Click on “Write DVD”

When you click on this icon, the file you initially copied will be burned to the blank DVD you slotted in.

The progress is shown by the green checkmark. Upon completion, the checkmark will disappear to indicate the completion of the process.

You can now click on “OK” and use the “Exit” button to close the program and return to your desktop environment.


For whatever reason you want to burn a DVD to Windows, the process is quite simple and straightforward as rendered by the tutorial above.

All you need is the right software and your job is as good as done within minutes.

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