How to Easily Burn MOV to DVD

By | October 10, 2020
How to Easily Burn MOV to DVD.
You can easily burn your favorite MOV files
to DVD by taking certain steps.

How to Easily Burn MOV to DVD

This post shows you how you can easily and quickly burn MOV files to DVD without a reduction in the original quality of the files.

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What is MOV?

MOV, otherwise known as Quick Time File Format (QTFF), is a multimedia file format used mainly for storing video files and also other media types.

It was developed by Apply for use with the Apple QuickTime player. Similar to MP4, MOV is encoded with the MPEG-4 codec.

MOV file format is much similar to MP4 with the major difference been that MOV is a specific file format for the Apple QuickTime while MP4 is an international standard playable across most media platforms and players.

When Mac is being used, both MOV and MP4 can be played but on other media players, MOV must be converted to MP4 before it can be used.

Also, MOV is higher in size and quality compared to MP4, with MOV more suited for video editing on Mac unlike the MP4 file format.

This implies that conversion to MP4 or any other video format will be necessary if you must use a MOV file on many digital media platforms or players.

There are many converters out there that can help you convert your MOV files to MP3 of which Wondershare, Aiseesoft, AnyBurn, etc, can help you do that. But it is not what we are discussing for now.

So what are the tools you will need to burn your MOV file to DVD? You can consider having the following tools:

  1. Blank DVD: you must have a blank DVD since this tutorial is all about burning a MOV file to DVD.

So it is necessary to have a blank DVD you can work with. You can still choose between DVD-R and DVD-RW depending on how many times you want to use the disk.

Again, ensure that the DVD is ready for use and you can do this by formatting the disk before use.

  1. A good burner software: for this tutorial, we will be using DVD Maker. This is because it is available for both Windows and Mac Operating System users.

Therefore most of the steps that will be used in this tutorial are identical and can fit into both Windows and Mac operating systems.

  1. Get a good computer: if you want a quality job, then you have to start with a quality personal computer. This is in terms of having a good personal computer with a good RAM and storage.

The burning speed will be highly dependent on the speed of the RAM and other configurations of the computer system.

  1. You will also need a good DVD drive: yes, this is in case you have a personal computer that does not have this feature. So it is important you get an external DVD drive as it will serve the purpose and also provide a cover in case the internal DVD drive malfunctions. So get a good one and test the workability before use.

The steps in burning MOV files to DVD include:

  1. Launch your DVD Maker software

You can download this software right there from the internet and install it on the computer.

When you are done with the download and installation, you can double-click on the software to launch it immediately.

This will open up a window referred to as the User Interface. This is where you will carry out all operations you want.

  1. Add the MOV video files to the interface

On the interface, you should click on the “Add Video” button located at the top tool menu bar. This is to facilitate importing your videos to the program interface.

Once you load all the videos you need, they will all line up in the program user interface.

  1. Determine the output configurations and the DVD menu

This is done when you click on the “Design Menu” in the right corner. This will open up the Designer panel where you can do all the configurations you want.

Here you can select your choice themes, background, buttons, caption, and more advanced settings for your DVD menu.

Everything listed above is down to your choice or preference.

You can also use the “Edit” button in the user interface to edit your video.

When you click on the Edit button, you will be able to trim and crop your video to save the necessary part and discard the part you deem irrelevant to your taste.

Other edit like saturation, brightness, contrast, and watermark are also available with this software program to give your new video a professional look.

  1. Time to burn the MOV video to DVD

Of course this is the last hurdle you have to jump though the easiest. When you click the “Burn to DVD”, the burning panel shows up for some settings.

Here, you will choose your preferred TV standard to set your preferred video size.

After doing this, you need to click on the “Burn Now” button to start up the burning of your MOV video file to DVD.

You have to be a bit patient for the process to be completed within minutes.


Remember we told you that the steps in this software are almost the same regardless of whether you are using Windows or Mac.

So, the steps above will provide you a guide into how you can burn your MOV videos files to DVD seamlessly. The steps are few but very simple and direct.

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