How to Easily Burn MPEG2 Files to DVD

By | April 10, 2021
How to Easily Burn MPEG2 Files to DVD.
You can easily and quickly burn MPEG2 files to DVD by taking certain steps.

How to Easily Burn MPEG2 Files to DVD

This post provides complete information on how you can easily and quickly burn MPEG2 files to DVD so you can have your favorite videos saved on DVDs.

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What is MPEG2?

MPEG2 is one of the members of the MPEG family. For clarification purpose, MPEG stands for Moving Pictures Expert Group.

Probably you might have heard of or seen some file formats similar to MPEG2. They all belong to the MPEG file format family.

MPEG-2 has been around since the 1990s and with that cannot be regarded as a recent technology having stayed this long in the digital world.

It is one of the known components of the MPEG family which consists of MPEG-2, MPEG-7, MPEG-4, and MPEG-1.

MPEG-2 provides some compression functions for digital video signals to a manageable bit rate.

This compression is very important as it reduces the bandwidth required to transmit uncompressed digital TV pictures on TV and having an audio or video file on optical discs like VCD and DVD.

Just as stated earlier, the idea behind compression is to reduce the bandwidth required to transmit video files.

This is seen in practical terms as a single transmission of an uncompressed video file is as large as 216 Mbps, which is by far more than the standard radio frequency links obtainable on Phase Alternate Line (PAL).

So, the introduction of MPEG-2 helped work on that which ultimately ushered in the invention and introduction of High Definition video transmission and related devices.

The efficiency of MPEG-2 in compression comes in the form of removing redundancy in video information.

This redundancy comes in two forms:

  • Temporal redundancy: This is when two or more frames of video display remain on the same scene.

This could slightly change but MPEG-2 deals with it and removes it during compression.

  • Spatial redundancy: This is the replication of frames in a video file. MPEG-2 removes this too during compression.

The above are the two types of redundancy MPEG-2 tends to remove or deal with in the process of compression, and with this makes compression an efficient way of removing unnecessary frames in video files.

All been said, here are some notable features of MPEG-2:

MPEG-2 Features

  • Video compression which outsmarts the normal workings of MPEG-1.
  • Interlaced and progressive video providing full screen display on televisions and computer monitors.
  • Efficient audio coding like high quality, mono, stereo, and many other audio features.
  • Could combine different MPEG streams into one transmission stream.
  • Availability of other video services.

Having taken time to elaborate on how MPEG-2 works and what makes it or made it efficient long before now, we will be looking at how we can burn a typical MPEG-2 video file to DVD.

Remember that the essence of the existence of MPEG-2 is not only for transmission purposes.

Having it played in homes on media players is one of the reasons for its advent, and one of the best ways to enjoy it is to have it burned to an optical disc like DVD.

DVD comes in two forms, the single layer, which could hold up to 4.7GB of data, and the double layer, which could hold up to 8.5GB of data.

But in this tutorial, we will have to make do with the single layer DVD, which is most common, especially if the file is less than 4.7GB of video.

Again, for this tutorial, we will be using the Wondershare DVD Creator to show you how you can do this job with little or no stress.

So, get the Wondershare DVD Creator software and get down to the tutorial right away.

Steps to Burn MPEG-2 Files to DVD

Here are the simple steps you can take to burn MPEG-2 files to DVD:

  1. Import the files you want to burn

When you launch the Wondershare DVD Creator software, the next step is to import the files you want to work on.

This will be done by selecting “Create a DVD Video Disc” option from the Graphic user interface that appears when you launch the software.

After clicking the option, click on the “+” button add the files you want to burn (your MPEG-2 in this case).

The added videos will be shown on the interface, as many as you have selected.

  1. Edit the added MPEG-2 videos

To edit the files you added, click on the pencil-like icon on the video thumbnail to open the Video Editor window.

Make some customizations here such as effects, crop, trim, subtitles, etc.

  1. Customize the templates

Go to the Menu tab and make your template customizations. Right there, you will have 100+ different types of templates available for use by you.

Some of the templates which could be found there include aspect ratio, editing text, creating chapters, and changing background image or music.

  1. Preview the MPEG-2 videos

You can preview your MPEG-2 files from the preview tab. This tab is provided for you to check all your files before you burn them.

You can either make further adjustments if you think they are not okay or you can continue with burning if the files are okay by you.

  1. Burn the MPEG-2 files

If after the preview, you are satisfied with the settings and other changes made to the videos, nothing else is left than for you to click on the “Burn” button.

The “Burn” button is located at the burn tab.

So, click on it to get your MPEG-2 files burned to your DVD.

Note that it is during customizations that you choose the burning ouput (that is where you want the files to be burned to).

And again, though not listed in the procedures, you should have slotted in a blank DVD into the DVD drive even before starting the burning process.

So, take note and get them ready before burning.


Burning MPEG-2 files is a pretty simple process if you have the right software with some amazing burning speed.

Wondershare DVD Creator provides you that luxury to do this job within minutes with little or no stress whatever.

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