How to Easily Transfer Data from Android to Android via Bluetooth

By | August 18, 2018
Bluetooth file transfer between android devices.

With the Bluetooth technology, you can simply and easily transfer files and data between android devices.

How to Easily Transfer Data from Android to Android via Bluetooth

Do you want to learn how to transfer data or files from one android device to another via Bluetooth? If yes, then read further as you will get the step by step explanation of how to make it happen.

With the steady increase in the use of smart phones, manufacturers are churning out more sophisticated devices with enhanced features.

There is an explosion in the numbers of mobile apps that are being created in response to the need for more convenient ways of doing things.

This makes the mobile phone a multi-purpose device, serving as a great channel for communication, data storage, and completing transactions.

As more content is created, there is a corresponding need to share files and different types of Content.

This is where transfer from one phone to another, not just music files, video files or photos, but also word documents, PDF files, etc. through Bluetooth is useful

Whether you need to transfer your sensitive data to another phone, or you only want to transfer data wirelessly via Bluetooth without Internet connection, this article will help guide you step by step all the way.

What Is Bluetooth File Transfer?

First, a Bluetooth is an inbuilt hardware facility that comes with some devices.

Bluetooth file transfer is a simple and unique way to send and receive files between nearby devices wirelessly or better put, Bluetooth devices, without the need for an app.

In this case, two android phones have Bluetooth devices and they are perfect for sharing files.

There are many Bluetooth devices; they range from headset to speakers, desktops, laptops, and a host of other devices. This is one of the universal and compatible advantages of this inbuilt technology.

Bluetooth can be transferred between Android OS, Windows OS, Mac OS, Linux OS, and Fire OS, but Chrome OS and iOS are exempted.

Why Use Bluetooth File Transfer?

There are several ways to transfer files from one device to another whether it is android to android, smartphone to smartphone, or from one OS platform to another.

These apps or methods of file transfer make the Bluetooth option pale in comparison when it comes to speed.

But the Bluetooth feature outshines them in one area. It requires the least amount of resource investment to get the job done. No app, no cable, no WI-FI network, or 3G/4G data connection, just the simple inbuilt function. Period!

Steps to Transferring Data between Android Phones Using Bluetooth

Step 1: On Android, first, you’ll need to open the file you want to share — for example, you open a PDF

Step 2: Tap the share button, the share button is like a two prong fork

Step 3: A list of share options will make a top down list; you should select the Bluetooth option. You’ll be prompted to set up the Bluetooth pairing between the android devices.

Step 4: Turn on your Bluetooth. You can access it by opening the slide-/drop-down notification panel from the top section of your device’s screen.

Step 5: Ensure the other android device is turned on as well.

Step 6: A pop-up message prompts the receiver if he/she wants to accept a file. By taping accept or yes. The file is transferred. The time it takes depends on how big the file is and the Bluetooth hardware.

The steps highlighted above should apply no matter what android device is in use.

Bluetooth transfer is a simple and convenient way to transfer files from one nearby device to another wirelessly without the need for cable, a separate app or availability of Internet.

It is suitable during occasions where the extra gadget, app or method is not available.

How did Bluetooth Technology Come About?

This is an interesting question and here is a quick run down of events.

Bluetooth was invented by Dr Jaap Haartsen in the 1998. He was a former employee of Ericsson, the Swedish cellular communication technology company.

Bluetooth is a low energy, peer to peer wireless technology that has become a global standard for short distance wireless connection.

In 2008, 10 years after its invention there were over 2 Billion Bluetooth enabled devices shipped across the world.

Today, Bluetooth enabled devices don’t just covers Mobile phones and personal computers alone, but a wide range of consumer electronics, sports, fitness, cars, medical, and health devices and even smart homes.

Some research by the Instant research report said that 2013 alone would see 2 Billion Bluetooth enabled devices shipped across the world.

Dr Jaap Haartsen was able to discover this invention when he and his team were looking to replace cables.

Dr Jaap Haartsen is named “the father of Bluetooth” while the Bluetooth technology has become the standard for device to device communication.


This article shows you how to transfer files or data from one android device to another with the help of Bluetooth. It equally explained the steps in simple ways so you can easily and effectively apply it.

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