How to Access Samsung Android Phone with a Broken Screen

By | September 19, 2018
How to access a Samsung Android phone with a broken screen.

If you have a Samsung Android phone or other smartphone with a broken screen, don’t worry, you can still access your data.

How to Access Samsung Android Phone with a Broken Screen

We will show you in this post how to access Samsung and other Android phones with shattered screen and retrieve data from them so that you can restore them on your new phone.

The screen of a phone, especially android is one of the most crucial components, and without the touch screen you won’t be able to do anything that requires finger touch.

So, if for some reasons your screen got broken then it will be very difficult to assess your phone because most likely you have passwords, pin, or pattern on it.

The finger touch screen immediately stops responding making it difficult to access files on your smartphone.

There are a number of ways you can access your Android phone with a broken screen, including Samsung Galaxy S9, S8,S7,S6,S5, can attempt any of the following procedures:

The Use of a Mouse via OTG Adapter

In this step, you will need a mouse and an OTG adapter to create a link between the Samsung device and the mouse.
Connecting your phone and a mouse directly is difficult, that’s why we need an OTG Adapter as a nexus.

• Connect the OTG adapter to your device and also to the mouse.
• Restart your devise and wait for it to identify the mouse.
• If linking both is successful then you should be able to unlock your phone maybe through patterns.

Note that it can only unlock patterns and not text passwords. In addition, many smartphones may not identify the mouse as a plug in device.

The Use of Password Screen Removal Software

A lot of software tools are available on the web but we are going to endorse the best among them, which is Android Lock Screen Removal.

Why Android Lock Screen Removal is so Special

This particular software can remove any password from your device without you touching it at all.

All forms of passcodes, text pins, and lock patterns can be bypassed, and with the latest version of this program you can even unlock fingerprint passwords as well.

The major advantage of this software is that it won’t remove files from your device and you will be able to safely retrieve them from your smartphone.

It doesn’t involve a lot of technical know-how for it to work like most Android smartphone brands. This is surely the best way to unlock your phone without damage to any of your files.

1.First, install the tool on a Windows or Mac computer.

2. Goto “Unlock” tab and link your phone to PC with a USB data cable.

3. Goto “Start” from the main interface of the software and restart your Android in Download mode by pressing Power, Home and Volume Down buttons together.

4. The Software will now download the required and necessary retrieval packages by its own and at this point make sure not to disconnect your phone or else the process will be aborted.

5. When the downloading process is completed, the password will be removed automatically without causing any data loss to your smartphone. You can then copy and transfer all the files on your phone to a PC.

Get Contents off with Cracked Screen via AutoPlay

AutoPlay feature on Windows PC can also be used to get contents from your device to the computer.

On your PC (windows), after you connect in your Samsung phone, the AutoPlay feature shows up, it asks you what you prefer Windows to do with the device.

For this to work, the USB debugging feature on your phone must be turned on. If the USB debugging feature is not activated on your device, AutoPlay may not show up.

1. Connect your device to your PC via USB cable connection.

2. If the USB debugging is on, the AutoPlay menu will show up, when it does the click “Open folder to view files” option.

3. After viewing the files you can back them up in your PC.

Note: If the AutoPlay window does show up, it could be that you disabled the feature.

If you are using a Windows 10, go to Settings > Devices > AutoPlay to turn it on.

This can only work when you enable USB debugging feature before the phone screen gets damaged. But a large percentage of users usually have USB debugging off on their devices.

Another drawback of using AutoPlay as a workaround is that you can only access a limited amount of files on the phone memory, while data, like contacts and messages are hard to find.


This article provides a step by step guide on how to access Samsung Android phone even if the screen is broken. Trust it was helpful!

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