How to Easily Connect your Samsung Tablet to Printer

By | September 14, 2018
How to connect Samsung Galaxy tablet to a printer

By making a few changes, you can print documents from your Samsung Galaxy tablet.

How to Easily Connect your Samsung Tablet to Printer

If you are looking for how to print out files, including photos from your Samsung Galaxy tablet by connecting it to a printer, then this article will be useful to you.

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It is funny but true that an average smartphone user does not make use of up to 30% of all the functionalities of his/her phone.

This is basically because most smartphone users are not even aware of the existence of the various functionalities that they have. And it’s not just smartphone but all other devices.

Samsung tablet users will find this piece helpful. It will help them get the best out of their smart device for greater efficiency and flexibility.

It is possible to print from your Samsung Galaxy Tab to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled printer.

In this article, you will learn how to:

1. Connect to a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth enabled printer with your Samsung Galaxy tab
2. Download printing apps
3. Print documents from your tab.

The intriguing thing about printing from your tablet is that you don’t need to transfer your documents to be printed to a computer neither do you need a data cable to do so.

It allows printing of files such as word documents, spreadsheet documents and other related documents.

Interestingly also, more printing apps are available to help solve some problems related to printing from your tab.

How do you connect to a Wi-Fi enabled printer using your tab?

Connecting your Samsung tablet to your printer through Wi-Fi requires the Wi-Fi of the two gadgets to be on.

Your printer must be Wi-Fi enabled to allow this operation to go through. To ensure the Wi-Fi connection is working on your tab:

1. Go to your settings, click on Wi-Fi to enable it
2. Wait for the Wi-Fi to detect the printer in the list of available devices
3. If the printer has a security key, then enter the correct key to gain access unless otherwise the printer does not require a key to give access to the Tab
4. Once this is done, click on Connect to establish a connection, under the printer name.

In a situation where the printer does not detect your tab, you may need to bring the device, i.e. the tab closer to see if there’s any signal showing up in the printer.

Also, you can scan for new devices from the printer to detect available devices. To do this, still on the Wi-Fi screen, tap the scan icon in the settings menu bar at the top of the screen.

When the printer detects your device, tap the device name to establish a connection. That’s all for connecting to a printer through Wi-Fi.

How to connect to a Bluetooth enabled printer

If the printer you have is Bluetooth enabled then this section is for you. If you can recall, we first had Bluetooth enabled devices before the advent of those enabled by Wi-Fi.

So to this effect, Bluetooth option is available for printing documents from your tab to your Bluetooth enabled printer. How you do this is now the million dollar question.

1. First, on your tab, go to your settings, just like in the case of Wi-Fi
2. Click on the left side of the screen. A slide appears towards the right side of the Bluetooth menu
3. Tap to enable Bluetooth functionality. Once this is done, the device scans for available devices (printers in this case). If your printer Bluetooth is on then it will be listed among available devices. The last phase of this particular set up is connecting with the printer to print your documents.

As exciting and simple as it looks, yet it is not an easy adventure for users without Samsung printers.

Samsung won’t tell you that. But, there are apps available on the Google Play store that help in situations like this.

For instance, if you have HP printer, then you need to visit play store and download the HP ePrint app.

You can still search out your printer model in the Play Store if there’s a compatible app for it.

Apps like PrintShare Mobile print are well known for supporting a wide range of printers, and guess what? It is free to download.

If there’s no compatible app in the Google Play Store that suit your need, then, Cloud Print becomes the ultimate option left for you at this point.

Cloud print connects your printer to the web so that any device that is connected to the web can connect to the printer.

The version of cloud print in the Google Play Store is still the beta version, so it is not yet a finished app and may not match your expectations 100%.

An alternative means of accessing this cloud print is through this website:

On the webpage, your Gmail account is the prerequisite for gaining access. Once your Gmail details are correctly entered, you are granted access to add a printer or cloudy ready printer connected to the Internet.

How to use the HP ePrint App

First, understand that the HP ePrint works only on wireless HP printers and not those connected by Bluetooth.

If the printer you are working with is Bluetooth enabled, then PrintShare or Cloud print is an option you can go for.

1. After installing ePrint app, tap on the ePrint icon on the home screen
2. To print any document, tap file in the menu and open the document you want to print
3. For files like photos and web pages, tap the photos or webpages in the menu respectively
4. When you tap the photos, you will see a list that will appear on the screen. Tap the photo folder of your choice. The folder opens up to show you the photos contained in the folder
5. Tap and hold for a second to highlight as many as you want to print
6. Tap the print icon near the bottom of the screen.

Note: To print a webpage:

1. Tap web in the HP ePrint screen
2. Type in a web address into the box and
3. Tap GO on the keyboard. When the web page appears, tap print to print the webpage.


Technology has made life easier and fun; this article explains how you can connect your Samsung tablet to a printer.

Things can only get better than before but for now, enjoy the best of technology as much as you can.

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