How to use your Samsung Phone as TV Remote Controller

By | September 14, 2018
How to use Samsung Android phone as TV remote

With the right setting, you can use your Samsung Android phone as a remote controller for TV.

How to use your Samsung Phone as TV Remote Controller

Are you looking for how you can use your Samsung Android phone as a TV remote controller? This is really possible and this post will show you the steps to follow to achieve it.

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How far do you think technology can go or has gone? Come to think of it, more than 90% of our daily activities in this century demand the direct or indirect contribution of technology in one way or the other.

Now, let’s look at the exploits of technology in the digital world. Internet is one that has served as the most notable and influential aspect of technological innovation ever known to man because through it, the world has become a global village.

Another innovation known as the Smartphone remains one of the most beneficial gifts of technology to mankind.

You can’t talk about digital brands without mentioning Samsung. It is a giant in the digital world as well as a household name.

Before delving into the procedures for using your Samsung phone as a remote, it is important to know the requirements needed to make this a possibility:

1. Your TV, which should be a smart TV
2. Infrared blaster
3. Smartphone with IR Blaster or any mobile app that aids this operation.

There are ways to turn your Samsung smartphone into a remote controller for your Smart TV, depending on whether you want to make use of IR Blaster or an app that can serve the same purpose.

If you don’t have these requirements, then you may not be able to make your aim a reality.

To help achieve your aim of converting your Samsung smartphone into a remote, you need to have knowledge of more than one app in regards to this.

This is because your Samsung model might have compatibility issues with one of the apps which you may choose.

Secondly, there are different brands of smart TVs which can make pairing a bit difficult to achieve.

So to this effect, we have looked at the five most notable apps that provide the luxury of choosing from the varieties at your disposal.

Here are our top five apps:

1. Remote for Samsung Smart TV Wi-Fi: This works with Samsung Smart TV as well as Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/Note 8. This application helps serve as remote control for Samsung Smart TV.

It is very compatible with most Samsung Smart TVs out there with amazing functionalities. It has amazing features that allow you turn the TV off or on, save your favorite channel and surprisingly allows you control more than one TV at a time.

2. Peel Universal Smart TV Remote control App for Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/Note 8: This is another app for Smart TVs.

Not just Samsung but other popular brands like LG, Toshiba, etc. it is quite easy to set up, easy to use and control. It has much more features than the mentioned app above.

3. TV Remote for all TV app for Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/Note 8: This is another wonderful remote control app for the Smart TVs.

Just like the one above, it supports most Smart TV brands, including the unpopular ones. All that is there for you to do is to connect your TV to your Smartphone, then open the app and choose your TV brand and model and tap the buttons to use.

4. Sure Universal Smart TV Remote control App for Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/Note 8: This app has some added features like the ability to support casting photos and videos as well as to support Amazon Alexa. So it is worth mentioning.

5. Android TV Remote control app for Samsung Galaxy S7/S8/S9/Note 8: This can be considered as the best among other options listed above.

This is because it functions while you can still use your Smartphone for other purposes. It is quite simple, fast and explicitly functional.

One feature that stands out about this app is that it can serve as a console to play games on your Android TV device.

So you decide which app works best for your TV. For Smartphone users that may not have their type of Samsung phone listed in this article, there is good news for you.

To enjoy the pleasure of controlling your TV with a phone not listed above, one thing is highly needful and that is the Infrared Blaster (IR Blaster).

However, there are other apps you can use in place of IR blaster, they include:

1. IRPlus: This is not really a fanciful app. However, it still does its job perfectly. All you have to do is to launch the app, identify the item from the list, choose your model and there you go.

You are allowed to customize the buttons to suit your taste. The only downside to this app is that it has in-app ads which is sure to put off some people.

Though this app does not look amazing on the design front, but it supports a wide range of devices.

2. ASmart Remote IR: This is similar to the one listed above. However, it is more attractive and appealing. One amazing feature of this app is that it does not just control your TV only but other devices through Infrared.

3. IR Universal TV Remote: This has the capacity to control more devices and not just TVs, but only through Infrared.

In functionality and design, it stands in between the two options discussed above. It provides the user with the option of removing the ads embedded in the app.

To remove the ads might cost you a token as at the time you want to remove it. This app allows you to create a widget on your device home screen for easy access.

4. AnyMote: This is special on its own because it has the IR and Wi-Fi function. This means it makes room to accommodate more brands of TV. It also demands a token to remove the in-app ads.


So there it is how to use your Samsung phone as a remote controller for smart TVs. Follow the steps outlined in this post, choose from the available options, and enjoy your smart world.

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