Top 15 Reasons Windows may be better than Mac

By | July 25, 2020
Top 15 Reasons Windows may be better than Mac
The Windows operating system boosts of great
features that make it the best choice for
most people across the world.

Top 15 Reasons Windows may be better than Mac

This post provides exhaustive information on the reasons the Windows operating system for computers may be better than the Mac based counterpart.

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There is no doubt that the Windows operating system is one of the most if not the most popular operating system for computers around the globe.

Windows OS has been around for a long time now that almost 1 in 5 computers have the operating system installed.

However, Mac OS, the Apple Inc. operating system for Apple computers is also popular, especially in the United States.

Top 15 Reasons Windows may be better than Mac

  1. Compatibility

One of the major reasons Windows based OS maybe better that a Mac is because of compatibility.

Most Windows computers are very compactable with other devices and operating systems in terms of sharing and installed software compatibility.

For instance, it is easier to share music from your Windows based phone than from an iPhone.

  1. Support

Support is one of the most fundamentals reason why Windows maybe better than a Mac OS with the unwavering and massive online forums and support where people can talk about Windows OS while proving advice and troubleshoot problems faced by one another, Windows makes it much easier for its users to gain access to support.

  1. Accessibility

Accessibility for most computer users is a top consideration. If users cannot access computer programs in a way and manner that is efficient for them, they get easily tired of the programs.

With a variety of languages and other accessibility options in Windows, it sure makes it a great choice than a Mac OS.

  1. User Assistant

The latest Windows operating system – window 10 has an inbuilt Windows assistant artificial intelligence tool known as Cortana.

Cortana can assist Windows users to perform micro tasks that make it easier and less stressful for Windows users to navigate through the Windows operating system.

  1. User Friendliness

In terms of user friendliness, the Windows based computer system is much more user friendly than the Mac operating system.

Most of the interface designs are easy to understand and navigate than the Mac operating system.

  1. Distribution and Popularity

With Windows, you can easily find applications and games that are highly compactable with the operating system, since most application and game developers create their applications with the Windows operating system in mind as the most popular operating system.

  1. Update

Keeping your computers up to date to mitigate the dangers of security bridges and hacks is one very important factor for computer users.

In Windows 10, system update is totally free. And this makes it very exciting to use for most people, having in mind that their computer system is updated without incurring any extra charges on their end makes it pretty much better than a Mac.

  1. Repairs

Repairs are yet another reason why a Windows based computer system or device could be much better than a Mac OS.

Since Windows are very popular, you find a number of repairers who are well skilled and versatile in the operating system, thus, you need not to worry about how to get your computer system fixed once the operating system is faulty.

  1. Installation

Windows operating system is one of the most easily installed operating system in the world.

The process is clear and do not require tedious technical knowledge or know how. Unlike a Mac, Installing Windows on the computer is an easy pie for most people.

  1. Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting in Windows is yet another reason why most people will choose a Windows operating system over a Mac OS.

In Windows, you can easily troubleshoot each application and subsequently send a report to Microsoft support online if you find it hard fixing the problem, however, this is not exactly so with Mac OS.

  1. Game Compatibility

One truth is that most young people love playing games with their computer system, and the reality here is that the Windows based operating system is very much compatible with most of the game applications online, and this makes it very easy for users to install and run these applications on their computer systems without much hassle.

  1. Drivers

Just like we talked about accessibility above, drivers availability is also one of the major reasons why Windows maybe better than a Mac OS.

Windows drivers are readily available and adequately updated by both Microsoft and Windows enthusiasts.

  1. Cost

Another reason yet again why some people prefer Windows is the very low cost price of maintaining the Windows operating system,

The update in the latest Windows comes almost for free.

With the availability of a huge range of support and application accessibility, Windows users spend somewhat less maintaining their computers than Mac OS users.

  1. Complications

With the huge availability of support that is available for Windows OS, its users hardly have complications with the operating system; even when they encounter one, it becomes easily resolved owing to the available support, thus leading to lesser complications.

  1. Security

Lastly, security is another reason why people may choose the Windows operating system than a Mac based system.

Although Mac OS is adequately secured, however, Microsoft engineers are pushing out a whole lot of new security packages for its users in recent time, especially in the area of biometric identity.


Windows is no doubt a great choice for most computer users.

The factors shared above are some of the reasons why lots of people consider the Windows operating system as better than Mac, and also eventually answered the question of why they are very popular.

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