15 Important Facts about Windows Server

By | July 12, 2020
15 Important Facts about Windows Server
There are various facts about the Microsoft
Windows server that you need to know.

15 Important Facts about Windows Server

Microsoft offers both desktop and server versions of Windows. So, apart from the desktop Windows operating system, we also have Windows server-based operating systems.

What is Windows Server?

Windows server is a server version of Windows that manages many computers, files, and services simultaneously.

Windows servers make website hosting and database management online possible in Windows based servers.

Here are some of the important fact you need to know about Windows server:

  1. Windows server is different from Windows 10 OS

Taking a glance at a clean copy of both Windows 10 and Windows server, one will be confused as both resemble each other.

However, while Windows 10 is built for the desktop version for day to day running of the computer system activities, Windows server, on the other hand enables people to access services that run across networks

  1. Nano servers

The latest Windows servers, that is Window server 2016 is equipped with Nano servers that take a little installation footprint as compared to previous versions.

With the graphical user interface installation option you can reserve much more space on your system.

  1. Containers

Microsoft is increasingly making efforts to ensure that docker based containers are integrated into Windows servers.

This helps in isolating applications and has been available on Linux based servers for some time.

  1. Linux secured boot

Linux secured boot is yet another interesting fact about windows update. Nowadays, Linux secured boot can now be integrated into Windows servers when setting up your server environment without blowing up your server, which is an adequate improvement.

  1. Storage space direct

Storage space direct is a new feature in Windows server 2016 that makes it possible for server administrators to create flexible disc storage space preventing the need for shared storage fabrics.

This simply means that the latest Windows server 2016 helps conserve storage space on your computer than the previous version of Windows server.

  1. Nested virtualization

Nested virtualization was a no go area in Windows server hyper v but with Windows server 2016 nested virtualization which, allows virtual machines to host other virtual machines becomes possible.

  1. Software defining network

Software defining network (SDN) which makes it possible for CPU to make a centralized decision on how traffic and internet protocol is managed in servers can now be used in segmenting applications securely through SDN in Windows server 2016.

  1. Failover clustering

Failover clustering is becoming much more extensive in Windows server 2016 than they are in the previous version.

Azure can be integrated with the new cloud witness service to improve failover in multisite failover.

  1. Hot add/ remove in virtual machines

Certain changes have been made to Windows server hyper v in the new Windows 2016 server.

This includes the addition of hot add/remove on a network adapter on virtual machines as well as a higher limit for memory and processor support.

  1. Edition streamlining

Microsoft has been known to cut down available editions in Windows servers over the years.

For instance, the edition available for Window server 2012 was much shorter than that of Windows server 2008 SKU, and the same goes for Windows server 2016, as Windows 2008 SKU had more edition than the latest Window server.

  1. Server licensing

Server licensing is yet another worthy to note fact about Windows servers. The explosion of multi-processor machines has made server licensing a bit more complicated.

While Microsoft SQL server 2012 was priced per core, Windows server 2012 was allocated per physical processor.

  1. VM management

The ability to use hyper – v role to manage virtual machines running on Window server 2016 is yet another important fact about Windows server.

Although power shells and system center virtual machines manager can also be used to achieve the same purpose if you do not want to enable hyper -v

  1. ReFs

Resilient file system has long been integrated into Window servers. However, they are mostly unstable over the years.

But this high resilient file system used for storage directs finally has stable versions in Windows server 2016.

  1. Shielded virtual machines

The new guardian service server role available in Windows server 2016 is yet another interesting feature that allows for more fine-grained control of virtual machines than that available in Windows hyper V server virtual machines.

  1. Security

In general, Window server 2016 is more secured for Windows-based servers than other lower versions such as Windows server 2012 and Windows hyper v servers.

This shows that the developer team in Microsoft is getting to work in seeing that the server-side security of Windows is also top-notch.


Windows servers are popular and are used for various networking, database management, and hosting services online.

Although Linux servers have their strong end, however, Microsoft Windows server engineering team is putting a lot of focus on improving the server OS version of Windows.

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